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Systém sledování a hodnocení zranitelnosti vůči dopadům změny klimatu v podmínkách ČR
Kochová, Tereza ; Havránek, Miroslav
Česká republika se podobně jako ostatní země světa potýká s jednotlivými projevy změny klimatu. Změna klimatu je komplexní fenomén, jehož projevy ovlivňují téměř všechny hospodářské oblasti, lidskou společnost i ekosystémy. Reálný efekt daného projevu změny klimatu přitom záleží nejen na místně specifické intenzitě samotného projevu, ale také na tom, zda jsou v zasaženém systému přítomny prvky, které jsou tímto projevem negativně ovlivněny. Reálné efekty daného projevu a jejich závažnost jsou určeny také schopností dotčeného systému dopad projevu předvídat (být na něj připraven), reagovat na něj a přizpůsobit se nastalé změně, případně schopností tlumit negativní dopady a způsobené škody nahradit.
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Čáslav: Bytový dům pro tři rodiny
Havránek, Miroslav
This thesis is aimed at the design of the technical materials for potential realization of a wooden apartment building in Nový Čeplov 1, Čáslav, plot no. 1744/26. The main part of the thesis deals with the design of project documentation of the 3 storey apartment building with the pent roof. The thesis contains three variants of the design with various characteristics. The technical documentation is elaborated for the most convenient variant of the design. The technical documentation is completed by the thermal transmittance calculation of the building peripheral walls. The conclusion of the thesis consists of the overview and the evaluation of specified issues. The technical documentation, the utility infrastructure design and the static analysis of the building are enclosed in the attachment.
Future development scenarios of Jilemnice City
Jíra, Vojtěch ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Havránek, Miroslav (referee)
Man is a part of the landscape and in permanent interaction with it. Almost each our activity has more or less impact on the landscape and the place where we live. For centuries we have been transforming the landscape to our own image, and therefore the scenarios of the possible development which I am trying to predict, are to show how such a place could or should be changed in the years to come. In the last years man has eventually begun to realise that his impact on the landscape can have catastrofic consequences and that those scenarios are very good impuls for the town, which is able thanks to them look at its own potential development, precede threats and take advantage of the occasions which might arise in the future the best. This theses devotes especially to prognostic methods. The main topic is then creating of four particular stories which are to outline how a life of a small town Jilemnice, which is considered to be a gate to Krkonoše/Giant mountains and cradle of cross-country skiing, may be developing in following twenty-five years. Briefly it introduces us the town which is the key issue for whole this work. As next we will learn more about prognostic planning and particularly about those which were used in the work or is closely connected with it. Main stress is put on arising...
Quo Vadis, Slovakia? Context scenarios about the Environment of the Slovak Republic
Semberová, Anna ; Havranek, Miroslav (advisor) ; Nováček, Pavel (referee)
The main objective of the thesis is an analysis of possible future scenarios. This research is systematically focused on the analysis of the future possible trends in the context of the Slovak Republic's environment. The basis of the analysis is to identify the key external drivers and according to them to create the final scenarios of the future. The main approach to the scenario building in this thesis is the method of Cross-Impact Balance. Scenarios were created by semi-structured interviews with experts and by using the combinatorial analysis of consistency in terms of cross-impact of individual variants of the driving forces. The result of this thesis is five scenarios, referring to the future context of the environment of the Slovak Republic, depending on the development of a combination of different variants of external factors. For this scenarios there has been prepared the analysis of risks and opportunities in the perspective of the Environment of the Slovak Republic. Identified scenarios can be briefly described through the impact from least to the most positive. The first scenario shows the threat of an environmental collapse. The second scenario describes a power struggle over the resources and the consequences of excessive use of raw materials. The middle scenario describes the risk...
Scenarios of future development of Manětínsko
Vaňková, Petra ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Havránek, Miroslav (referee)
Thesis is focused on one specific territory - Manětínsko and deals with the possibility of creating credible scenarios of its future development. Although our future will always remain hidden is important to consider its direction that we can expect, especially in today's world, where nature and environment are endangered on a global scale. Human society also stands on fragile basis/foundations and must face the economic and other crises. Therefore, it is important to think ahead about possible future development at all levels (local, regional and global) and to try to avoid events that could threaten the overall development/ the development progress. Scenarios are also an important tool for strategic planning and can offer different options for actions and decision making. The work is divided into theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part deals primarily with the selected location itself and its most important characteristics. This part is an important basis for the empirical part, which besides other things is based on data obtained from interviews with selected respondents. Outline of these interviews arose on this theoretical basis. It was the 12 interviews that aimed to identify major problems and opportunities of Manětínsko, which will play role in the future development of the...
Comparison of Selected Parameters of Technologies Utilizing Renewable Energy Sources with Technologies Utilizing Non-renewable Energy Sources
Špot, Marek ; Havránek, Miroslav (advisor) ; Hák, Tomáš (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Comparison of selected parameters of technologies utilizing renewable energy sources with technologies utilizing non-renewable energy sources" compares from several points of view nine specific Czech power stations of various technologic types. The evaluation comes from three different graphical data representations (based on so-called three pillars of sustainability) and proceeds primarily in compliance with technologic types and secondarily by renewable/non-renewable sources distinction. However, attained results aren't considered final but are subjected to questioning and description of eventual distortions from data-graph conversion. Individual parameters are not to be considered as equal, nevertheless precise parameter value identification and thereby results improvement exceeds frame of this paper.
Creation of the Framework of Indicators for the Sustainability Report of the Charles University
Proková, Andrea ; Havránek, Miroslav (advisor) ; Trnka, Radek (referee)
The thesis addresses the options for creating or choosing a thoretical and practical framework for the monitoring and reporting of the development of the Charles University with respect to its integration of the concept of sustainable development into its operations. The answer to the question of the methods to be used to choose theoretically grounded and relevant sustainability indicators is found firstly in a rigorous conceptualization of both sustainable development, as well as of the role of the university in the society and in an interlinkage of these conceptualizations. Secondly, the requirement for indicators of the desired quality is to be met through adhering to the operationalization of the chosen concept of sustainability and to the criteria chosen by core stakeholders using the method of social multicriteria analysis. In the empirical part exminig the preconditions for a regular monitoring of the Charles University using sustainablity indicators, the author comes to the conclusion that despite the absence of an institutional embedding of the sustainability concept into the official documents, the data availability for the indicators is rather high, though irregular and with data requiring further processing.
The Analysis of the Attitude towards Proposal of Waste Law and Estimation of Possible Impacts of this Law to the Citizens and the Environment
Valešová, Irena ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Havránek, Miroslav (referee)
The aim of this study is to analyze and assess the expected impacts of the prepared new law on waste on citizens and environment with focus on an attitude of the two key experts concerned in discussion on the on-coming law. First part of the study is dedicated to a detailed description of the Czech legislation, especially the waste policy and the directive of the European Union. The aims of the law and means for their achievemnet are defined here too. The findings from the first part are discussed in the second part. If the new law will fit the Czech legislation and if it will help to achieve the aims is discussed subsequently.

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