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The effect of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization on the vertical jump height of junior volleyball players
Kubová, Anna ; Samcová, Alena (advisor) ; Honců, Pavla (referee)
The height of the jump for a spike and for blocking is one of the key criteria for the success of the attack and defense in volleyball. The aim of this work is to determine whether the method of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization can have a positive effect on this parameter. As a secondary goal, this work is trying to find out whether the results are applicable to all volleyball positions. Methodology: 16 players of Volleyball Tábor team, aged 16-19, took part in the study. The players were divided into two groups. One group trained for one month according to the created training set in accordance with the DNS concept and attended training on a regular basis, and the other group of players had the training regimen unchanged. The jumps were measured with a device specifically made for the purpose of this study. Results: Based on a statistical analysis using a one-way analysis of variance, it turned out that the exercise has a demonstrably positive effect on the height of the jump for a spike and for blocking for all players, except for female libero players. The jump for blocking per trainee improved on average by 2.17 cm (7.72 %) and the jump for a spike by 1.67 cm (3.76 %). In contrast, the control group did not show significant improvement or deterioration (-0.04 cm for the blocking and 0.25 cm...
Effect of Spiral stabilization of the spine on spine and posture in patients with idiopathic scoliosis
Hušková, Pavlína ; Pallová, Iveta (advisor) ; Honců, Pavla (referee)
Title: Effect of Spiral stabilization of the spine on spine and posture in patients with idiopathic scoliosis Aims: The presented work aims to monitor the effect of regular exercise Spiral stabilization of the spine on idiopathic scoliosis in adult women. The premise of the work was a change in the individual parameters that are monitored for this bachelor thesis and their possible effect on the size of the Cobb angle in these patients. Methods: The practical part of this bachelor thesis is based on the results of 6 adult women with idiopathic scoliosis who regularly practiced Spiral stabilization of the spine for 7 months. Participants underwent baseline and exit examinations and simultaneously submitted their pre- and post-intervention radiographs. Cobb angle of the major and minor curves, symmetry of the clavicles, hip blades, hip joints, and body axis were measured on the radiographs. Data were collected to assess the range of motion of the spine into anteflexion and hip joint into extension, the ability to activate the oblique abdominal muscles and the muscles involved in the expansion of the rib cage during inspiration and contraction during expiration. Results: From the aggregated data of the probands it can be concluded that regular Spiral stabilization of the spine exercises can improve...
Effect of selected yoga postures on primary dysmenorrhea
Vacátková, Kateřina ; Honců, Pavla (advisor) ; Budská, Nikol (referee)
This thesis examines the connection between yoga practice and primary dysmenorrhea. Primary dysmenorrhea is a painful period that mainly affects young women of reproductive age. The incidence rate is 30 - 50 %. The aim of this work was to determine whether the exercise of selected yoga positions will affect the intensity of pain and menstrual problems of women with primary dysmenorrhea. The data for the study were obtained on the basis of a questionnaire survey and a created methodical exercise program, which took place from May to September 2021. The participants to the study were obtained through social networks. The entry criteria were age between 20 - 30 years and long-term painful menstruation. A total of 57 women showed interest in entering the study. The study was completed in total 50 participants. The average age in the intervention and control groups was 22.7 years. Exclusion criteria were labor, abortion, gynecological surgery, pelvic floor pathology or other dysfunction. Pain intensity was assessed using a visual analog scale on a scale of 0 - 10 over a period of 4 menstrual cycles. Subjective evaluation of experience with symptoms during the premenstrual and menstrual phases of the cycle was evaluated at the beginning and end of therapy using a standardized Menstrual Distress...
Fascia and chornic obstructive pulmonary disease in physiotherapy
Syniavska, Mariia ; Herbenová, Alena (advisor) ; Honců, Pavla (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on the use of fascial techniques in COPD therapy by physiotherapists and on determining their effectiveness. It is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The first of them deals with the characteristics of COPD as a disease and the role of fascia in its pathophysiology, also fascia and techniques of influencing them. At the beginning of the practical part, the goals of this work, hypotheses, material and methodology are stated. Furthermore, a questionnaire with the results of the research investigation is presented. At the end of the work and in discussion, an analysis of the research results and their comparison with the stated hypotheses is presented. Key words: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD therapy, fascia, fascial techniques
Effect of physiotherapy in Puerperium on the Recovery of women after Caesarean Section
Kovářová, Radka ; Honců, Pavla (advisor) ; Budská, Nikol (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The main objective: Caesarean section is currently the most frequently performed obstetric operation and probably the most common abdominal operation at all. The condition after SC is a combination of the condition after pregnancy and the condition after major abdominal surgery. Nevertheless, physiotherapy is not provided as standard in all maternity hospitals in the Czech Republic. Physiotherapy is also not normally indicated after discharge from the hospital. The aim of the present study was to prove that physiotherapy in puerperium influences the recovery of women after SC. Methods: At the beginning, 57 women participated in the study. Data from 45 women (20 women in the treatment group and 25 women in the control group) advanced to further evaluation. During the six weeks postpartum period, the women in TS completed self-therapy consisting of post-operative wound care and rehabilitation exercises. Study participants from KS did not receive a self-therapy plan or other instructions regarding post-operative wound care beyond the information given to them by maternity staff or which they sought out themselves. Data collection took place in the form of a questionnaire in the period 06/2021-03/2022. The women evaluated 8 recovery parameters on the VAS in four monitored periods: 2-3 days after...
Physiotherapy options in dialysis patients
Vernerová, Lenka ; Herbenová, Alena (advisor) ; Honců, Pavla (referee)
The aim of this work is to point the benefits of physiotherapy and the possibilities of its use in dialysis patients. It present basic information about the kidney disease, dialysis treatment and possible complications that may arise. It focus on the physical examination and possibilities to join the activity program, which takes place during the dialysis treatment or beyond. The exercises are divided into three basic phases. Each with a different structure of the excercise unit and different intensity of the given physical activity.
Use of Physiotherapy at Asthma Bronchiale in Childhood
Petržílková, Zuzana ; Jandová, Dobroslava (advisor) ; Honců, Pavla (referee)
This work deal with use of physiotherapyst methodes within the global treatment of bronchial asthma in childhood. In the first part is served a brief overview about physiology of respiration and charakteristic illness. In the next one, the main part, is present listing options, how the physiotherapy can favorably affect the process and progress of disease and describes, what need to be focus on during the treatment of children with asthma.
Influence of education and work environment on selection and view on different kinds of physiotherapy methods used in therapy of sclerosis multiplex
Miškovská, Anna ; Řasová, Kamila (advisor) ; Honců, Pavla (referee)
Objective of this thesis was verifying an influence of education and work environment on selection and view on different kinds of physiotherapy methods. It was compared diference between three units : students of 2.LF UK , 3.LF UK and experienced physioterapists, used a special anonymous questionnaire taken from PhDr.Kamila Řasová, PhD.(partly supplemented by other methods). There were 5 methods included in the research. Vojta's method ,Perfetti method, PNF method, psychomotor stimulation and Bobath. The student's results showed that views were similar only in two methods, PNF and Vojta's method. For the other methods statistically signifiant diference was found. A hypothesis of influence for education were confirmed by the results. Views of physioterapist with long experience could not be compared due to the low number of respondents from KRL Motol. The difference of view has been studied between students of 3.LF UK and physioterapist from FNKV too. There was found significant difference between students theoretical knowledges and practical experience of physioterapist.

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