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Appreciation of an investment in housing
Slabík, Michal ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the economic evaluation of an investment in housing. The thesis describes the technical condition of the property and the proposal for its subsequent reconstruction for the purpose of rental housing. Furthermore, the market value of the property before and after reconstruction is determined using the comparative method. In the next step, the reconstruction costs and the possibility of drawing on the NZU's energy-saving housing subsidy were determined. The economic evaluation is then carried out for two baseline situations in two variants. The first situation is from the point of view of an investor who wants to invest his funds in a property. The second situation is from the perspective of the person who has inherited the property. These situations are then assessed in the variant of immediate sale after renovation, where it is examined whether the increase in the market value of the property caused by the renovation exceeded the costs incurred. The second option considered is a long-term lease with subsequent sale of the property, where the net present value (NPV) is the evaluation factor.
Economic efficiency of a photovoltaic power plant
Cesnek, Martin ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Korytárová, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis, called Economic Efficiency of a Photovoltaic Power Plant, discusses the economic efficiency of a photovoltaic power plant and the financing of such a technology. The theoretical part describes the basic concepts related to photovoltaic technology, methods of financing and indicators for evaluating the economic efficiency of investment projects. The practical part of the case study evaluates an investor's investment plan for the construction of a photovoltaic power plant on the roof of production halls. Based on the input values, an economic analysis was developed and indicators of economic efficiency were elaborated.
Prevention of extremism and terrorism in schools
Vaňková, Lucie ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Marádová, Eva (referee)
The thesis focuses on the issue of prevention of extremism and terrorism on soft targets in selected secondary schools in the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to find out what measures are being taken to protect against extremism and terrorism in selected secondary schools and whether there is sufficient funds are spent on the prevention of extremism and terrorism. The structure of the thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. In the theoretical part, the basic concepts are defined with the use of research of selected textual sources, the factors influencing the inclination to extremism and terrorism are described and the concept of combating extremism and terrorism in the environment of secondary schools is presented. The practical research part is empirical in nature and deals with the description of the implementation of quantitative research, its analysis and interpretation of the data obtained in order to obtain information on the practical approach of principals and teaching staff of selected secondary schools in the Czech Republic to the issue of preventing extremism and terrorism. The data collection was conducted in the form of a written electronic questionnaire, where a questionnaire consisting of 23 closed, open or combined questions was used as an instrument. The...
Lower Cretaceous belemnites (including J/K boundary interval) in the NW Tethys, biostratigraphy, palaeobiogeography and palaeoecology
Vaňková, Lucie
This thesis deals with the belemnite fauna from the Outer Western Carpathians Klippen, its systematic classification, stratigraphical and palaeogeographical evaluation. The palaeontological/palaeobiological approach, together with isotope analyses, including of carbon and oxygen stable isotopes and of strontium isotopes, enabled an integrated investigation of the palaeoecological conditions during the Jurassic/Cretaceous (J/K) boundary interval and the Early Cretaceous age. The Tethyan belemnites are not intensively studied in detail in the J/K interval, as they occur rather rarely in the sections, and/or sedimentary conditions were not suitable for their preservation. Therefore, belemnites are described only from a few sites in the Mediterranean Province. On the basis of recent research, the stratigraphic range of several species previously considered to be from the Tithonian age was extended to the earliest Cretaceous. By contrast, the Lower Cretaceous belemnites (since the late Berriasian) are more abundant. In the classical areas of the Tethyan Realm, it is possible to study the Lower Cretaceous belemnites in great detail and, according to their higher abundance, to determine an individual assemblage corresponding to stratigraphical intervals. Their occurrence is also an important basement for...
Low-energy construction
Halama, Miroslav ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Krejza, Zdeněk (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is proposing three construct variants of chosen family houses and assign each to particular energy performance certificate of A, B, and C values. Thesis describes trends in low-energy houses and theory of building valuation. Furthermore established financial indicator to determinate approximate building value and calculate investment efficiency and its correlation with operating costs. The aim of this study is economic analysis of investment efficiency of particular energy performance certificate buildings.
Evaluation of economic efficiency of business project
Burianová, Denisa ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
The thesis concems about investments and their effectiveness. The goal of the thesis is to find out whether it is worth to make the investment. The project deals with the reconstruction of a public cultural house in which three new apartments are build into. Cost of reconstruction, rental rates will be quantified and then mortage loan will be determined. This information wil be used for further calculations and the result will be an evaluation of the investment. The result of this work is to determine if the investment is really effective.
Analysis of the real estate market price in border regions (CZ-PL-SK)
Pazour, Tomáš ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Krejza, Zdeněk (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis will be to analyze a selected segment of the real estate market in a particular locality (CZ-SR-PL) and to analyze the factors influencing the real estate market. Based on the collection of the necessary data on available properties and locations databases are created, in which the properties are divided according to the type, layout and size of the location in which the property is located. The average market price for a given location is also created from this database. The main roles in the evaluation are the parameters of the properties, area and civic amenities of the site, which may affect the final market price of real estate.
Use of Multi-criteria Analysis for Evaluation Cableway Project Efficiency
Kotrla, Jakub ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Korytárová, Jana (advisor)
This thesis investigates the cableway project in the city of Vsetín. The theoretical part is describing the city, it’s demographic trends and also changes in the image of the city. The practical part is dealing with the abovementioned cableway project and is divided into several parts. The introduction is focused on a multi-criteria assessment of particular options of the cableway and fallowing a multi-criteria assessment of transport services in the housing development Sychrov. The multi-criteria assessment is carried out by some of variant calculations in order to specify the importance of criteria, weighting for criterion and calculation methods. This is followed by an assessment of the efficiency of transport links by the Cost Benefit Analysis – CBA method. This method is aimed to determine the most effective way of passenger traffic and to recommend an optimal option in consideration of not only incomes but also costs and contribution to beneficiaries, which are an important part of public projects.
Territory development strategy in relation to construction production
Mecová, Anna ; Chovancová, Jitka (referee) ; Vaňková, Lucie (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with comparison of regions of the Czech Republic between national economy in terms of construction production and selection of region with the greatest potential for development of construction production. In the theoretical part is defined the term region, which is followed by regional economics and politics. Another topic addressed is regional development territorial development strategies and indicators that capture the differences between regions. The practical part deals with the characteristics of the national economy and construction in individual regions, which is folloved by a draft strategy dealing with problems in the field of construction. The last part of the thesis, regions are compared according to the given indicators and the regions with the greatest potential for the development of construction production are indentified.
The costs of single phase of the building life cycle
Černý, Ondřej ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Krejza, Zdeněk (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis determines the costs of individual phases of a building’s life cycle. The thesis explores a very broad subject which entails a variety of topics. The theoretical part concerns itself with building in general, costs of individual phases of a building´s life cycle and pricing in the Czech Republic. In its practical part, the thesis primarily dissects determining costs for the utility, maintenance, repair and reconstruction of a building during its life cycle. The process for the calculation of the total sum of financial costs in individual phases of the life cycle is shown in a table, which contains the costs for individual phases of the building’s life cycle.

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