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Internal motivation of football players of older product categories
Jelínek, Martin ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Peřinová, Radka (referee)
Title: Intrinsic motivation of football players in the category of young children Objectives: The main objective is to determine the level of intrinsic motivation of young children in football. Methods: In the practical part of my thesis, I chose to use a survey. Results: The results of my work show a high level of intrinsic motivation within the group of interviewed players. Players look forward to coming to the pitch and they train even after the club training ends. They also state that they want to become professional players themselves. Key words: football, older children category, motivation, inner motivation, younger school age.
Multi-spectral analysis of a gamma-ray burst
Maleňáková, Alžběta ; Jelínek, Martin (advisor) ; Münz, Filip (referee)
Gamma-ray bursts are fascinating high energy phenomena, related with supernovas and black holes, which were discovered by accident in the second half of the 20. century. The goal of this thesis is to perform a multi-spectral analysis of the GRB 190919B after becoming familiar with the elementary knowledge about this phenomena. The images of an optical afterglow from robotic telescopes FRAM and BOOTES enabled us to construct the photometric light curve of the given burst. Together with the publicly available data from other spectral fields, the spectral energy distribution could be created. Afterwards, we fitted both obtained graphs with several functions with different choices of constraining parameters. Through analysis of the acquired values, we obtained several variants of the scenario of the observed event. By determining the value of initial Lorentz factors, we confirmed that all the options lie within the boundaries of typical values for the model of relativistic fireball. 1
Acquisition of the Holocaust theme by older school children (2nd grade elementary school)
Petrová, Helena ; Jelínek, Martin (advisor) ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee)
The topic of this bachelor's work is learning of the theme holocaust by pupils of the higher school age - i. e. pupils of the second level of the ordinary basic school (ZŠ). The work is divided into two parts. The topis of the theoretical part deals with the term holocaust, its definitions from different points of view, i.e. psychology, philosophy etc. This part deals with theme holocaust from the point of view of the science field, human rights and experts opinion. It thinks about stereotypes, prejudices, prevention of risk behavior in modern society including controversial questions about negation of the holocaust. The practical part deals with knowledge and attitude to the holocaust from the beginning of the sixth class to the end of the second part of the basic school (to ninth class) in the ordinary basic school. The research contains anonymous questionnaire, which is subsequently analyzed by the mixed research method.
Antonín Zápotocký and Kladno region - Relationshiop of Personality and Environment
Jelínek, Martin ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Rákosník, Jakub (referee)
This Thesis deals with the personality of Antonín Zápotocký considering to his relation to the Kladno region and his work there. Kladno is then elected because of the interconnection of this environment with Zápotocký since his childhood. Zápotocký himself does not abandon Kladno even in later years - on the contrary - he still accentuates it, which is quite unusual for communist elites. The thesis analyzes key aspects related to this environment - Zapotocky's political beginnings, December's general strike, but it does not avoid later reflection of the Kladno environment in Zapotocky's literary work. The intention then is to trace the extent to which this environment shaped him and reflected in his later life. The aspect of the reference and remembering of the person of Zápotocký in the environment of the region will not be neglected, especially on the example of Kladno and his native village of Zákolany. Keywords Antonín Zápotocký, Kladno, Kladno region, General Strike, Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, Social Democracy, Labour Movement
Safety of milling machines
Jelínek, Martin ; Blecha, Radim (referee) ; Blecha, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis sort out a review of legislative requirements and standards according to the European Parliament and Council in the field of machine tools. It also deals with the explanation and inclusion of harmonized standards into the czech legal system. The safety requirements and the check lists are developed for the selected universal milling machine.
Development of the structure of users of social services for homeless people in Duhové Atrium centre in Kutná Hora between 2011-2017.
The thesis deals with the development of services for homeless people at the "Duhové Atrium" center. It deals with the causes and different forms of homelessness and it is focused on certain specifics of groups of homeless people according to age categories. The thesis also includes available data on the number of homeless people in The Czech Republic. The thesis aims to analyze the development of age and gender structure of homeless people at the aforementioned institution and to describe how the offer of so-cial services was changing regarding these aspects. Other organizations working with homeless people in the Czech Republic are also mentioned. Content analysis was the key method.
The impact of shared video game experience on the quality of transgenerational relationships
Květon, Petr ; Jelínek, Martin
Objectives. Playing video games is a significant phenomenon in the lives of today's children and adolescents. The quality of intergenerational relationships is influenced by the sharing of specific experience. This study focuses on the impact of shared experiences with video game playing on the quality of relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren. Subjects and setting. The research sample consisted of 113 students of the University of the Third Age of Masaryk University (101 women) aged 59 to 80 (M = 66.3, SD = 4.1). Using the electronically distributed questionnaire, the level of video game experience, the sharing of video games with grandchildren, and the quality of transgenerational relationships were assessed. Results. Using the mediation model, it has been found that video game experience indirectly affects the quality of intergenerational relationships through mutual sharing of this experience. Limitations. The limiting factor for the generalizability of results is the involvement of a specific group of seniors (U3A participants), which is different from the general population of seniors.
Work with offenders and victims of crime in the agenda of a probation worker
Jelínek, Martin ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Bajcura, Lubomír (referee) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
TITLE: Work with offenders and victims of crime in the agenda of a probation worker AUTHOR: Mgr. Martin Jelínek DEPARTMENT: Faculty of Education SUPERVISOR: doc. PaedDr. Eva Šotolová, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: The thesis presents the agenda of the Probation and Mediation Service and it's approach to offenders and victims of crime in the agenda of probation workers. It focuses on the area of re-offending and the possibility of reducing reoffending through appropriate follow-up services for conditionally released persons with probation supervision. The thesis analyses the problems resulting in the unsuccessful reconciliation of persons released from prison, in accordance with the aim of the thesis based on combined research (respondents were all probation workers in the Czech republic), as well as proposing possibilities for further development of work with conditionally released persons with probation supervision, and suggests systematic measures that could reduce the risk and rate of re-offending. These measures relate to the areas of dependency, employment, and education. KEYWORDS: Probation, mediation, imprisonment, re-offending, resocialisation, conditional release
Learning styles in informatics subjects
Jelínek, Martin ; Rambousek, Vladimír (advisor) ; Černochová, Miroslava (referee)
Diploma thesis contains information about learning styles of pupils and identifies effect respecting the learning styles of my lessons. Thesis distinguishes changes in the learning process and their results. Diploma thesis deals with learning styles in context Computer Science Education. The thesis contains theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part focuses on the didactic specifics and formulates the theoretical concept of learning styles in teaching information and communication technologies. The thesis respects preferred learning styles in a particular class and worked on the assumption that respect for learning styles in teaching information and communication technologies can be beneficial for teaching practice. The main objective is to find out change in the quality and results of the educational action. The conclusion summarizes and evaluates the results of research methods and formulates recommendations for teaching practice.
Crime Prevention of Children and Youth at Jesenik Region
Vávrová, Gabriela ; Dočkal, Jan (advisor) ; Jelínek, Martin (referee)
Purpose of this thesis is to introduce prevention politics in Jeseník region and to examine how are these programmes for children and adolescents financed and who mainly realizes them, describe some past and current preventive programmes and make insight into their activities. In the last part of the thesis will be evaluation of activities of these programmes using an survey. First three chapters generally describe the juvenile crime prevention in the Czech Republic and some other states. In the fourth chapter, the demography of the Jeseník district is described. Last four chapters deal with prevention politics and how it works in the Jesenik district and who is in charge of the policy, which financial resourses are used and which organizations make use of these resourses. Moreover, the reader is told about the main objectives of the crime prevention in this area and about the process of fulfilling the aims. The last two chapters describe selected prevention programmes which have been implimented in the Jesenik district since 1996 up to now. And the questionnaire results are shown there. The questionnaire was carried out in the Jesenik district and its topic was perceiving safety and impact of prevention programmes. Powered by TCPDF (

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