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Evolution of the media coverage of Alberto Contador
Brůna, Jan ; Turková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (referee)
The thesis examines the media image of Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador in the Czech online news servers, and Through quantitative and qualitative content analysis, the thesis summarizes the development of the media image of Alberto Contador over the years. The theoretical part focuses on a more detailed description of Contador's career with an emphasis on the controversies related to doping. The practical part uses quantitative and qualitative content analysis to examine Contador's media image between 2010 and 2012, during which his doping scandal was exposed. The results show changes in Contador's media image during the period under study, with an emphasis on the impact of the doping scandal. The thesis reports on the transformation of Contador's media image during these years, which was significantly influenced by a number of factors, in particular his doping scandal.
Women in the management of Czech ice hockey
Václavková, Karolína ; Chladová, Marta (advisor) ; Turková, Kateřina (referee)
Diplomová práce se zabývá problematikou zastoupení žen v managementu hokejových týmů, které hrají českou nejvyšší soutěž v sezóně 2022/2023. Práce se zaměřuje na působení žen v tomto světě, který je většinovou společností vnímán jako převážně mužský. Cílem této práce je zjistit, zda jsou ženy schopny se v tomto prostředí dostatečně realizovat, jak toto prostředí samy vnímají a jestli je český hokej připravený dát ženám prostor. V teoretické části se práce věnuje mediálnímu prostředí a jeho specifiky, dotýká se tématu genderu, stereotypů i diskriminace. Vymezen je i pojem managementu. V praktické části bylo vyzpovídáno sedm žen napříč hokejovou extraligou i různými pozicemi v hokejovém managementu, a to metodou polostrukturovaného rozhovoru. Z nich pak bylo dosaženo závěrů za užití metody zakotvené teorie. Součástí praktické části je porovnání výsledku této práce s výsledky diplomové práce, která se zaměřovala na působení žen redaktorek ve sportovních redakcích. Abstract The thesis deals with the issue of women's representation in the management of hockey teams playing in the Czech top competition in the 2022/2023 seasons. The thesis focuses on the role of women in this world, which is perceived by the majority society as predominantly male. The aim of this thesis is to find out whether women are...
Marketing communication analysis of the Czech Olympic team during the 2022 Olympic Games
Kohout, Jakub ; Turková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
My bachelor thesis "Marketing communication analysis of the Czech Olympic team during the 2022 Olympic Games" examines the complex marketing communication of the Czech Olympic Team using available data. In the thesis I first describe the theoretical foundations of the field of marketing and sports marketing, then I introduce the issues of marketing communication within the Olympic Games. In the practical part, with the help of semi-structured interviews with members of the Czech Olympic Team marketing team and SWOT analysis, I draw conclusions and offer recommendations for further marketing communication strategy of the Czech Olympic Team. The thesis examines in detail all marketing tools and channels of the Czech Olympic Team.
The development of football coach Pavel Vrba's media image
Spurný, Jan ; Trunečka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Turková, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the development of Pavel Vrba's media image between 2011 and 2022. Pavel Vrba is one of the historically most successful Czech football coaches. In 2011, Vrba led football club FC Viktoria Plzeň to its historic first title in the top Czech division. Two years later, however, he used the exit clause in his contract in Plzeň and became the head coach of the Czech national football team. In the following years, his career was affected by several ups and downs, which may have had a significant effect on the presentation of his person in the media. How Vrba's media image developed and changed in six selected periods of his professional career is exactly what we will try to find out in this bachelor's thesis. The work is divided into theoretical, methodological and research part. The first of them defines the media image and representation as well as the concept of framing, describes the relationship between the media and sports, introduces the history of sports journalism and also the career of Pavel Vrba. The methodological part presents the aim of the work and the research method, defines the research sample and presents the six monitored periods in more detail. The last, research part of the work, contains a qualitative media analysis of texts from the investigated...
Anonymous Private Party Funding in Denmark: How do journalists cover this issue?
Merved, August Kaae ; Shavit, Anna (advisor) ; Turková, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis intends to examine the amount- and reasons for the news coverage related to the controversial party funding system in Denmark. This is achieved through comparisons of other political cases during the Danish 2022 and 2019 elections in a quantitative media analysis. The results are then analyzed and discussed using the data from eight interviewed Danish journalists working on some of the seven most prominent Danish media outlets. These qualitative interview data provide insights into reasons, motives, and causes for the fluctuation and difference in the coverage between the other observed and analyzed political cases in the past two elections. The findings show that the journalists deem party funding a complex and technical subject, but still, a subject deemed important to cover by journalists. However, in a fast-paced news agenda, the non-transparent party funding is covered less in comparison with news topics or cases during elections that are more emotionally charged and personalized, or topics that can provide a more direct influence on society, according to the qualitative data - as opposed to the more complex cases of political funding.
With trust towards freedom: The concept of Open Prison in the Czech and Norwegian prison system composed by the Solutions Journalism method
Louženský, Jan ; Macková, Veronika (advisor) ; Turková, Kateřina (referee)
The practical bachelor paper consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part summarizes the meaning and basic principles of solution-oriented journalism, also known as solutions journalism. In addition, it will highlight the development of this genre in the Czech media environment. At the same time, this part includes an explanation of the concept of the so-called open prison and outlines the terminology needed to understand the Czech prison system. The practical part of the thesis consists of three written articles together meeting the criteria of solutions journalism. The first one covers a social issue in the form of the high number of domestic prisoners and their frequent return to imprisonment. The second article focuses on the Norwegian example of open prisons and their results in the form of low recidivism of released prisoners. The final article deals with the only open prison in the Czech Republic in Jiřice, Central Bohemia. It will outline its development and current results together with possible limits.
Media Image of Media Candidates for the Prime Minister before the Elections to the Chamber of Deputies of Parliament of the Czech Republic in 2021
Jiskrová, Simona ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (advisor) ; Turková, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis focuses on the media image of Andrej Babiš, Petr Fiala and Ivan Bartoš in the daily newspapers Mladá fronta DNES, Hospodářské noviny and Právo in the time before the Elections to the Chamber of Deputies of Parliament of the Czech Republic in 2021. The aim of the paper is to find out whether and how the media image of these three politicians, as the most likely candidates for the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, differed in these newspapers. In the theoretical part, key theoretical backgrounds are presented concerning the relationship between media and reality, agenda setting theory, as well as the principles of media logic, requirements for media products and media owner's influences on media image. The methodological part characterizes the research methods used, which include quantitative content analysis and visual framing. The output of the thesis is an analytical section with a presentation of the obtained results and a final chapter that is devoted to a discussion of the results with the literature, their interpretation and the limitations of the research. The Newton database was used to obtain the necessary data for the thesis.
Coverage of World Baseball Classic 2023 in the Czech media
Hruška, Michal ; Turková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Macková, Veronika (referee)
The diploma thesis entitled Coverage of World Baseball Classic 2023 in the Czech media focuses on the analysis of media coverage of the unofficial World Baseball Championship on the Czech stage. At this international tournament, for the first time in history, the Czech national team presented itself, which along with it brought a unique opportunity to bring an unexpanded sport closer to the wider public, something that the national team itself strove for. The thesis covers media content in television, internet and print media. All content during March 2023 is examined, covering the period before, during and after the championship. The thesis specifically analyzes the form and extent of broadcasts on the ČT Sport channel, which owned the television rights to the tournament, and compares the coverage of baseball on the two most watched Czech news programs on ČT1 and TV Nova. It also balances six selected relevant websites with a sports theme (,,, SeznamZprá, Dení a Česká against each other. Additionally, it examines the only Czech sports newspaper Deník Sport. The thesis is supplemented by an interview with a representative of its editors, who reported on the event directly from the venue.
Marketing "That Girl" and the commodification of perfect womanhood on TikTok
Golden, Serena Renay ; Turková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Součková, Barbora (referee)
The 'that girl' trend on TikTok has emerged as a compelling representation of an idealized woman, embodying self-improvement, wellness, and perfection. However, beneath the surface of this aspirational portrayal lies a darker reality, as young women reported its detrimental impact on mental health and self-esteem. This research investigates the commodification of 'that girl' as an ideal woman on TikTok, exploring her adherence to or defiance of mainstream beauty standards and how wellness, beauty, fashion, and diet products are presented as tools for achieving this image. Adopting a case study approach, mixed methods data analysis examines publicly available TikTok videos tagged with #thatgirl between March and August 2021. Utilizing a multimodal content analysis informed by social semiotics, thematic categories were developed to understand patterns in the portrayal of womanhood. The findings reveal that the 'that girl' trend encourages consumerism by promoting products and lifestyle choices as pathways to attain the ideal womanhood depicted on TikTok. This study highlights the complex interplay between social media, consumer culture, and gender norms, offering valuable insights into the implications of beauty standards veiled as empowerment and wellness in digital spaces.
The Ecological Impacts of the Decline of Local Media: Climate Action, Perceptions of Climate Tractability, and Media Consumption in Scotland
Boyd-Madsen, Louis ; Neag, Annamária (advisor) ; Turková, Kateřina (referee)
The climate crisis is widely seen to necessitate global action from citizens across the spectrums of power in society. Previous research has highlighted how community integration, collectivist values, social trust, and knowledge of local routes to action are all seen as enabling factors in encouraging civic engagement with 'larger-than-self' problems like climate change. These factors have also been tied to the presence and quality of localised media. Focused on the country of Scotland, this thesis sought to understand how the quality and localisation of consumed climate journalism affects readers' climate beliefs, climate actions, and cultural orientation. Through a survey (n=104) gathering data on Scottish respondents' values, climate beliefs, climate actions, and media consumption - and a quantitative narrative analysis of the climate narratives present in the outlets respondents described themselves reading (n=227 articles) - this thesis suggests that the quality of climate journalism consumed does correlate with greater climate action, but that it is local climate media that more greatly facilitates civic action. The findings of this thesis could add to the discourse surrounding the media industry's response to the decline of local media outlets, and the climate movements solutions to the...

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