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Analysis of the real estate market price in border regions (CZ-PL-SK)
Pazour, Tomáš ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Krejza, Zdeněk (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis will be to analyze a selected segment of the real estate market in a particular locality (CZ-SR-PL) and to analyze the factors influencing the real estate market. Based on the collection of the necessary data on available properties and locations databases are created, in which the properties are divided according to the type, layout and size of the location in which the property is located. The average market price for a given location is also created from this database. The main roles in the evaluation are the parameters of the properties, area and civic amenities of the site, which may affect the final market price of real estate.
What was/is the meaning of independent publications in countries with a totalitarian regimes?
Demovičová, Barbora ; Čumlivski,, Jan (referee) ; Macháček, Mikuláš (advisor)
Is it important that a graphic designer/art student expresses their opinion on the society and world around them through their work? How can a graphic designer influence social situation, the community in which they live, or other events? What is the role of civic protest and activism? What is the relationship between art and politics? What is the political power of the art? Researching the role of political art, independent publishing, civic actions and comparing the public protests in the past with protests today lead to creating a self-published independent publication reflecting current issues in Slovakia. Focus on Slovak society came after the murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová resulting in a wave of public protests and formation of new government of Slovak Republic. This publication is mix of hope for change, idealism, and later scepticism and frustration. This publication is comprised of author’s personal texts and interviews with different persons working in various fields, for example with investigative journalist Marek Vagovič, sociologist and one of the leaders of Velvet Revolution Fedor Gál, publisher and owner of samizdat library Libri Prohibiti Jiří Gruntorád, or Slovak artists Peter Kalmus and Miroslav Cipár.
Comparison of Personal Income Tax in the Czech Republic and the Slovakia
Havlíček, Dan ; Kindl, Radek (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the issue of comparing personal income tax in the Czech Republic and the Slovak for 2015. It describes the tax system and procedure for personal income tax in mentioned countries. In the practical part are examples of taxing in every concrete state and are suggested tax optimization for each taxpayers.
Comparison of Personal Income Tax in the Czech Republic and the Slovakia
Blatný, Jakub ; Orsavová, Miloslava (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis deals with comparison of personal income tax in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The theoretical part contains the definition of basic concepts, basic information on the tax systems of different countries and all formalities personal income tax. In the practical part of the thesis deals with concrete examples of income tax payers in those countries and their comparison.
Methods of valuation of property in selected EU countries, focusing on a selected property type.
Rentková, Katarína ; Kovaľ, Miloš (referee) ; Klika, Pavel (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with methods of valuation of properties in the Slovak Republic focusing on the family house. In thesis is also described a detailed questionnaire, which is dedicated to the real estate slovak market research . Diploma thesis describes analysis of the the most common valuation methods used in Slovakia. In thesis is indicated valuation of family house situated in Žilina region using 3 methods.
EU development - Comparison of the Czech and Slovak Republics in selected sectors
Dvořáková, Petra ; Drcmánková, Hana (referee) ; Bočková, Nina (advisor)
The aim of my master thesis is to create a comparison of economy between the Czech Republic and another country in the European Union. This other selected country member was Slovakia, which is quite similar to the Czech Republic, has a common history with the Czech Republic, but has already adopted the euro. At the beginning the history of European Union, the Monetary Union and the convergence criteria for the introduction of the single common currency are summarized. The analysis of selected macroeconomic indicators, the fulfillment of the Maastricht criteria and the analysis of medium-sized enterprises in the restaurant and hospitality sector was also carried out in practical part.
Comparison of income tax on personal in the Czech Republic and the Slovakia
Marková, Lucie ; Šívara, Petr (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the tax on personal income in the Czech Republic and the Slovakia in 2013 and their differences. The main objective is to compare the changes in the development of both countries. The practical part analyzes the problem of personal income taxation on specific examples.
Comparison of business conditions in EU countries - Czech republic, Slovakia and Latvia
Juřenčáková, Jana ; Wimmerová, Šárka (referee) ; Kocmanová, Alena (advisor)
This master´s thesis deals with the juxtaposition of current situation in a business conditions for corporations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Latvia from the viewpoint of principle economical aspects and of statute income tax, statute of value added tax, the trades licensing act, workscode and businesscode. On the basis of findings, the work includes comparison of business conditions for corporations in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Latvia.
Analysis of the Choice of Location of the Subsidiary Registered Office from the Tax Point of View
Gretschelová, Aneta ; Belza, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
The masters's thesis focuses on decision making of companies with organizational structure of corporations operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia from the tax point of view. It mainly focuses on direct taxes, specific tax burdens, social and health payments and profit sharing. It is also mentioned tax harmonization. It contains summa-ry tables. In conclusion, an evaluation is presented where it is effective to look for location from costs point of view and in terms of legislative developments.
Handling with hazardous materials on construction site
Máčaiová, Klaudia ; Biolek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis was to point out possible legislative differences between the Czech and Slovak Republics and to provide examples of asbestos disposal prices. The theoretical part briefly summarizes the waste, it is legislation and the share of construction waste. The chapter entitled Asbestos provides a brief overview of the history, mining and diseases caused by asbestos. In the practical part I devote with the legislative methodology of asbestos disposal according to the Czech Republic. Based on the relevant laws in the states, I subsequently evaluated the differences between the countries. I also devote with the procedure of disposal of sewer pipes and roofs, for which I subsequently created a budget with reference to the price of asbestos disposal.

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