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Planting flowers in harmony with sustainable development in Czech Republic
Škobisová, Markéta ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Kolářová, Marta (referee)
This diploma thesis concerns the topic of growing cut flowers, with a focus on trading with them and the forms of this trade. The thesis is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part, literature research is conducted, where the pitfalls of the flower market are outlined and floral certifications are introduced. As part of the practical part, I am engaged in researching the consumer behaviour of customers buying cut flowers.The research aims to map the awareness of the Czech public about flower trading and its related aspects to see if further education would help improve the situation.First, expert interviews are performed, and based on these interviews, a questionnaire is designed for the broader public, which serves as a probe into whether the established results of expert interviews have a basis in a wider reality. The research shows that Czech consumers of cut flowers are not very informed in this area and ethical or ecological topics are not of much interest to them when purchasing flowers.Only the Fairtrade brand is known to them, but they do not take it into account when buying flowers.However, the situation has improved over the years, and it turns out that if the topic of sustainable flower cultivation is presented to customers appropriately, it piques their interest. The research...
Media discourse on Green Deal from energy perspective
Kolářová, Marta
Green Deal, the European Commission's initiative to protect the climate and reduce emissions greenhouse gases, has sparked controversy in the Czech public debate. An analysis of media discourse on the Green Deal from an energy perspective shows that the Green Deal is perceived predominantly negatively. In the media, it has been labelled with condemnatory statements and negative characteristics, especially by leading Czech politicians. A more favourable view of it is held by Czech companies, municipalities and experts. The public debate is being transformed in particular by the impact of the war in Ukraine in favour of energy security and accelerating the green transformation.
Stress management strategies for dealing with distance adoption from Covid-19 to the war in Ukraine
Malenová, Hana ; Kolářová, Marta (advisor) ; Ulrichová, Monika (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the stress management strategy issue while dealing with child sponsorship from Covid-19 until the war in Ukraine. The work goal is to describe and analyse the effects of the pandemic Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine for child sponsorship and to find out the stress management strategy of the Centrum Narovinu staff while dealing with the child sponsorship. The theoretical part defines the stress and stress relief strategy (coping) concept; child sponsorship with a specific supported country description - Kenya. It also defines the term of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine with its impact on the Czech Republic and Kenya. The practical part deals with qualitative research with respondents which has interviews form. The diploma thesis focuses on respondents' sample who work in the Centrum Narovinu, i.e., in an organization dealing with child sponsorship. The result of the research gives an interpretation of the child sponsorship impact and stress management strategies of the Centrum Narovinu staff from Covid-19 until the war in Ukraine. The collected data can help to support developing countries and boost stress management abilities among workers who help in these countries. Keywords Stress, stress management strategies, child sponsorship, pandemic, Covid-19, war in Ukraine.
Reflection of users' satisfaction with the crisis beds for children
Vejvodová, Veronika ; Kolářová, Marta (advisor) ; Hudcová, Eliška (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on crisis intervention in children and adolescents. The theoretical part defines information about crisis and crisis in chlidhood, adults and focus on providing crisis intervention. The author is based on the notion that crisis is a natural part of human life and that the resilience and coping of the individual, which is built from childhood, contributes to its management. In the next chapter, autor describes the types of service which offer crisis intervention for children in the Czech republic. The main part is about crisis servises which offer accommodation for children and adults in difficult life situation. This chapter is followed by a practical part. The aim of the research part is to find out the satisfaction of clients with the crisis bed service for adolescents in the House of Přemysla Pittra for children. In 2022, the House was transformed from a facility for children requiring immediate intervention to a social service that provides crisis intervention to adolescents. It is currently the first service of this type in the Czech Republic. The research part includes interviews with the clients of this service, it also analyses the texts written by the adolescents in the "Chronicle". The aim of the work was fulfilled. The service users were found to be generally...
Dying and death in hospital from the social work perspective
Chalupová, Natálie ; Janečková, Hana (advisor) ; Kolářová, Marta (referee)
The bachelor's thesis titled Dying and death in a hospital from the perspective of social work examines the approach of social work towards the phenomenon of dying and death in a hospital setting. In the theoretical part, I discuss the evolution of our attitudes towards death and the role of palliative medicine in this process. I define for the purpose of social work in the hospital and highlight the indispensable role of social workers in end-of-life care. I introduce readers to the functioning of the palliative care team and clarify the significance of developing hospital-based palliative care. In the final chapter, I aim to explore in more details the nature of social work with dying patients and their families. In the practical part, I focus on the attitudes of healthcare social workers towards dying and death in the hospital. This section is based on qualitative research and information gathered from semi-structured interviews.
Social work for people with mental disabilities focused on support in relationships
Smiešková, Dorota ; Kolářová, Marta (advisor) ; Janečková, Hana (referee)
The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to present social work in the field of sexuality and relationships as one of the approaches to support people with mental disabilities in their integration into everyday life. The theoretical part describes the approach to the sexuality of persons with disabilities and discusses the attitude of the Rytmus - from the client to the citizen, z.ú. It focuses on the explanation of individual concepts important for the examined field, the tools used, associated with specific examples from practice when working with service users. The practical part presents qualitative research, the purpose of which is to identify the impact the support for people with intellectual disabilities in sexuality, intimacy and relationships has on their inclusion in everyday life, and how they can benefit from such support. The research was carried out on two levels - in the form of interviews with selected users of the service, as well as with workers - sexual confidants who provide such advice. The conclusions of the qualitative research showed that support in the field of relationships has a positive effect on the overall experience of clients, strengthens the feeling of one's own value and place in the society.

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