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Difference in approaches to prevention and therapy of male and female football players with ACL injury - research paper
Leszkow, David ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Reckziegelová, Petra (referee)
Title: Differences in Approaches to Prevention and Therapy for Female and Male Football Players with ACL Injuries - A Systematic Review Objective: The main aim of this thesis is to investigate whether there are different approaches to the prevention and treatment of ACL injuries in male and female football players. Methods: The thesis is prepared as a theoretical text in the form of a systematic literature search using PubMed, Web of Science and PEDro databases. The first part of the thesis contains the current status of the studied issue, theoretical background and treatment options for ACL injuries. The second part is descriptive-analytical in nature. It contains an analysis of the studies included in the thesis. Results: After the search, 4 studies met the criteria. Each of them focused on injury prevention, but unfortunately none of them investigated physiotherapy as such. However, the evaluation of the studies shows that both men and women use the same prevention programmes in football, which can reduce the risk of injury by up to 50 %. A limitation of the search is that most of the studies used did not examine the effect of prevention on both sexes simultaneously. Keywords: ACL, LCA, přední zkřížený vaz, ruptura, plastika, prevence, poranění, fyzioterapie, rehabilitace, postup, ženy, muži,...
Analysis of the relationship between balance and power-dynamic abilities of the lower limbs of football players
Malata, Marek ; Pavelka, Jan (referee) ; Kundera, Václav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis examines the relationship between balance and lower limb strength-dynamic ability in soccer players. The aim is to determine whether the assumption of better balance leads to a faster and more powerful shot. The theoretical part describes the rules of soccer, the demands on soccer players, technologies used in training and matches, as well as trends in the sport. Within this section, shooting in soccer, factors influencing shooting, and training possibilities will be described. Additionally, balance, its types, and improvement possibilities will be discussed. In the practical part, we will assess the stability of soccer players using the Biodex Balance System, measure the kick speed with the Stalker ATS II sports radar, and evaluate their correlation.
Framework for event modeling a prediction in football.
Geffert, Maroš ; Beneš, Karel (referee) ; Szőke, Igor (advisor)
This thesis investigates current methods of predicting football events such as the number of goals in a match, the outcome of a match, or whether both teams will score. The models analyzed were neural network, RandomForest and XGBoost. Extensive historical data on matches and players were collected as part of the work. The main objectives were to determine whether detailed statistics significantly affect prediction, to evaluate the effectiveness of using betting odds as features, to investigate the impact of historical data on the quality of predictions, and to determine whether success can be achieved in the betting market with such models. The results showed that detailed statistics improve the accuracy of the predictions, but the use of odds as features generally degrades the predictions. The results regarding the use of historical data for predictions were inconclusive. RandomForest and neural network models achieved promising results with ROI of 32.38% and 29.04%, respectively.
Predicting the success of football players using machine learning methods
Janeček, Jan ; Filipenská, Marina (referee) ; Ředina, Richard (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the implementation of an artificial neural network in the Python programming language using the Keras library. The aim of the work is the numerical prediction of a football player’s match readiness on a scale from 0 to 1. The prediction is based on five physiological-kinematic data obtained from three training sessions preceding a given match. The reference data for training the artificial neural network includes technical data on the number of successful and total actions during the match. The data used in this work was collected from Sigma Olomouc U19 football club players using Polar Team Pro and Wyscout software. The lowest recorded model error, which was 0.1046, was achieved using a single hidden layer containing 15 perceptrons.
History of the matches between AC Sparta Prague and SK Slavia Prague in the era of Austro-Hungarian Empire
Šnajdr, Marek ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Kašpar, Ladislav (referee)
The master's thesis deals with the history of football matches between Prague's Sparta and Slavia between years 1891 to 1918. The introduction focuses on the history of football in our territory and worldwide to better understand the beginnings and to become acquainted with the situation of both clubs at that time. The main part of the thesis is divided into individual matches between the teams from their first encounter until June 9, 1918, shortly after which Austria- Hungary ceased to exist. Since this period is not the most successful era for either of the clubs there are not many historical sources. The information is mainly based on newspaper articles from a publication called Národní listy, newspapers that was being published at that time. Furthermore, the thesis introduces the most significant players, coaches, and personalities of both clubs, who had a significant influence on the clubs' operations at the time, impacted the youth, and divided Czech citizens into two camps, maintaining this tradition of rivalry to this day. The conclusion of the thesis contains findings regarding which team had better leadership during this period and achieved more victories in their internal rivalry.
Football Recycling
Vlček, Filip ; Jemelka, Vojtěch (referee) ; Sedlák, Jaroslav (advisor)
The former Brno stadium Za Lužánkami, located on the border of the Botanical Garden of MENDEL, the wild hillside Planýrka and Lužánky Park. Thanks to the clay mass of the stands and the fact that the last official match was played at the stadium in 2001, nature is beginning to take over. It is therefore possible to leave the stadium to continue to create specific conditions for different plant species, but at the same time to use the potential of the standing reinforced concrete structure in its southern part and hand it over to the student association? Finding a suitable solution for this situation and avoiding the gentrification of other urban spaces was my goal in of this thesis.
Football Recycling
Longauerová, Romana ; Sládeček, Svatopluk (referee) ; Sedlák, Jaroslav (advisor)
The final work responds to the global warming trend in the form of a park zone with edible vegetation. This serves as a food source for the residents and also supports the species biodiversity near the city centre. The design makes use of natural resources and creates an efficient rainwater harvesting system from the adjacent area surrounding the site. The heart of the site becomes the former football stadium building, which is used as a community garden and for educational purposes in conjunction with agriculture and nature.
Sport hall and its facilities for the elementary school Hudcova 35, Brno
Šmajda, Róbert ; Klimecký, Martin (referee) ; Gerö, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is the design of the SPORTS HALL AND ITS FACILITIES FOR THE PRIMARY SCHOOL HUDCOVA 35, BRNO. The diploma thesis directly follows on from the developed urban planning study from subject AG056 - Pre-diploma project. The elaborated architectural study deals with the object of the sports hall and its facilities serving primarily elementary school students, fans of recreational sports, but also the general public. The addressed area is located in the Brno-Medlánky district. The building plot is spread over a slightly sloping terrain. The plot itself is currently surrounded by mostly flat fields, pastures and a historical park. The study of the sports hall, as well as the urban study of the territory, respects the surrounding terrain and the natural character of the landscape. It simultaneously recognizes pedestrian and traffic communication directions and connections to the immediate surroundings. The proposed hall together with the background, a tribune for 300 spectators, a multifunctional hall and a clubhouse with a buffet has the shape of a pure block cut into the terrain. It uses materials such as wood, glass and concrete. It consists of 3 floors and an entrance mezzanine. The balance between the proposed sports hall, the expression of respect for the current natural scenery and terrain relief is taken into account in the architectural expression of the entire object.
Instant Replay Technology and Its Effect on Game Sports
Nguyen, Roman ; Mihai, Hana (referee) ; Froehling, Kenneth (advisor)
Semestrální práce pojednává o technologiích okamžitého přehrávání a jejím vlivu na herní sporty. Popisuje technologie okamžitého přehrávání používané ve fotbale, basketbale, americkém fotbale a jejich vliv na sportovní zápasy. Závěrem pojednává o tom, zda tyto technologie zlepšily herní sporty, nebo situaci zhoršily.
Optimalization of a Organizational Strukture of a Football Club
Selinger, Tomáš ; Šmedek, Martin (referee) ; Kotrbáček, Václav (advisor)
Bachelor thesis provides an analysis of the football club FC Slovan Rosice and subsequent optimization of its organizational structure . The work is divided into three parts. In the first theoretical resources , the second will discuss the functioning of the club through the analysis of the organizational structure, SWOT and SLEPT analysis. The last part is a result from the findings proposed solutions and changes that resulted from the analyzes .

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