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Comparison of Roma and non-Roma injecting drug users using HCV screening and treatment at the addictology clinic in Brno
Věchet, David ; Gabrhelík, Roman (advisor) ; Lukavská, Kateřina (referee)
INTRODUCTION: Current research directed to socially excluded localities shows the correctness of the concept of targeted research and medical care directly in socially excluded localities with risky behavior. The high prevalence not only of infectious diseases directly related to the use of addictive substances, but also of other infectious diseases such as lues, testifies to the long-term absence of systematic medical and preventive care. OBJECTIVES: To compare medical anamnestic data, risk behavior rates and drug career progression in a cohort of Roma and non-Roma drug users visiting an addiction clinic located in a socially excluded location. To determine whether there are significant differences in family health burden, hospitalizations, surgeries, allergies, current medication use, current specialist visits, and access to health care among the cohorts mentioned, and whether there are differences in risky behavior and drug career progression among these cohorts . RESEARCH SAMPLE: The research set includes a total of 232 injecting drug users. 120 persons from this group are Roma injection users and 112 persons from this group are non- Roma injection users. METHODS: Using statistical-analytical methods and observing ethical rules, data from four types of questionnaires, which NGHS Remedis uses...
Problematic media use in primary school children
Malečková, Helena ; Lukavská, Kateřina (advisor) ; High, Radka (referee)
This thesis focuses on children's problematic media use (PMU). It applies to children between 6 to 10 years old. It examines children's problematic media use itself, its measuring tools as well as actual addiction diagnoses "Gaming Disorder" and "Internet Gaming Disorder" in systems ICD-10 and DSM V. It also includes a chapter about parent practice (parental warmth and control) that is often linked to PMU. Theoretical frame "Interactional theory - Childhood Problematic Use" (IT-CPU) is presented and used for the research. Aim of the study is a presentation of new screening questionnaire (Intrusive Smartphone Use, ISU) and evaluation of its psychometric characteristics. Based on the ISU the thesis detects a group of risk users. Subsequently, it verifies whether there is an association between PMU and selected factors (child's sex, education level of parent, parental warmth and control, screen time). Statistically significant associations between children's PMU and parental warmth, parental control and screen time, has been found, no other associations were confirmed. Child's mean screen time was 250 minutes per day (intact group), mean screen time of child from risk group was 375 minutes per day. KEYWORDS problematic media use, children's PMU, Intrusive Screen Use, parental warmth, parental control,...
Resilience and coping strategies of souls-like genre gamers
Bura, Jan ; Hrabec, Ondřej (advisor) ; Lukavská, Kateřina (referee)
The bachelor's thesis aims to find out whether there are differences in resilience and coping strategies between gamers - specifically between players of the souls-like genre and the normal population. To collect data, a questionnaire was constructed that included two standardized inventories, the Brief Resilience Scale (BRS) and the Brief-COPE. For the purpose of this thesis, the BRS-G inventory was also created, which is basically the BRS scale set in game environment. The questionnaire was subsequently posted to online forums and Facebook groups. Data was collected from a total of 147 respondents. Respondents were classified into 3 groups (souls-like gamers, regular gamers and non-gamers) based on time spent playing video games and preferences for the souls-like genre. The group of regular gamers was added as a control group to capture whether the difference between the groups was due to playing souls- like games or gaming in general. The Kruskal-Wallis test (i.e. a non-parametric version of ANOVA) and subsequent post-hoc tests were the main methods used to detect differences. Differences in coping strategies were minimal, almost nonexistent - the only significant difference was found in emotion-focused strategies, which was most likely related to gender (women showed higher values). In the area...
Attitudes toward parental strategies for regulating the use of screens in primary school children - a pilot study
Bláhová, Karolína ; Lukavská, Kateřina (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
Backround: Due to the ever-increasing availability of modern devices, children today are routinely in contact with the digital world. As much as this world benefits us, it also presents many risks. Children are a very sensitive group in terms of development, and it is the parental approach to education about digital media in general that can have a major impact on a child's future attitude towards its use. Aims: The aim of this research is to map the ways in which parents regulate their children's use of screens and how children perceive each strategy. The work investigates children's awareness of the risk of developing addictive behavior on the internet. The pilot study also verifies the adaptation of the Czech media parenting scale from the parent version to the child version Methods: Quantitative research conducted by questionnaire survey was chosen. The collected data were processed by selected statistical methods (univariate and bivariate statistical analysis) and displayed through graphs and tables. Results: Research has shown that mothers show a higher degree of mediation compared to fathers. A statistically significant difference was found in active mediation between the third and fourth year of school education. There was no statistically significant relationship between the gender of the...
Level of perceived stress and the need to use social media among students on a study abroad placement
Šafář, Vojtěch ; Lukavská, Kateřina (advisor) ; Taušová, Jitka (referee)
This study aims to investigate whether studying abroad alters levels of perceived stress, loneliness, and the need to use social networks. Standardized questionnaires and a question on average daily screentime on social media were used to determine these variables for a group of students on a study abroad program and a group of students who were studying at their home university for a given semester. T-tests showed a statistically significant difference between these groups for the length of social media screentime and the loneliness variables, while no difference was shown for the perceived stress variable. Subsequently, the linear relationships between these variables were also tested, and except for the relationship between loneliness level and daily screentime on social media, all were proven to be statistically significant by correlation tests.
Adolescent views of ethnic bullying by peer exclusion
Jarolímek, Matouš ; Kollerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Lukavská, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines adolescents' attitudes towards ethnic bullying by peer exclusion. Bullying is still widespread in Czech schools, and the increasing diversity of school classrooms can sometimes bring with it an increasing incidence of bullying among children with different ethnic backgrounds. For these reasons, it is necessary to know the attitudes towards bullying based on the ethnicity of those most affected, i.e. adolescents. In the theoretical part, the main concepts are defined and then placed in the context of the topic of the bachelor thesis. The following practical part aims to use quantitative methods to describe the attitudes of adolescents towards bullying by peer exclusion, which include the willingness to stand up for the bullied, the evaluation of bullying by peer exclusion or its perceived effects, and to verify whether the role of these attitudes is played by the fact that the bullying is directed by a Czech student against a classmate of the same, Czech ethnicity, or against a classmate of a minority, specifically Ukrainian, ethnicity. The assumption that adolescents rate bullying of minority ethnicity by peer exclusion as more acceptable than bullying of majority ethnicity by peer exclusion was tested. As further objectives, it was tested whether the gender of the...
Teachers' recognition and behavior toward the violent radicalisation of students
Kasalová, Petra ; Lukavská, Kateřina (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of the potential risk of radicalization in the school environment. It is based on a foreign research study focused on the ability to recognize the risks of radicalization of teachers and the degree of their reaction to the situation. The first part defines terms such as radicalization, extremism and terrorism, defines the trend of prevention of radicalization in the Czech Republic and describes radicalization in children. The second part is focused on the factors and levels of the radicalization process, radicalization processes and models of recognizing radicalization processes. The third part deals with the description and analysis of a foreign questionnaire adapted to the Czech environment. The research questions are concerned with the frequency of different reactions of teachers to the potentially demanding radicalization process of a student, the confidence of teachers in solving the problem of the potential radicalization process of a student, the attitude of teachers with current anti-radicalization measures and the level of concern. The conclusions of the diploma thesis demonstrate the inadequate level of response of Czech teachers to the potential radicalization process of the student. KEYWORDS radicalisation, risk behavior, risk factors, school...
Technoference in parents of children of young school age
Kahanová, Simona ; Lukavská, Kateřina (advisor) ; Píšová, Martina (referee)
This thesis explores the phenomenon of technoference, i.e. the disruption of interpersonal interactions through technology, and thus the use of digital devices in general. The investigation also focused on parenting (education), more specifically on media parenting - how parents transmit information about technology to their children. In particular, the theoretical part describes how technology can influence the family environment and how to mitigate certain negative consequences of technology use. It is clear from previous research that technoference has negative effects on communication and relationships within the family. Therefore, it is also desirable to investigate the conditions of its occurrence in the population, which is the focus of the empirical part. The aim of this paper was not only to provide a comprehensive view of technoference, but also to see if there are certain predictors that might point to families more at risk of this phenomenon. The results of the research indicated that the most important predictor is problematic technology use among parents, which was also an assumption obtained from previous research on technoference described in the theoretical part. Certain socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents also proved to be statistically significant. KEYWORDS...
Climate in physical education lessons in lower and upper secondary schools - questionnaire survey
Schreková, Natalie ; Klusák, Miroslav (advisor) ; Lukavská, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor thesis seeks to explore the climate in physical education classes and discover unexplored internal contexts. Climate is understood here in a broad sense, i.e. in addition to the relationships between pupils and the relationships between pupils and teacher, the component of attitudes towards the subject of physical education is also investigated, which is why attitude is one of the central themes of the whole thesis. The literature search initially focuses on the current situation of sport and physical education, then presents previously conducted investigations of the attitudes of pupils of different ages towards physical education and presents the already scientifically confirmed connections with attitudes towards physical education. The quantitative research was focused on primary and secondary school pupils in the Vysočina region, who were tested using 3 instruments - an attitudinal questionnaire taken from the MŠMT Circus Pedagogy project, a climate questionnaire by Ježek and Mareš and the Hrabal sociometric-rating questionnaire. Through various statistical tests, I verified that attitudes towards physical education are consistent with the literature reviewed and are in a slightly positive range, with the proportion of students with negative attitudes being less than 10 %. In...

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