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Methodology of Research, Revision and Passporting of Historical Library Collections
Šípek, Richard ; Mašek, Petr ; Hájek, Pavel ; Paličková, Tereza
The aim of the methodology is to present a clear synthetic guide and tool for the care of the historical book collection, its analysis in terms of content, chronology and provenance and its synthesizing evaluation in the form of a study. In addition to a comprehensive secondary bibliography on the issue of the historical book collection in the broadest sense and an overview of current legislation, it also contains a clear guide to the global treatment of the historical book collection according to its specific type, as well as recommendations for its long-term management and care. The methodology also includes advice on the selection of books for conservation and restoration and on ensuring appropriate storage conditions for the historic book collection.
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SUCHÁ, Veronika
Exhibitions and trade fairs have formed an integral part of the market in the Czech Republic. No matter whether its size is small, medium or large, every company becomes increasingly interested in knowledge of its environment (both internal and external). What is also important is correct assessment of internal conditions and their optimal connection with the external environment factors. The companies do not take up with the statement that there are strong and weak points, opportunities and risks. It is important to examine the factors, assess them and use the ascertained facts to increase prosperity. I used the analysis of the Porter{\crq}s Five Forces Model to ascertain the company micro-environment. I divided the collected information into two groups. The first group concerned the information about the company itself while the second one characterized the company environment (customers, suppliers and competitors). The first important group which forms a part of the company environment is the customers. The customers of the exhibition grounds in České Budějovice can be divided into two groups: the first group consists of exhibitors and traders, and the second one is the visitors. The company has various promotional and advertising printed materials elaborated by its suppliers. As far as the competitors in the Czech Republic are concerned, these are particularly the fair managements that organize fairs on the same or similar topics. As the macro-environment of the company, the whole of the Czech Republic can be defined, however, the most important part is the region of South Bohemia. In this region, the factors characteristic for the area, such as lower economic power, lower purchase power and considerable saving behaviour of the region population, have to be taken into account.
Southbohemian Art Society in České Budějovice 1925-1950
This diploma work deals with activity one of {\clqq}without right`` neglected art-societies worked in České Budějovice between years 1925 {--} 1950. One point was to take up the history and also the most important activity of these art-societies which were the exhibitions. Next I have tried to sketch out history of several members of {\clqq}Sdružení jihočeských výtvarníků`` as a former legionaries and with this related history of 1. pěší pluk Mistra Jana Husi. The main source for my work was too extensive fund of {\clqq}Sdružení jihočeských výtvarníků`` from SOA Třeboň, next I have used the period and {\clqq}of the day`` press and also amount sources of official even unofficial disposition saved in the SokA České Budějovice.
Castellan’s handbook: Methodology concerning due management of historical landmarks opened to public
Bidlasová, Lucie ; Bobek, Karel ; Bušta, Jaroslav ; Horyna, Tomáš ; Kadlec, Miloš ; Kunst, Lukáš ; Ryšavý, Radek ; Slavko, Pavel ; Weiss, Petr
The methodology is structured into separate chapters focusing on elementary topics of cultural property management. The preamble contains a short overview of historical development of historical landmark manager with international excursus and key words dictionary that would be appreciated by beginners unaware of the professional vocabulary. Main topics of management are: 1) Property management within the technical, organizational, economical and legal meaning. The subchapters formulate individual segments of various activities such as cultural and administrative assets evidence, employment relations, bookkeeping and budgeting. 2) Property safeguarding from securing it against theft to monitoring the artefacts microclimatic conditions. 3) Rehabilitation and maintenance of entrusted property especially emphasizing the realization of preventive solutions and providing a day-to-day care that results in continuity of historical values, methods and authenticity and in the end also significantly decreases the cost of maintaining the physical essence of the monument. 4) Presentation of cultural values to public, transmission of research outcomes and strengthening the cultural identity of society towards its history and values. The end of the text includes a crucial chapter focusing on planning and formulating of visions and conceptions of maintenance of concrete heritage areas. This part is extremely crucial as it is often overlooked. Sometimes from intellectual reasons but usually from a lack of time that is dedicated to operative solutions of concrete problems without an overall conception. These partial solutions are isolated with no linkup between them. The methodology urges the mangers to focus on conceptual activities and planning that will pay off in a long run.
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Archaeology in pictures - presentation of the popularizing project by vernissage and exhibition
Hlavica, Michal ; Ostrý, C.
The paper informs about the background of realization of vernissage and exhibition called “Archeologie v obrazech” (Archaeology in pictures) that took place in 2014 in the foyer of the university cinema Scala at Brno.
A case study on public diplomacy and nation branding - the Czech center in New York City
Richter, Daniel ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (advisor) ; Konrádová, Marcela (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to determine the success of the Czech Center in New York in public diplomacy and nation branding. The thesis is divided into 5 parts and a conclusion. The main objective of the thesis was to find out the mission of the Czech Center and then to follow this up with research on whether it is successful in its activities. The thesis notes the development of the Czech Centers in general and the specifics of center in New York, then discusses the economic situation. Mainly the thesis notes what the most important activities of the centre are. I worked with sources from the Czech Centrers directly (interviews with the Director General of the Czech Centres and the Director of the Czech Center in New York), as well as with professional literature or news reports. A large part of the work also consists of research. There I found out from both Czech and American respondents what they would like to see in at a Czech Center. Then, by comparing these results with other information found, I can say whether the Czech Center in New York is effective and add short recommendations for their communication.
Spanish artists of the Paris school
Galerie výtvarného umění v Ostravě
Galerie výtvarného umění v Ostravě (GVUO) připravila výstavu Španělští umělci Pařížské školy. Výstava představí šest desítek uměleckých děl s tematikou býčích zápasů, Dona Quijota, žen či zátiší ze sbírky GVUO. Zahájena bude on-line vernisáží v úterý 4. května v 17 hodin a spuštěním virtuální prohlídky na webových stránkách GVUO. Výstava v Domě umění potrvá do 6. června.
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Václav Rodek: Metacodes
Galerie výtvarného umění v Ostravě
Galerie výtvarného umění v Ostravě (GVUO) připravila výstavu Václava Rodka v kurátorském podání Jaroslava Michny. Jedná se o první projekt nového cyklu výstav, který v rámci výročí 95 let Domu umění, GVUO představuje tvorbu ostravských umělců. Expozice bude zahájena on-line vernisáží v úterý 9. března a potrvá minimálně do 18. dubna. Výstava byla prodloužena do 6. 6. 2021.
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