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Children's Home
Chrbolková, Erika ; Blažková, Vendula (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
The thesis focuces on project documentation for a construction project with the aim to design home for children under institutional care. Located on the outskirts of Skuteč, the building is three-storey, detached and partially basemented. The basement area lays on the slab foundations and the first floor on strip foundations. Vertical structures are made of ceramic blocks and local reinforced concrete columns while horizontal structures are made of reinforced concrete slabs and wooden trusses over the gym. The building is covered by a vegetated flat roof. The building houses six residential units for six family groups with a total capacity of 43 children. The basement includes gym and fitness with technical facilities. The first floor consists of three residential units, changing rooms for the gym and kitchen with facilities. The second floor houses remaining three residential units, offices and the refectory. The upper floor is used for children´s education and entertainment.
The Transformation of Substitute Foster Care in the Czech RepublicThe View of the Street - level Bureaucrats.
Beranová, Barbora ; Kaňák, Jan (advisor) ; Bravená, Noemi (referee)
This diploma thesis entitled Transformation of Substitute Foster Care in the Czech Republic. The View of the Street-level Bureaucrats is devoted to socio-legal protection of children. As well as placement of the youngest children in the institutional care. It deals with significant changes of previous amendments in 2006 and 2012 and describes the current amendment No. 363/2021, which entered into force on January 1st 2022. This amendment enact the limit of three years for placement in an institutional facility. In the research, therefore, the attention was paid to children in the age group 0 - 3 years. The issue directly affects street-level bureaucrats as they work directly with families and children. These workers submit motions to the court, keep file record and also maintain an emergency. They are part of the state administration and are affected by some of the conflicts that are present in their daily routines. For example the inflexibility of the system or the mistrust and lack of motivation of some of their clients. The research was based on theory of Street-level bureacrats by Michael Lipsky. The respondents confirmed with their answers that they experienced chronically inadequate resources, time-consuming nature of work and lack of staff at the offices. The research is also focused on the...
Preschool child in children's home
This bachelor's thesis examines the specific characteristics of upbringing and education of children from a children's home and their adaptation to kindergarten from the point of view of preschool teachers. Concepts related to this topic are described in the theoretical part. These are the concepts of adaptation, factors influencing the child during adaptation, children's home and reasons for placement in a children's home. The practical part describes the specifics and potential problems encountered by pre-school teachers during the adaptation, upbringing and education of children from the children's home. These data were obtained through interviews with preschool teachers who have experience working with preschool children from a children's home.
Home preparation of children with special educational needs in children's homes
The diploma thesis with the title Home preparation of children with special educational needs in a children's home deals with institutional education, the development of a school-age child, special educational needs, especially specific learning disorders and impaired communication skills and the possibilities of supporting these children. The practical part focuses on the qualitative research carried out in children's homes in the form of interviews with educators and children. The aim of the thesis is to comprehensively describe the issue of home preparation of children with specific learning disabilities and children with impaired communication skills living in a children's home.
Child with ADHD in the Children's Home
The bachelor's thesis " Child with ADHD in the Children's Home" aims to find out what experiences children's home workers have with children who have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The work consists of two parts - practical and theoretical. The theoretical part describes the causes of the disorder, diagnostic criteria and treatment of ADHD syndrome. Besides that, the thesis describes the basic and also the associated syndromes of the disorder. In the conclusion of the theoretical part are described the facilities for institutional and protective education. The practical part consists of the semi-structured interviews with children's home workers and observation. The obtained data are analyzed with the "card layout" method.
Quality of Life of Children in Children's Home
The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of the quality of life of children in children's homes. The quality of life of children in children's homes is often overlooked, and the focus is mainly on preparing children for leaving children's homes or ensuring their material security, even though the quality of life of children can affect their entire lives. The theoretical part of the bachelor's thesis captures the issue of institutional care, its history, and current state in the Czech Republic, as well as the issue of the quality of life. The aim of the practical part was to find out the quality of life of children in children's homes in selected regions. The implementation of the research took place in the Pilsen and South Bohemia regions and involved 34 respondents. To fulfill this goal, quantitative research and a query method were chosen, which was implemented using an anonymous standardized questionnaire PedsQL and a questionnaire created specifically for this purpose. The data was evaluated in MS Excel and recorded using descriptive techniques in graphs and tables. A data matrix was created in MS Excel and evaluated using IBM SPSS Statistics version 24. Pearson's correlation was used to test the hypotheses. In the bachelor thesis two hypotheses were set. Hypothesis 1 examined the influence of age on negative emotions of children in children's homes. The results showed that age does indeed influence the emotional evaluation of children, and thus the hypothesis was confirmed. Hypothesis 2 examined the influence of the length of children's stay in children's homes on the quality of life according to PedsQL. According to the results, the hypothesis was not confirmed. The bachelor's thesis can serve as a basis for further research on the quality of life of children in children's homes. Based on the data obtained, the bachelor's thesis can be used as a study material for strategic planning aimed at improving the quality of life for children.

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