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Speech therapy for dyslalia in first graders
Beránková, Adéla ; Komorná, Marie (advisor) ; Kotvová, Miroslava (referee)
The bachelor's thesis entitled "Speech therapy for dyslalia in first-graders" is from the field of special pedagogy. This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of communication skills in children of younger school age. It focuses on the speech therapy issues of dyslalia and the associated postponement of school attendance. The theoretical part of the work includes the definition of basic terms associated with the field of speech therapy, impaired communication skills, dyslalia described in more detail and finally summarized the basic aspects for the child's entry into school. The practical part includes qualitative research. The aim of the practical part of the work is the analysis of the issue of dyslalia in first graders after a year's postponement of school attendance. The form of case studies for the monitored group of children was used for the elaboration of the research survey. KEYWORDS Speech therapy, speech therapy, dyslalia, postponement of school attendance, impaired communication ability
Possibilities of supporting interaciton between pupils of a class established pursuang ro § 16pdst. 9 of the Ace and pupils of other classes of a regular primary school
Čadková Oriničová, Iveta ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Komorná, Marie (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the search for ways to support and strengthen the mutual interaction of pupils from classes established according to § 16 paragraph 9 of the Education Act with pupils from regular primary school classes. In the theoretical part, the thesis first introduces the strategic documents, both international and Czech, which aim to equal access for all to education. The thesis deals in detail with school legislation, where it emphasizes the legislation regulations concerning joint education and also deals with support measures and counseling services in schools and school facilities. A separate chapter is devoted to the concepts of inclusion, inclusive education, inclusive teaching and inclusive school, as certain desirable ideas of education systems. The work, among other things, opens the topic of educational opportunities for pupils with special educational needs in primary school, deals with forms of school integration. In the research part, the diploma thesis maps the inclusion of pupils from classes established according to §16 paragraph 9 of the Education Act (special classes) into the groups of pupils from ordinary classes. The work focuses on how primary schools in the Central Bohemian Region create opportunities for joint education of pupils, social contact and...
Passive vocabulary of preschool children
Kratochvíl, Jakub ; Komorná, Marie (advisor) ; Kotvová, Miroslava (referee)
1 Abstract The main purpose of this bachelor thesis is to test passive vocabulary of preschool children with dyslalia. The age range for the passive vocabulary test is from four to six years old.The PPVT-5 (Peabody picture vocabulary test) test is used for testing, which is applied on the Czech language environment. The theoretical part of the work concerns the development of their speech, impaired communication skills, vocabulary and its diagnosis. The research part focuses on testing passive vocabulary and statistically quantifying the differences between individual age groups, genders, and finding out whether attending kindergarten has an impact on children's passive vocabulary. KEYWORDS passive vocabulary, impaired communication skills, speech development, preschool age
Written Texts of Czech Deaf
Komorná, Marie ; Hádková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Souralová, Eva (referee) ; Bartoňová, Miroslava (referee)
The topic of the dissertation is the communication of the deaf in written Czech. The theoretical part presents the studies of written Czech for the deaf which have been carried out in the Czech Republic so far, considers the causes of difficulties the deaf encounter when making Czech written texts, and deals with the position of written Czech in the education of the deaf. The next part is devoted to the Czech sign language, the characteristics of its specifics and its role in the communication and education of deaf pupils, especially in connection with the currently valid legislation. Attention is also focused on the components and construction of narrative texts and on the acquisition of narrative competencies in spoken and sign languages. The research part is focused on the qualitative analysis of narrative texts in Czech, the authors of which are deaf pupils of two primary schools for the hearing impaired aged 14 to 16, and which were created on the basis of a picture story. As part of the analysis of written narratives, attention is focused on the specific features which make the written texts of the deaf different from the texts written by hearing Czechs. The phonic structure of words, vocabulary, the morphological and syntactic level, the ways in which deaf authors construct narrative texts...
New types of eating disorders affecting high school students in a selected region
Nováková, Monika ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Komorná, Marie (referee)
The bachalor thesis deals with the new types of eating disorders. The theoretical part first explains the whole problematics of eating disorders and lately focuses on more detailed characteristics of orthorexia, bigorexia and drunkorexia. Moreover there is a description of adolescence and its risk for developing eating disorders. The aim of the empirical part of the thesis is to investigate the circumstances of incidence and prevalence of selected eating disorders, namely ortorexia and bigorexia affecting high school students in Čáslav city. The tested sample consisted of students from four different high school - Grammar school and SOŠPg Čáslav a žáci SPŠ a OA Čáslav. The 21-question survey was used and analyzed to accomplish the defined goals. The questions were chosen based on specialised literature and other already existing surveys. A total of 209 pupils took part in the empirical survey. The work reveals 18 respondents who show signs of risk for the development of orthorexia or bigorexia. Keywords: eating disorders, orthorexia, muscle dysmorphia (bigorexia), drunkorexia
Development of language competencies of children with different mother language in preschool
Starková, Michaela ; Komorná, Marie (advisor) ; Kotvová, Miroslava (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the development of language competencies by children with different mother language in preschool age in a regular kindergarten. The theoretical part of the work is focused on defining the basic terminology and mapping the issues of a child with a different mother language in kindergarten based on the analysis of professional literature. The subject of the empirical part of the work is the diagnosis of individual language levels and individual preparation for entering primary school for a specific child with a different mother language. The empirical part is processed in the form of case studies. The survey was conducted in a selected kindergarten, where the level of language competences of seven children-foreigners of preschool age was evaluated and the results of tests after six months were subsequently compared. The aim of the diploma thesis was to analyze the level of language competencies in children with different mother language, identify their communication difficulties in individual language levels, find suitable methods and procedures for working with these children and evaluate the benefits of regular individual intervention. The results of the research show that all monitored children with a different mother tongue have communication difficulties at all...
Diagnostics and development of partial funcions of pre-school children with hearing disabilities
Ondráčková, Zdenka ; Kotvová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Komorná, Marie (referee)
This thesis deals with the diagnostics and development level of partial functions of preschool children, due to the necessity of the skills for acquiring basic school skills, ie. reading, writing and counting. Children with hearing disabilities are a specific group in this area due to the possible difficulties in obtaining information from the majority auditory society, and thus acquiring the necessary knowledge. One of the goals of the thesis presented here is to find out what diagnostic materials are suitable and evaluating for children with hearing disabilities in preschool age. Whether tests are primarily focused for this group of children or tests designed for hearing children can be used effectively. The second goal of this thesis is to determine if and to what extent there will be an improvement in test results in case of controlled activities took place with children in comparison with the period when similar activities were not carried out with them. A six-month research was conducted with selected children with hearing disabilities, during which they were repeatedly tested using two different diagnostic materials. In the second part of the research, intentional activities took place with selected children, which was contributing to the development of their partial functions. From the...

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