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Spirituality Ostrava !!!
Obr, Patrik ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Štěpán, Marek (advisor)
The diploma thesis is the proposal of the Christian community and spiritual center near Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Ostrava Kunčičky. The building program corresponds to the catchment area of Kunčičky and includes an existing church building (conversion for the contemporary liturgy) with the addition of a new parish with a living space, a parish office and a meeting room. The existing building of the parish (adaptation for commercial use, bistro and offices) and the community center includes: a social hall with the necessary background, 2 flats 1 + kk and apartment for collective accommodation, clubroom and classroom for leisure activities, music, art workshop and warehouse. Part of the area is new square as the new centre of Kunčičky, the park and green area "open garden" with a children's and sports playground. The proposal is based on the creation of a new public space in the vicinity of the existing church. The pre-church is widened and creates a new square, the center of the city with the potential of meeting, landmark, festivities, Christmas markets, etc. On the contrary, the community center is behind the church and creates a new public space "open garden". Around it all community events are concentrated. Among these spaces is a "filter" set, as a soothing element of two poles. The complex offers people from this locality also a wide range of the city, a new offer of cultural, social and spiritual activities.
Bronx - change of adress - (conversion of jail to the creative centre)
Karasová, Miroslava ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
This thesis presents architectural-urban study using an old jail facility - a major object of the 18th century. Three variants are processed, the first two keep the shape of the old building blocks and give it a new functions with different scenarios. The third variant is more detailed. The proposal consists of the jail original shape - ie. it reveals the square-shaped building with two courtyards. There are two outbuildings demolished and into the resulting space are installed three new buildings, which complement with the existing buildings and completes public space. Two new high-rise buildings, built on the south side, acts as a new landmark and a new building in the north serves to supplement the services appropriate to the locality. Buildings and spaces are linked to the main pedestrian routes, creating a cascade of continuous space - the urban interior.
Bronx - address substitution (reconstruction house of correction)
Vávra, Martin ; Josífek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
The diploma project is the architectural-urbanistic study of the old prison reuse as new centrum of social deprived city part of Brno called „Bronx of the Brno“ because of its appropriate location, urbanistic land configuration and present of specific „genius loci“. This work is following the theoretical study made as diploma preparation, which set the main direction of the work. The aim of this project is the coplex of buildings mostly used for alternative culture, alternative forms of living not only for the comunity of social deprived city part but also for complete land recovery, grow of attractivity and raise of the land price. The main idea is to change the wrong address of the bad reputation quarter.
Romany Housing
Chylíková, Zuzana ; Janok, Jakub (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor) ; Petříček, Tomáš (advisor)
The Bachelors thesis is based on a previous college project "public-asistance dwelings with Romany culture elements". Scheduled plot is situated in Maloměřice a Obřany city quarter of Brno. There was designed terrace development consisting of two-storey family houses and single-storey „starting units“. Concept uses straw-bale building technology which is suitable technology for self-building. Applicants for inhabitation are building together their new houses - houses they would understand. During construction work new social relations between incoming inhabitants are coming up. This should positively influence their future co-living. Houses layout offers sufficiency of privacy, however there is enough space for community sharing as well.
Romany Housing
Krejsová, Aneta ; Janok, Jakub (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor) ; Hradil, Dušan (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis „Romany housing“ deals with the issue of underprivileged accomodation. This is a complex of four apartment buildings and one community center. It is located on the site in Brno-Maloměřice. The site is flat, it is surrounded by little terraced houses on one side and large prefabricated metal halls on the other side. Apartment buildings respond to the surroundings by creating transition between little houses and large halls - they have relatively large mass, but it is split by saw-tooth roof that creates illusion of terraced houses. Main idea of the project is layout variability - it reacts to various number of romany family members. Single apartement building has two storeys, community center has one story and basement. Supporting structure is made of aerated concrete blocks. The foundations are made of non-reinforced concrete, the roof is partly saw-tooth, partly flat. Bachelor’s thesis includes a model and a detail of recessed railing in reinforcedconcrete wall which carries the exterior staircase.
Comparison of Roma and non-Roma injecting drug users using HCV screening and treatment at the addictology clinic in Brno
Věchet, David ; Gabrhelík, Roman (advisor) ; Lukavská, Kateřina (referee)
INTRODUCTION: Current research directed to socially excluded localities shows the correctness of the concept of targeted research and medical care directly in socially excluded localities with risky behavior. The high prevalence not only of infectious diseases directly related to the use of addictive substances, but also of other infectious diseases such as lues, testifies to the long-term absence of systematic medical and preventive care. OBJECTIVES: To compare medical anamnestic data, risk behavior rates and drug career progression in a cohort of Roma and non-Roma drug users visiting an addiction clinic located in a socially excluded location. To determine whether there are significant differences in family health burden, hospitalizations, surgeries, allergies, current medication use, current specialist visits, and access to health care among the cohorts mentioned, and whether there are differences in risky behavior and drug career progression among these cohorts . RESEARCH SAMPLE: The research set includes a total of 232 injecting drug users. 120 persons from this group are Roma injection users and 112 persons from this group are non- Roma injection users. METHODS: Using statistical-analytical methods and observing ethical rules, data from four types of questionnaires, which NGHS Remedis uses...
The Identity Construction and Self-Perception of Queer Sinti and Roma
Tremel, Alicia Sarah Beate ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Wirthová, Jitka (referee)
This thesis examines the identity construction and self-perception of queer Sinti and Roma in Central Europe. Sinti and Roma are at the fringe of society and are subjected to discrimination and antiziganist stigmatisation. As a result, identity construction involves greater effort and leads to the creation of a collective identity that provides Sinti and Roma with a sense of belonging. Queer Sinti and Roma are exposed to intersectional discrimination on the axes of racism and homophobia and occupy a special position within identity formation. Incorporating data from three narrative interviews, testimonies and selected chapters from an autobiographical book, this study demonstrates that intersectional discrimination highly influences identity formation within queer Sinti and Roma. It was shown that identity construction was shaped by concepts like Masking Identity and the Perception of Othering that can be overcome by finding spaces of Belonging and social networks that display Allyship. The establishment of safe spaces for queer Sinti and Roma are crucial for the creation of spaces of Belonging and the manifestation of a mutual group identity. Keywords: Identity, Sinti, Roma, Nationalism, Ethnicity, LGBTIQ, Gender Studies, Intersectionality, Belonging and Othering, Allyship.
Leisure Time of Roma Children and Youth at Prague 3
Štajnerová, Terezie ; Nová, Monika (advisor) ; Drahoňovský, Jan (referee)
ŠTAJNEROVÁ, Terezie. Leisure time of Roma children and youth in Prague 3. Prague 2023. Charles University in Prague. Faculty of Hussite Theology. Department of Psychosocial Sciences and Ethics. Thesis supervisor doc. PhDr. Monika Nová, Ph.D. MPH The theoretical part of this bachelor thesis describes leisure time - the history of leisure time, functions and leisure time of children and youth. It also describes the Roma community, the history of Roma in the Czech Republic and the topic of integration, segregation, discrimination and social exclusion of Romani people. It also focuses on Roma children and youth and their leisure time. The theoretical part concludes with a list of institutions working with Roma children and youth in Prague 3. In the practical part, a quantitative method was used to collect data through a questionnaire survey. The aim of the bachelor thesis was to find out how Roma children and youth in Prague 3 spend their leisure time.

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