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"My Sudetenland is all around here, my darling": The representation of Sudetenland area in contemporary Czech popular music and other popular culture media
BRTNÍK, Robert
The Bachelor's thesis focuses on the depiction of the border area in contemporary Czech music production. Concepts from the field of remembrance and aesthetics of nature are chosen here as key points for later analysis. The work also focuses on the history of the Sudetenland and Czech-German relations, which influenced the landscape character and perception of this area. In addition, we work here with the geography of the borderlands, but also with the reflection of socio-pathological phenomena often attributed to the Sudetenland. For a more comprehensive understanding of the artistic depiction of the given topic, a comparison of other forms of art (film, comics, literature, and visual media) is also processed here, which is the basis for later musical analysis and at the same time a form of summary or memento of the depiction of the Sudetenland, which for many years was subject to contemporary propaganda. The goal of the work is not only to find out what the musical reflection of the history and present of the Sudetenland looks like through the prism of nature, remembrance, etc., but to ascertain the degree of fetishization of the "dark" sides of the borderland and to come to some sort of compromise between the already established "mysterious" form of this depiction and the reflection of the current state of the Sudetenland, which is often forgotten, even though it is a very large part of our territory.
Cross-border municipal cooperation by an example of Bavarian and Southbohemian municipalities
KOLÁŘOVÁ, Michaela
The thesis deals with the cross-border cooperation of the municipalities especially in the Czech-Bavaria cross-border region. The thesis research effects of the regional policy, European policy, and Czech-German relations on this cooperation. The core of the thesis constitutes the sociological survey, which explore in detail the cross-border cooperation and the partnership of the Bavarian district Freyung-Grafenau and South Bohemian Town Třeboň. The survey based primarily on the interviews with the representatives of both self-governing unites and on the questionnaire, which was completed from the respondents with the relation to both mentioned municipalities. The sociological survey focuses on general perception of the partnership, its benefits and disadvantages and its future perspective.
The female authors and their importance for the contemporary Czech literature
The diploma thesis deals with Czech contemporary female authors who focus on Czech-German relations in the 20th century and are engaged in the German-speaking area. These are Katerina Tuckova, Radka Denemarkova and Jakuba Katalpa. Each of the authors approaches the Czech-German topics with different motivations and brings a new perspective on the issue, as evidenced by a detailed analysis of the novels The Expulsion of Gerta Schnirch, Money from Hitler and The Germans. The aim of the work is to create three distinctive portraits and to name the same and different tendencies of the mentioned authors. Attention is focused on their biography, social activities and opinions, which are necessary for understanding the context.
Czech-German relations in Cheb during the years 1918-1938
Rybařová, Zuzana ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on the relations between Czech and German residents in Cheb during the period between the world wars. The investigated issue is placed in a deeper historical context of the position of Chebsko within the Czech lands and the Czech Kingdom. Emphasis is placed on the complicated situation in connection with the province of Deutschböhmen immediately after the establishment of the independent republic on certain significant events related to the increase in the number of the Czech population after the annexation of Chebsko to Czechoslovakia as a result of the post-war peace treaty and on the growing anti-Czech attitudes after 1933 when in Germany Adolf Hitler came to power. The bachelor's thesis is primarily based on a considerable number of literary works, but also on periodicals, archive materials and some other sources. The main aim is to approximate the national conditions in the city which was predominantly German for a long time. KEYWORDS Cheb, Czechs, Germans, Czech-German relations, interwar period
Struggle for National Identity in 80's the 19" Century
Kutová, Karolina ; Doubek, Vratislav (advisor) ; Řepa, Milan (referee)
The aim of my thesis is to analyse social and economic situation in Bohemia considering nationalism as a basic political idea of both Czech liberal political parties, and so to map a change in the leading positions in Czech liberal politics. This analysis also enables to appraise the goals of Young Czechs and Old Czechs who were the only representatives of Czech nation with regard to efforts of German liberal politics in Bohemia.
The Media Image of the Centre Against Expulsions in Polish and Czech Daily Newspapers in the Years 2003 and 2004
Denková, Adéla ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Handl, Vladimír (referee)
Bachelor thesis "The Media Image of the Centre Against Expulsions in Polish and Czech Daily Newspapers in the Years 2003 and 2004" deals with a comparison of four Polish and Czech daily newspapers and their approach to the subject of the Centre Against Expulsion which is an institution initiated by the German Federation of Expellees. In the first part the thesis treats the circumstances leading to the creation of a foundation which is supposed to promote the idea of the Centre and describes the debate that was started about this issue. The merits of the thesis are based on a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the dailies Rzeczpospolita, Gazeta Wyborcza, Právo and Mladá fronta DNES. By this analysis the thesis monitors how much space the newspapers devoted to the topic, to which opinions they gave a chance to be heard and what was their attitude to the question. It also deals with the chosen lexis and other categories that can show the approach to the issue. On this basis the thesis compares the Polish and Czech newspapers. As the thesis presumes that media production is interacted with the society's concern about a certain topic, the authoress of this paper tries to relate the results of her research to the attitude of Polish and Czech society to the Centre Against Expulsions. She attempts to...
Situation of German population in Teplice-Šanov Regarding the Transfer of Germans from the Czechoslovak Republic.
Maříková, Jana ; Míšková, Alena (advisor) ; Nováková, Tamara (referee)
This thesis uses archive materials to map the post-war situation of German population in a Czechoslovak district of Teplice-Šanov. Before the war, the German population made for more than 70% of the total population of this borderline area. In 1947 it was only about 7%. In the first months after the end of the war, 27,000 - 34,000 of German nationals were banished from the area. In the following transfers 29,487 were forced out between February and August of 1946. More Germans continued to leave the country after the regular transfers in additional transports up until 1950. Only some specific groups of German speaking inhabitants were permitted to stay in Czechoslovakia - antifascists, Austrians, German experts, people living in mixed marriages, some of the German clergy, and those who were pardoned. In Teplice-Šanov it was a considerably large group of specialists (especially in the field of mining) who remained. The issue of repopulating the regions affected by the expulsion of Germans is also addressed. Settlers from inland, other borderline areas, Slovakia and from abroad came to the Teplice-Šanov district. The total number of newcomers in May 1947 was 47,402. This thesis uses an actual example of one district to illustrate the complexity of post-war situation. The analysis of the stance of...
Czechization of Ceske Budejovice
Andršová, Justýna ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on select aspects of the process of Czechization of České Budějovice between the mid-19th century until the early 20th century. The aspects in question are mainly the following: economic development, evolution of the population structure, and political competition on a municipal level. In regard to the evolution of the population structure, this thesis primarily focuses on the ambivalence of national identity. As concerns the economic shift, the focal point is the contemporary development of business life in the city and the competition between the Czech and German parties involved. When it comes to political competition, it follows the inner workings of municipal administration and elections, which played a major part the particular way that the national emancipation of the Czech population of České Budějovice developed, not only on a political level. KEYWORDS České Budějovice, Czechization, Czech-German relations, municipal self-government, population structure

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