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Specifics and current challenges of school counseling at Charles University and Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague from the perspective of students
Kubecová, Hana ; Kříž, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Pavlov, Ivan (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of counselling in the university environment. Specifically, it focuses on the counselling provided at Charles University and the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague from the perspective of students. The topic of counselling for university students is a very key issue. These services help students to overcome academic and personal obstacles that can make it difficult to complete their studies and thus close students possible entry into the labor market. The topics of the theoretical part of this thesis are the characteristics and background of counselling, the types of counselling services provided, and, in particular, research and comparison of counselling services provided at selected universities. The thesis aims to describe the current situation of counselling at each university using the students' opinions and thus identify the aspects influencing the awareness and overall usability of counselling services. The resultant data of the survey points to the fact that students are rather uninterested in counselling. This is mainly due to personal and study satisfaction, but at the same time, the reason is also in the form of low awareness. The overall awareness of counselling services is average, but according to the respondents answers, the selected...
Early withdrawal of students from universities in connection with self-efficacy
Rejmanová, Lucie ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Švamberk Šauerová, Markéta (referee)
This master thesis examines student dropouts from higher education in relation to self-efficacy. Student dropouts are currently a major problem domestically and around the world. Most dropouts from universities occur in the very first year of study. The aim of this master thesis was to find out the causes of dropouts from universities and also whether they are related to the level of self- efficacy. The master thesis also includes experiences with career counselling. To explore this issue, I used a questionnaire survey with several parts (a general part, a part related to early departures and a part related to the level of general and academic self-efficacy) in the practical part of my master thesis. The research design of my thesis is mainly quantitative, only the answers to the open- ended questions were qualitatively evaluated (those related to the reasons for early dropouts and experiences with career counselling). The research results showed that early departures are related to the level of general self-efficacy. In the results there are described in more detail the reasons for dropouts (Covid-19, health, family reasons, difficulty of studies, future employment, studying the wrong field, negative experiences, etc.) and experiences with career counselling, which were unfortunately rather...
The economic and cultural development of the township of Lhenice in the 19th century
Kopejtko, Martin ; Štemberk, Jan (advisor) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee)
The diploma thesis "The Economic and Cultural Development of the Township of Lhenice in the 19th Century" examines the transformation of life in the township of Lhenice during the so-called long 19th century, a period marked by the beginning of modernity, the industrial revolution, urbanization, the rise of nation states, nationalism and the struggle for national identity, and the ongoing National Revival in the Czech lands. The analysis focuses on key aspects of economic changes, such as changes in agriculture, the development of crafts and industry, and the decline of the market system, as well as on cultural changes, such as the emergence of organised social life or the background to public festivals or other celebrations. The study reveals how the local economy responded to economic development and its challenges and technological advances, how the local community dealt with the gradual institutionalization of poverty and the poverty question in general, and how the whole society was affected by the broader socio-political changes in the Austrian monarchy and the Czech lands. The research also includes a sociological analysis of how the structure of society has changed, particularly in relation to the development of education and educational opportunities. Finally, the thesis highlights the...
The impact of management training on subordinates' motivation for further training
Tůmová, Klára ; Urbanová, Eva (advisor) ; Liška, Roman (referee)
This thesis examines the impact of managers' continuing education on their subordinates' motivation for continuing education. The aim of the thesis was to find out how employees are influenced by their supervisor's approach to continuing education and whether manager training has a positive effect on motivation for learning and development. The theoretical part is divided into three main chapters. First, it deals with an introduction to management, the role and tasks of the manager, approaches to leading people, or managerial competencies. The second part discusses manager education and a systematic approach to manager development, including possible barriers to learning. The third section deals with motivation, where the concepts of motivation and stimulation, the context of motivation and the hierarchy of needs are defined and strategies to motivate adults to learn are described. The practical part of the thesis analyses the educational offer within the selected organisation, which can be used regularly by managers and employees. Furthermore, structured interviews are conducted with six selected managers. These interviews serve to gain a deeper understanding of managers' attitudes towards training, their approach to developing both their own skills and those of their team members. The interviews...
Possibilities of supporting children with special educational needs during the activities of the school club
Kyralová, Kateřina ; Linková, Marie (advisor) ; Hanková, Zdeňka (referee)
The goal of the work was to prove whether there are possibilities of supporting children with special educational needs which are defined in the school law sufficiently reflected and used in school group. The author analyzes the lack of support for children with special educational needs in school clubs and points to a lack of information sharing between relevant subjects. The work emphasizes the need to optimize the information transmission system for more effective support of pupils with special educational needs in school clubs.

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