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The media image of an independent Kosovo in the newspapers MF DNES and Pravda
Pospíšil, Adam ; Králová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Šafařík, Petr (referee)
The subject of the thesis is to analyze the transformation of news in the Czech and Slovak press when Kosovo declared an independence from Serbia in 2008. The periodicals chosen to be analyzed are Czech newspaper MF DNES, which is considered serious and also most widely read and the Slovak significant daily news Pravda. Using the content analysis and the theory of agenda setting, the paper will focus on media image interpretation of the Republic of Kosovo. The aim of the research is to answer the question, whether it is possible to identify coverage of the Kosovo conflict in the two newspapers as independent. Both newspapers are investigated together and the result is a comparsion of their approach to the Kosovo issue.
The Big Lift: a way to bring nations closer together or a propaganda tool?
Crkvová, Klára ; Brožová, Anežka (advisor) ; Šafařík, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis is an analysis of the American semi-documentary film The Big Lift by director George Seaton. The film was released in 1950 and depicts operation Vittles in 1948 - 1949. The Big Lift is unique in its authenticity. It was filmed shortly after the end of the Berlin blockade in the war-damaged city and uses real members of the US military operating in occupied Berlin. The work introduces the historical background of the Berlin blockade in the context of the beginning of the Cold War, acquaints the reader with the theory of memory in film, and analyses the selected film in depth. The thesis aims to answer the question of whether and to what extent the movie The Big Lift is propagandistic. It analyses the intentions behind the footage and assesses whether it could be described as propagandistic. This thesis discusses the reasons that led the creators to a certain depiction of the past and asks what effect it could have had on the film viewer. It examines government interventions in the American film industry and the reflection of the power rivalry between East and West in culture. This thesis also focuses on to what extent and why the West German version of the film, entitled Es bagann mit einem Kuß, released in 1953, differed.
Transfigurations of the image of the Czechoslovak Parachutists in Memory and Popular Culture 1945-1989
Špitálník, Zdeněk ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Čížek, Martin (referee)
Práce se věnuje problematice obrazu československých parašutistů ze Západu v poválečném Československu. Časový rámec zkoumaného období je ohraničen roky 1945 až 1989. Úvodní část je tvořena přehledem vydané literatury a pokusem o základní periodizaci vymezeného období. Následuje přehled hraných filmů, které se parašutistů týkají a jejich rozdělení do kategorií, dle prostoru, který je jim věnován. Další část se zabývá muzejním expozicím, které se parašutistům věnovaly. Své místo mělo připomínání parašutistů ze Západu i v československé armádě. Poslední část se věnuje vizuálním připomínkám parašutistů ve veřejném prostoru. Již v prvních poválečných měsících se začaly odhalovat na řadě míst republiky pamětní desky, připomínající narození, či smrt některých padlých parašutistů. Nejvýznamnějším místem pro setkávání parašutistů v den smrti jejich kamarádů byl kostel sv. Cyrila a Metoděje, vždy s účastí veřejnosti a často i vládnoucího aparátu. Cílem práce je vysledovat na výše zmíněných oblastech proměny obrazu parašutistů ze Západu a jejich zasazení či vytěsnění z kolektivní paměti.
First Generation of RAF in Selected Media
Janatková, Tereza ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Picka, Ondřej (referee)
Bachelor thesis "First Generation of RAF in Selected Media" focuses on the doings of the first generation of the terrorist group Red Army Fraction in years 1970-77 a its reflection in the Czechoslovakian press. First part pays attention to historical development of German society in 60's and to the student movement of 1968. One whole chapter is than dedicated to biography of the first generation leaders. Following part describes then the activities of Red Army Fraction from its start until the death of the first generation members in Stammheim. Briefly will be also mentioned in this chapter the second and third generation of RAF and its final seize of activities. Final part analyses the level of information about activities of first generation in Czechoslovakia, in particular in daily journals "Rude pravo" and "Prace". Further will be also discussed the development of Czech press since 1948 and its evaluation.
The Analysis of Media Messages: the 1989 Palach Week
Vacek, Josef ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Tůma, Oldřich (referee)
The main proposition is that the newspapers which were published by political parties were informing about the events more frequently than other media. This assumption was proved just in part - the newspaper with the biggest number of articles concerning the events was "Rudé právo" published by the communist party, however, the rest of the communist press was lagging behind. One of the findings of this work is that all of the newspapers used media instruments in different proportion. Apart from that, two days of a turning point are identified in all the newspapers in the given period of analysis, both of them were marked with an increase or decrease of the number of articles. The chosen reasearch method is the quantitative analysis supplemented in part by comparison of the results.
Contemporary forms of negative political campaigning in the United States of America: The Case of Donald Trump's presidential campaign of 2016
Kolská, Martina ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Szobi, Pavel (referee)
In the last few decades, political marketing experienced a major shift in professionalization. In the past, the communication and marketing strategy was an advantage for political subjects. Today, however, it is an inseparable part of a political process. The thesis deals with the problematics of negative campaigning. It covers its historical development and contemporary form in the United States of America. Negative campaigning is an integral part of every more significant political struggle for power. Besides the historical and political contexts the author of the thesis pursuing professionalization of campaign strategies, technology development, and its influence on the campaigning and the overall changes that are shifting the political marketing field in past years. The last presidential campaign of the year 2016 resulted in the election of Donald Trump a president. The author was examining the negative statements from Twitter, presidential debates, and campaign rallies. By conducting semiotic and discourse analysis of selected statements of Donald Trump from the year 2016. The author focused mainly on the linguistic and content side of the statements. Afterward, she put it in the contexts with the whole campaign.
National Socialist culture politics: Change of German fine arts in 30s
Mojžíš, Radek ; Pelánová, Anita (advisor) ; Šafařík, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines a role of a cultural policy during 1933 and 1937 and its influence on Fine arts. It describes a link between a political power and culture. The thesis itself focuses not only on indiviual acts, but also presumptions creating National socialist cultural politics. The thesis consists of two main parts. The first introduces changes in society and art scene of Weimar Republik. The crucial moment was the Great Depression in 1929 and subsequent radicalization influencing both a society and culture. The rising influence later peaked in nazi's participation in Thuringian governemnt which enabled first attempts to regulate culture. The second part decribes the period after Hitler was appointed Reich Chancellor. First bills affecting culture were passed and process of Gleichschaltung started. It also focuses on a role of institutions, associations and Hitler himself as cultural policy makers. Their main target was to eliminate modern art, which manifested in organizing a defamatory exhibition Entartete Kunst in 1937. At the same time Great German Art exhibition was held. Its main goal was to introduce artists of a new regime. In spite of these efforts, an attempt of creating new national socialist art failed.
Discourse Analysis of Representation of the Greek Crisis in Wall Street Journal
Ešnerová, Eva ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Kozák, Kryštof (referee)
This thesis analyzes media representation of Greek crisis in the Wall Street Journal at the time of parliamentary elections in Greece in June 2012. Using the method of critical discourse analysis the thesis characterizes the specific representation, while focusing on the representation of key actors, their relationships and the economic program called austerity. This thesis argues that the representation reflects the discourse of neoliberalism, it demonstrates that it legitimizes the austerity plan and it identifies the means of argumentation, on which the discourse draws.
The role of American media on Spanish-American conflict in 1898
Honsová, Eliška ; Kozák, Kryštof (advisor) ; Šafařík, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the influence of American media on the decision to intervene in Cuba in 1898. The aim is to find out the reasons for the American intervention in Cuba and the role of American media, especially tabloids, in this decision making. The paper analyzes and justifies the factors that influenced the decision of President William McKinley. The first part describes the change of American media at the end of nineteeth century and explains the concept of yellow journalism that links to tabloids. The second part deals with events and political decisions before American intervention and ends with a brief description of the conflict. The last part discusses the role of tabloids in the context of the conflict. There are some arguments that focus specifically on the impact of reports on the American public and the penetration into politics. It has been found that the influence of American tabloids at that time is overestimated and was not the main reason for the US intervention on the island.

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