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Effect of Wim Hof breathing on finger flexors performance during all-out test in sport climbers
Zýková, Eliška ; Baláš, Jiří (advisor) ; Hráský, Pavel (referee)
Title: The effect of Wim Hof breathing method in relation with sport climbing performance in all-out test Key words: sport climbing, hyperventilation, breathing exercise Objectives: The study is aimed to determine if there is an impact of Wim Hof breathing method on power performance of finger flexors during intermittent load. Methods: The thesis was made as an experimental study with ten volunteers, who are active sport climbers. They filled-out questionnaire and gave their consent to participate in the study. After that, they went through the all-out test of finger flexors twice. One time they did Wim Hof breathing method before their performance and one time they didn't. This succession was determined by random selection. The results of both tests were compared and assessed by Student t-test. Results: The main outcome value, work impuls, didn't vary. The impuls without previous Wim Hof breathing method was 4477 ± 14,3 kg.s and with Wim Hof breathing method 4385 ± 13,8 kg.s. There was only one outcoming value from the all-out test, which was varying on level of significance α = 5% (the repetitions of critical force). None of others 10 figures from the all-out test didn't vary. The Borg rating of perceived exertion didn't vary as well. Conclusions: This diploma thesis didn't confirm that Wim Hof...
Diagnosis and correction of muscle imbalances with regard to swimmers aged 12 to 17 years.
Jandáková, Simona ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Jurák, Daniel (referee)
Title: Diagnosis and correction of muscle imbalances with regard to swimmers aged 12 to 17 years Objectives: The main aim of this work is to find out what imbalances selected teen swimmers have. Further verify the effectiveness of the proposed compensation program for these swimmers. Methods: Diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system was performed using selected tests for measuring balance abilities (Romberg test, Flamingo), examination of muscle shortening and weakening (testing according to Janda and Kopřivová and Čermák), evaluation of postural and respiratory stereotype and evaluation of deep stabilization system bed). These tests were applied to a selected group of swimmers. The measured values served as an input test (pretest), on the basis of which a compensation program was designed. After the end of the three-month compensation program, a control measurement (posttest) followed, the results of which were compared with the pretest. Key words: Swimming, compensatory exercises, prevention of injuries to swimmers, intervention program, stabilization and mobilization system
Recondition program for individual after meniscus injury.
Janota, Petr ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Reconditioning program for individuals after meniscus distortion Student: Petr Janota Supervisor: PhDr. Pavel Hráský, Ph.D. Aims: The aim of the work was to assess the effectiveness of the reconditioning plan on the proband, which is after the injury and subsequent arthroscopy of the knee joint. The effectiveness of the reconditioning plan will be evaluated by improving the values in the pretest and posttest using a diagnostic test battery including postural stability, run analysis, muscle strength and kinesiological analysis. Methodology: After an initial literature search and subsequent pretest, a reconditioning program was compiled, which was then applied to the proband. During this reconditioning plan, body composition parameters were monitored using Tanita MC-980, strength of knee extensors and flexors using HumacNorm, locomotion symmetry using 3D running, lower limb circumference parameters, shortened muscle groups according to Janda. Results: I compared the comparison of pretest and posttest values on a selected proband and I noticed an improvement in the body weight parameter in the body composition parameter. Furthermore, the maximum strength of the knee extensors at the operated leg improved and the proband improved in many parameters in the locomotion symmetry parameter. There was...
The level of physical abilities of primary school pupils with different hourly subsidy for physical education.
Bareš, Matěj ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Peřinová, Radka (referee)
Title: The level of physical abilities of primary school pupils with different hourly subsidy for physical education Objetives: The aim of the work is to determine whether the pupils of the Benešov Dukelská primary school show that they have a larger subsidy of physical education since the 6th grade. Using a comparison with a classic elementary school, find out how students perform in sports. Method used: To reach the goal of the thesis, we will use a comparison of two schools. ZŠ Mnichovice, which has a classic regime of physical education, and ZŠ Dukelská Benešov, which has a sports extension. We will compare the performance of students in the disciplines of Olympic multi- sport. Results: According to the comparison of the classical primary school of the Mnichovice primary school and the school with the sports extension of the Dukelská Benešov primary school, we can claim that this influence was reflected in the results. In individual groups according to sports workload, better results were repeatedly shown for pupils with a higher hourly subsidy of physical education (PE). The averages of performances in the group also showed, where the differences between pupils with a higher hourly subsidy of PE and pupils with a classic hourly subsidy were often very marked. We reached the same conclusion...
Health profile of students 3. vintage bc. studies in the field of TVS at UK FTVS
Bošek, Jakub ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Nováková, Pavlína (referee)
Name: Health Profile of Students in Third Year of Bachelor Degree Study Field Physical Education and Sport at UK FTVS Goals: Analysis of the most common injuries of students in the 3rd and 4th class at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. Finding whether these students comply with the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Analysis of changing the amount of physical activity carried out before and during the Pandemic of Covid-19 Viral Disease for these students and determining whether these students were motivated by their sports sections to undergo preventive sports medical examinations at physical education doctors. Methods: Analysis of the theoretical basis of the studied Czech and foreign literature dealing with the issue of a healthy lifestyle, injuries in sports, sports during a pandemic and preventive sports examinations. We used an online survey form, which contained 43 questions, to expertly verify the research questions. We used verbal commentary and graphs to process the results. The percentages we report on research questions were determined by expert evaluation. Results: From the results of this work, we found that 52.2 % of respondents were sometimes motivated by their section to undergo a preventive sports examination. Only 7.2 % of respondents comply a healthy lifestyle. We also...
Improving the posture of a former beach volleyball player during a three-month intervention.
Jehličková, Tereza ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Kinkorová, Ivana (referee)
Title: Improving the posture of a former volleyball player during a three-month intervention Objectives: The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to process a literature search, to introduce beach volleyball and clarify its problems in the possible emergence of muscle imbalances and postural deviations. Another goal is to choose a former beach volleyball player, to perform an examination of the musculoskeletal system. The main goal of this work is to compile, describe, apply a compensatory exercise program and verify its effect in terms of posture adjustment and interpret the results of the examination and the applied intervention program. Methods: The thesis is a case study of a former beach volleyball player with deviations from the correct posture, for which an intervention exercise program was compiled on the basis of musculoskeletal diagnostics. The program lasted three months and was aimed at compensating for poor posture and identified muscle imbalances. The program consisted of partial compen-satory training units, which included breathing exercises focused on activating the muscles of the deep stabilization system, relaxation, stretching and strengthening exercises, which were modified after mastering lighter variants. A comprehensive kinesiological analysis, functional tests of spinal mobility...
Influencing the negative effects of sports load in volleyball
Konopásková, Zuzana ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Vorálek, Rostislav (referee)
Title: Influencing the negative effects of sports load in volleyball Student: Zuzana Konopásková Supervisor: PhDr. Pavel Hráský, Ph.D. Aim: The aim of the bachelor thesis is on the basis of information obtained during the formation of work to choose the best method to create an outline of appropriate compensation exercises for volleyball players. Methodology: Studying literature and other resources related to the chosen topic. Based on this analysis and comparison of data collected from various sources such as books, journals, lectures and websites, select the most appropriate regenerative and compensatory mechanisms for volleyball players. Key words: Stress in sports, recovery, regeneration, compensatory exercise
Weight transfer during the putting stroke
Kosina, Jan ; Gryc, Tomáš (advisor) ; Hráský, Pavel (referee)
Title Weight transfer during the putting stroke Objectives Description of weight transfer during the putting stroke and comparison of interindividual and intraindividual stability due to parametres accuracy and weight transfer. Methods Theory was build up by researching method alongside with studiing technical literature. Testing group consisted of professional golfers. Weight transfer was measured by two plattens KISTLER a kinematics of movement was observed by kinematic analysartor CODA motion system. The analysis of interindividual and intraindividual stability was based on data collected during the testing of professional golf players. Results High interindiviual and intraindividual stability of execution was proved due to parametres weight transfer and accuracy. It was proved that capability of accuracy and stability of execution weight transfering is decreasing alongside with longer distance. For description of weight transfer critical phazes of movement were estabilished. By the measurement was discovered how the weight is transferred during the putting stroke. Key words Golf, weight transfer, putting stroke, force effect, accuracy

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