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Support and development of social services for families with children in the locality of Hradec - Rokle
Fišerová, Kateřina ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Matochová, Alžběta (referee)
The bachelor thesis presents and examines social issues, social services and activities in the locality of Hradec-Rokle. Based on the conducted investigation, it analyzes the activities and services offered, the use of social services and the declared needs of service users in this location. Qualitative research in the locality determines the scope and development possibilities of the necessary social services. The development of services leading to the improvement of the living situation of the inhabitants of the given locality will be proposed.
Ways of integration in the life stories of Ukrainian women in the Czech Republic.
Popová, Irena ; Matochová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
The objective of the thesis is to show various ways of integration of the women who came to the Czech Republic from Ukraine. I will introduce the life of these Ukrainian women on the basis of their life stories and experience and I will also mention the causes of their migration to a foreign country and the ways of their integration into the Czech society. Nowadays, it is a very discussed topic and I as a future social worker can play a very important role in the process of the integration of these women. The theoretical part is focused on the elaboration of the findings concerning the social work and social policy connected with foreigners. I also tried to define the terms related to the migration policy. I focused on the history of migration, its reasons and the issues connected with it. The area of my interest also were the myths and prejudices related to the perception of migrants in the Czech Republic. In the practical part, I described the ways of data collection. I especially focused on its evaluation. I investigated the various ways of the integration of the respondents on the basis of their personal experience. I chose women of various age groups. One group of the women came to the Czech Republic in the ninetees. They spent here a longer part of their lives, another group of the women came...
The family's experience with the care and dying of a loved one
Kovačičová, Kateřina ; Matochová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Janečková, Hana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of the experience of caregiving and the death of close family members. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The first theoretical part focuses on the definition of the basic terms used in the thesis. I also deal with the topic of accepting the disease. Part of the chapter describes forms of a help, such as the use of a home hospice, pastoral care, or the help of a psychologist. In the last part I will focus on the topic of communication during this proces. In the second methodological part, I will describe which research method was chosen in the thesis. I will describe how I conducted the qualitative research. The part also contains information connected to choice of respondents and cooperation with them. The last practical part is dedicated to the research itself. First of all, I will present four case studies that I created from the interviews with the respondents. Subsequently, I will focus on three basic topics that came up from the interviews as essential and which I wanted to analyze them. Key words: caregiver, person dependent on care, communication, death
Analysis of stigmatisation against LGBTQ+ people: a reflection of reactions regarding the murder at Zámocká
Kočalka, Matúš ; Matochová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Křížová, Eva (referee)
This bachelor thesis entitled Analysis of stigmatization against LGBTQ+ people: a reflection of reactions regarding the murder at Zámocká explores the area of stigmatization in the context of social psychology and developmental psychology. The thesis draws on authors such as Henri Tajfel, Gordon W. Allport, Erving Goffman, and Mark A. Yarhouse, all of whom discuss concepts closely related to the process of stigmatization. The thesis further examines the sociological perspective on minorities as social groups, the perspective of social psychology on processes occurring in intergroup relationships and interactions between the majority and minority society, as well as the process of identity development and acquisition in individuals (members of marginalized minorities) in the context of the negative consequences of stigmatization. Additionally, the thesis emphasizes the reflection of theoretical knowledge through qualitative content analysis of sources related to the terrorist act on Zámocká Street, including selected media and statements from public representatives in Slovakia, with the goal of demonstrating the connection between the theoretical analysis of stigmatization and the processes taking place in Slovak society. Keywords: Zámocká Street, LGBTQ+, stigmatization, social identity, social...
Paths of inclusion through the eyes of young Vietnamese in Prague
Kopečková, Magdalena ; Matochová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (referee)
The focus of the bachelor thesis is the investigation of the process of integration of Vietnamese individuals into the Czech environment. The main goal is to get to know the different life paths that young people went through when integrating into Czech society and how they evaluate it in retrospect. The research is conducted qualitatively and focuses on the personal experiences of young Vietnamese people regarding inclusion. By examining the life experiences of these individuals and their families, it provides valuable insight into the process of integration. This research aims to delve into the childhood experiences and integration paths of young Vietnamese individuals living in the Czech Republic. Through in-depth interviews, this study tries to capture their narratives, perceptions and challenges they encountered during their formation in Czech society. Through the perspectives of these individuals, we can gain valuable insights into the intricacies of their cultural upbringing, educational experiences, social interactions, and the overall process of adapting to a foreign environment. The study will explore their experiences of navigating dual identities, maintaining a connection to their Vietnamese heritage, and assimilating into wider Czech society. In addition, it will examine the role of...
Tasks and challenges of a communication specialist in a residential service for people with intellectual disabilities
Mitroliosová, Eleni ; Matochová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Hudcová, Eliška (referee)
MITROLIOSOVÁ, E., Tasks and challenges of a communication specialist in a residential service for people with mental disabilities. Prague: CHARLES UNIVERSITY. Faculty of Evangelical theology. Bachelor thesis. The aim of this work is to present the work of a communication specialist in a residential service for people with mental disabilities and what tasks and challenges he encounters. First, I will mention the concept of person and mental disability, which I will link in the next chapter. In the case of mental disability, I will describe its division, with a focus on communication. I am detailing the specifics of mental disability so that we can better orient ourselves in the given topic. I will mention a person with a mental disability as a client of the residential service. I will stop at that topic and introduce the concept of individual planning, where I focus on the client, understanding and communication. This brings me to the description of the professional and personal prerequisites of a communication specialist. The list of tasks and challenges is presented in the thesis in the case studies that close the last chapter. Keywords human, mental disability, home for people with disabilities, communication specialist, communication
Social integration of Ukrainian pupils at schools and social life in the Ctech Republic
Padyásková, Petra ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Matochová, Alžběta (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to map the issue of social inclusion of Ukrainian pupils into primary schools and life in the Czech Republic. The thesis includes a theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, the issue of inclusion of Ukrainian pupils is set in a broader context, i.e. basic concepts and applicable legislation are defined here. It also analyses the causes of consequences of the social disadvantage of Ukrainian pupils which are rooted in the status of their families in the Czech Republic. The attitude of schools and the school system towards this issue is analysed, too. The content of the practical part is a case study. The cases of three Ukrainian pupils and their two families are used to outline the main problems of inclusion of these pupils and families, including methods, procedures and support measures in this difficult and long-term process. Keywords Ukraine - refugees - pupils - integration - school - support
Spiritual care in retirement homes
Kellerová, Květa ; Havrdová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Matochová, Alžběta (referee)
The diploma thesis aims to understand, through theoretical and empirical processing, how it is possible to support the offer of spiritual programs for seniors within the social services of the Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren retirement home by knowing the principles on which the activity offered to seniors to meet their spiritual needs should be exposed. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part of the thesis outlines the theoretical basis. It defines the basic concepts and defines the main connections between spiritual needs and the possibilities of their satisfaction. It also describes the principles of activation and the role of churches and church organizations in the pastoral activity of seniors in terms of their spiritual accompaniment. The second, practical part of the thesis aims to use a qualitative approach using the method of semi- structured interviews with pastoral workers, clients of homes and employees of homes to answer the basic research question concerning the formulation of common principles leading to the support of the offer of spiritual programs within residential services for seniors Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren. Key words: Old age, home for the elderly, spiritual needs, spirituality, pastoral care, pastoral worker,...

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