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Women's emancipation in France: social pressure and legislative changes
Barthová, Tereza ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Ébert-Zeminová, Catherine (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the emancipation of French women in multiple areas of their lives. It concerns girls' access to education and co-education of boys and girls. The next chapter informs about how women acquired rights in their work-lives, and digs deeper into professions, in which is woman's position somehow specific. The following section presents women's access to positions of power and the acquisition of suffrage. In the next chapters we deal with the private life of women. We are interested in how they achieved the equal status in their family lives and how the role of a mother changed. The last topic of this bachelor thesis is the violence against women. The goal of this thesis is to map out which important events and social demands lead to liberation of women from inferior status. KEYWORDS women's emancipation, feminism, suffrage, education, politics, France
The Esthetics of the Scream in Albert Camus Opus
Černá, Kristýna ; Ébert-Zeminová, Catherine (advisor) ; Fučíková, Milena (referee)
The main topic of this diploma thesis resides in the comparison of the expressionist painting and the existential literature in connection with the motif of screaming. Despite the temporal and geographical distance of the two artistic movements (we are focused more profoundly in the German and Austrian expressionist painting, while the main literary work of this thesis, the existential novel The Fall comes from the great mind of a French writer, Albert Camus), the research aspires to prove the interconnection of the two movements and their common tendencies, based on the analyses of chosen themes, motifs, technics, and structure. We propose the motif of screaming as the main part of the comparison, as it constitutes an essential axis of the occidental art, as well as the crucial contact point between Expressionism and Existentialism. In spite of the bountifulness of the various interpretations this motif offers, we have chosen only selected ideas and concepts. As far as the formal structure is concerned, the work is divided into three chapters, where the first two are focused on the origins, a brief characterization of the main point of the two esthetics. Furthermore, they describe their related counterparts of the visual arts and literature (the Expressionist literature and Existential painting...
Taboo subjects in French Childern's Literature
Mrázková, Jana ; Fučíková, Milena (advisor) ; Ébert-Zeminová, Catherine (referee)
The thesis entitled Sensitive topics in childhood and youth literature deals with one of the main tendencies of contemporary Francophone literature for children and youth, which is the inclusion of sensitive topics in children's books. The thesis tries to find answers to these questions: Since when did these topics start to appear in children's and youth's literature? Which topics do we consider sensitive? How do the authors handle these difficult topics and what is their place and objective in children's literature? The introduction of the thesis generally outlines the specifics and functions of literature for children and youth and subsequently tries to answer the defined questions. As such, the introduction is followed by the chapters examining the history of the children and youth genre, taboo and sensitive topics in children's literature, which will help answer these questions. The thesis carefully focuses on the topics of death, illness and disability, racism and diversity and difficult family situations such as divorce, adoption or homoparentality.
Comparison of the teaching of literature at Czech and French secondary schools
Hanšpach, Daniel ; Listíková, Renáta (advisor) ; Hník, Ondřej (referee) ; Ébert-Zeminová, Catherine (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of the literary canon. It compares the requirements of the school- leaving exam in the mother tongue and the literature in the Czech Republic and in France and it explores different approaches to the interpretation of the literary work and to the textual analysis. The thesis analyzes skills and knowledge that pupils demonstrate in the school-leaving exam, proportions of the linguistic and the literary parts, requirements for the academic writing and the oral speech and types of the outputs of the school-leaving exam. Furthermore, it deals with the approach to the teaching of the literary education in the Czech Republic in the 21st century with regard to the French approach. Historical, cultural and social background that influenced today's perceptions of literature in both countries is discussed. In the research part the conclusions of analyzes of the Czech and French textbooks of literary education are presented. The aim is to compare the different approaches to the content and to the structuring of the curriculum, as well as the approaches to the work with the literary text. The textual analysis is perceived positively in literary education in relation to the further development of the pupils' school or individual reading, not only because of the school-leaving...

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