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The decline of the traditional right in France as a precondition for the success of extremism
Chalupová, Tereza ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Guasti, Petra (referee)
The topic of this thesis is an analysis of the evolution of the French traditional right, taking into account its declining support due to the growing support of French far-right extremism (National Front/National Rally) in the last 10 years. The first part of the thesis focuses on the development of the French traditional right-wing from the Great French Revolution to the beginning of the Fifth French Republic. The second part focuses on the development of the French traditional right in the context of the setting of the political system of the Fifth Republic. In particular, the focus is on the post-2012 period, since the period between 2007 and 2012 was the last time France had a right-wing president and the traditional right participated in government. The aim of the thesis is to analyse in depth the changes that the French traditional right has undergone, especially after 2012, by studying Czech and foreign language literature and other documents focusing on the issue of the French traditional right and the French party system in general, taking into account the growing support for extremism in France and thus the pressure of this movement on the original moderate right. The thesis progressively addresses the extent to which the growing support for extremism is influencing the decline of the...
Consociationalism in the Northern Ireland: theory a practice
Růžičková, Kristýna ; Říchová, Blanka (advisor) ; Guasti, Petra (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the consociational political system in Northern Ireland. This topic appears to be still relevant in the light of recent events, especially Brexit and the non- functional Northern Ireland Assembly. The political system of Northern Ireland is the "flagship" case for both supporters and opponents of the consociational democracy theory. There are many publications about the consociational model in Northern Ireland; however, the publications primarily deal with the early stage of implementing and functioning of the system. It has been 25 years since signing of the Good Friday Agreement and this time frame allows us to evaluate the functioning of the system. That is why this thesis deals with not only the consociational model itself but also with its theoretical reflection and the development of the system since 1998 to this day. The main theoretical frame of the diploma thesis is the consociational democracy theory as defined by Arend Lijphart. The main aim of this thesis is to evaluate the functionig of the political system in Northern Ireland, its positives and negatives and propose possible modifications with respect to the development of the system since signing the Good Friday Agreement to this day, its scholarly theoretical reflection and the development of Northern...
Populism in Brasil under Bolsonaro presidency
Jetmarová, Veronika ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Guasti, Petra (referee)
Populism is a phenomenon that has spread through the world in recent decades and appears in all spheres of politics. Despite this fact, scholars cannot conclude on how to define populism and what does it means for the quality of democracy. This thesis will focus on populism in the case study of Brazil and will specifically present the manifestations of populism of former president Jair Bolsonaro. The study of populism is based on three academic approaches, which will be individually applied to the politics of Jair Bolsonaro. This work seeks to map the roots of the former president's populism and the influence of his populist government on the level of democracy in Brazil. The result of this work shows that Jair Bolsonaro actively used extreme right-wing populism and followed the US President Donald Trump politics with his policy and behavior, and at the same time sympathized with the former extreme right-wing authoritarian regime of the military junta. Populism was also widely used during the Covid-19 pandemic, by which Jair Bolsonaro gained popularity for a short time.
Forms of Civic Education in Junak - Czech Scout
Hort, Adam ; Guasti, Petra (advisor) ; Prášil, Matěj (referee)
This work aims to explain the relationship between Junák - český skaut and political participation. Junák is the biggest youth organization in the Czech Republic, whose goal is a general upbringingofyoungpeople.The thesis examines,in what ways does Junákpartake in the life of society, whether the members of exmembers are more politicalyparticipatingthat non-members, whether is this participation actively supported and what sort of mechanism explains the above average participation of members. The methods ofconduct were semi-structured interviews with high-rankingmembers ofJunák - český skaut and an analysis ofrudimentarydocuments ofthe organisation.Research proved, that Junák is an apolitical organisationin a way that it has no affiliation towards any political parties, yet it participates in the political arena by supporting and defending democratic values. Members and exmembers are more politicaly active that non-members, which is in part due to the education towards civil engagement,mostlyin the form ofteachingmembers to accept responsibility over common matters by Junák. Therefore it does not educate specifically towards political participation, rather it forms a system of values, from which political participation stems.It grants them with a sort of democraticcornerstone on which they may...
Czechoslovakia's relations towards Germany and Austria in the years 1919-1933.
Vokatý, Martin ; Jeřábek, Martin (advisor) ; Guasti, Petra (referee)
This thesis deals with Czechoslovakia's relations towards Germany and Austria in 1919-1933. The main research question is an attempt to find out the differences in the relationship of Czechoslovakia towards Germany in relation to the relationship of Czechoslovakia towards Austria in 1919-1933. In order to answer this question, a comparative analysis of these relations is conducted. The thesis also examines how Czechoslovakia was able to fulfill its foreign policy goals towards both Germany and Austria. The thesis is divided into three periods and this comparative analysis is made in each of them. The dividing line of the thesis is the international conference in Locarno. The comparative analysis shows that Czechoslovakia's relations to Germany and Czechoslovakia's relations to Austria were different. Differences also emerged in the time periods before and after the Locarno International Conference.
Alena Schillerová: Populist, Influencer or technocrat?
Vančo, Filip ; Guasti, Petra (advisor) ; Mlejnek, Josef (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the media persona of Alena Schillerová within three categories: populist, technocrat or influencer. In the theoretical part, she analyzes these categories in current literature and outlines the background of the ANO 2011 movement, of which she is a member. It further categorizes the observable phenomena of these categories. The following is an analysis that examines her media outlets on social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other outlets in traditional media. The aim of the work is to answer whether Alena Schillerová is a populist, a technocrat, an influencer, or all together.
Anti-governmental protests in the Czech Republic and Slovakia during Covid-19 pandemic
Klemš, Jan ; Guasti, Petra (advisor) ; Kubátová, Hana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines the development of civil and uncivil society in the Czech Republic and Slovakia during the COVID-19 pandemic by examining protests in both countries. The aim of the thesis is to determine to what extent the protests in both countries were manifestations of civil or uncivil society and whether protests are a sign of resilience or fragility of democracy. The thesis also compares anti-government protests in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and examines whether there are specific factors influencing their development and strength. The research is conducted using analysis of data z ACLED and descriptive comparative approach. The conclusion of the thesis proposes possible reasons for the different development of protests in both countries and offers possible solutions for future research on this topic.
Role of female politicians in Czech Foreign and Security Policy
Kuličková, Tereza ; Guasti, Petra (advisor) ; Martinková, Viera (referee)
The present bachelor thesis focuses on the role of women politicians in the formation of Czech foreign and security policy. The thesis aims to identify and analyse the roles that female politicians have played and continue to play in these policies, often referred to as power politics, in the period from the establishment of the Czech Republic to the present. In assessing the role of Czech women politicians, the thesis examines the development of women's participation and promotion as actors in foreign and security policies, assuming that their roles are not yet very prominent, mainly due to the unequal representation of women in high politics. The thesis analyses the low participation and representation of women in foreign and security policy positions through quantitative research that assesses the evolution of women's representation in these policies over time. The thesis also assesses the reasons why women's participation in these policies is lower by analysing foreign publications, Czech expert studies, statistical data and opinion polls. In addition to analysing the roles of Czech women politicians, the thesis also includes research on the potential roles that women could play in these policies in the future. To this end, the thesis uses the possibility of adopting the Feminist Foreign Policy...
The Polish model of the populist party: a new perspective on the populist radical right
Greger, Vojtěch ; Kofroň, Jan (advisor) ; Guasti, Petra (referee)
The Polish model of the populist party: a new perspective on the populist radical right Master's thesis Bc. Vojtěch Greger Abstract The rise of the populist radical right (PRR), a group of parties critical of the established norms of Western liberal democracy, in the 2010s, manifesting itself in events such as Brexit or the illiberal takeover of Hungary, has been a subject of considerable attention both from academics and the general public, and has been viewed with great concern. Academic studies of the PRR have often elevated the nativist elements in such parties' rhetoric while paying considerably less attention to the economic appeals thereof. However, in recent years, literature highlighting the importance of economic deprivation in fomenting support for Eurosceptic and PRR movements has begun to appear. This thesis is predicated on this literature's argument that the electoral successes of the PRR are very often driven precisely by economic deprivation and the discontent stemming from it. To illustrate our argument, we examine the electoral support of the Polish Law and Justice (PiS) party in the 2015 and 2019 elections using ordinary least squares regression (OLS) and geographically weighted regression (GWR). Our findings show that structural economic factors, mainly the share of workers employed in...
Indigenous people in the Australian political system
Haut, Šimon ; Říchová, Blanka (advisor) ; Guasti, Petra (referee)
This thesis describes the situation of indigenous people in Australia. However, before it is possible to approach the Australian aborigines, it is necessary to outline some theoretical concepts that can be used in the investigation of this issue. In this case, theories from the field of International Relations and International Law will provide us with basics framework. International organizations are also significantly involved in the whole issue, and they are also discussed in this thesis. This list is followed by examples from Sweden, Norway, Canada and New Zealand. All these countries have their own indigenous people and each of them has taken a different approach in dealing with the issue of their respected minority. Their examples show us where Australia could go. Thesis then examines the concepts and changes introduced by individual Australian governments since 1970. Emphasis is placed on distinguishing the Labor Party and Liberal Party governments, as we expect differences in the chosen approaches. A constructed timeline and selected laws and court decisions are used to analyse these differences.

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