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Let's give life to recent history ... or how to teach contemporary history in high schools
Hofnerová, Marcela ; Mücke, Pavel (advisor) ; Vaněk, Miroslav (referee)
The diploma thesis entitled Let's revive recent history… or how to teach contemporary history in secondary schools is conceived in the form of a methodological manual for secondary school teachers who would like to understand their teaching of contemporary history in an interesting, research and effective way. It outlines the obstacles due to which teachers avoid contemporary history, and compares and evaluates history textbooks, which are among the most commonly used in teaching at secondary schools. It is also clear here how much space is devoted to contemporary history in these textbooks and which topics of contemporary history are preferred by the framework educational program. The work is focused on Czechoslovak and Czech contemporary history, for which it offers the possibility of using various Internet platforms, which are directly intended for teachers or from them can draw inspiration for their teaching. Last but not least, it also offers several activities involving working with sources or other period artifacts that can be used in class. At the same time, it offers the possibility of thematic excursions with supplementary material, which can be used to effectively supplement teaching. The work also presents a small research, which aims to map the attitude of history teachers to the...
The issue of inclusion in practice at a selected secondary vocational school and elementary school in the district of Mělník
Marková, Vladimíra ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
This diploma thesis The issue of inclusion in practice at a selected secondary vocational school and primary school in the district of Mělník deals issues of inclusion in elementary, lower secondary and vocational education of a student with specific educational needs. It allows zooming in the issue of the inclusion in practise especially from the point of the key pedagogical staff being involved in education of an included student. For a presentation of the development of her education a case study has been set. Defining a role of a teacher's assistant during the process of education. Comparing the running of inclusion of a student during lower secondary with vocational education. Issues of a student during practical training at the work place. Methods of a structured interview with key pedagogical staff were used in this theses with afterwards summary and interpretation of the results. The aim of this thesis is to conduct a survey of the issue of inclusion in practise, define same features and differences in the approach and in possibilities of an inclusion. At the end of thesis there are some questions and proposals for reflection on the matter from the side of the participating pedagogical staff asked. KEYWORDS A teacher's assistant, process of education, inclusion, practical training,...
Knowledge of second-degree pupils of the selected elementary school on selected infectious diseases
Pavelková, Barbora ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Váchová, Alena (referee)
This Diploma Thesis deals with the issue of knowledge of second grade pupils of a selected elementary school regarding selected infectious diseases. The aim of this diploma thesis is to find out to what extent pupils aged 11 - 15 are informed about infectious diseases, their transmission, treatment possibilities, protection against them and to what extent their school participates in such awareness procedures. The theoretical part includes the definition and approximation of basic terms concerning epidemiology, hygiene and microbiology. It provides basic information about infectious diseases, transmission methods, protection against them and their treatment. The practical part analyses and evaluates the data obtained by the questionnaire survey among second grade pupils of the selected elementary school. A total of 186 questionnaires were used to evaluate the results. Indeed, the results confirmed that the pupils' knowledge of infectious diseases is not sufficient for their own health and safety development. Many pupils have misinformation about vaccinations, incubation periods and protection against infectious diseases. I would therefore assume, we need to get closer to the pupils` problems of infectious diseases and to improve knowledge in these areas. Furthermore, it is necessary to strengthen...
The Psárský forest in the district of Prague - West as a location of school science excursion
Prokopcová, Michala ; Teodoridis, Vasilis (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
Thesis TITLE: The Psárský forest in the district of Prague - West as a location of school science excursion AUTHOR: Bc. Michala Prokopcová DEPARTMENT: Department of Biology and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Education, Charles University SUPERVISOR: doc. RNDr. Vasilis Teodoridis, Ph.D. ABSTRACT The aim of the thesis is to examine the Psárský forest locality in the Prague-West region as regards its suitability for a school science excursion. The principal objective of the thesis was to prepare and take a comprehensive science excursion to Psárský forest and verify its educational efficiency for pupils of lower secondary school grades by means of pedagogical research. The research was carried out through didactical tests comparing the initial knowledge before the excursion (pretest) and acquired knowledge after the excursion (posttest). The didactical concept of the science excursion to Psárský forest was elaborated in accordance with the key aspects of the field biology didactics and based on complex evaluation of the fields of interest for the excursion planned to become a basis for the excursion contents and selection of suitable places for excursion activities. In addition to this, subsequent research via the attitude questionnaire to identify the excursions benefits within natural science education from...
Proposal for Revitalization of the Nature Trail "Through the Valley of the Labe River" and its Verification and Use in Practice at Primary Schools
Hrozányová, Martina ; Teodoridis, Vasilis (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the didactic use of the educational trail through the Elbe Valley for students of the 2nd grade of elementary school. The main goal of the thesis was to create a topic for the practical use of the existing educational trail through the Elbe Valley and at the same time to prove that excursion as an organizational form of teaching is thanks to its versatility an effective tool in the process of education and despite many difficulties to implement it it is worth the effort. The theoretical part includes the characteristics of the educational trail and its surroundings, the purpose, function and organization of the excursion and the inclusion of the science excursion in the Framework Educational Programmes of Basic Education. The second part of the thesis is a research - it contains a description of the author's worksheet and testing methods, i.e. pretest/posttest and attitude questionnaire. These were used on a pilot group of elementary school students participating in the excursion. The results of the survey show that the excursion can be perceived as an effective and at the same time popular form of teaching, through which it is possible to increase the effectiveness of teaching science at elementary school. Their validity is affected by a small number of...
Education of Geometry for Primary School or "Ms. Teacher, I am enjoying this work"
Šťastná, Jaroslava
The diploma thesis deals with teaching geometry at the basic school - what is the position of geometry in comparison with mathematics and other school subjects at present day? The thesis describes didactic teaching principles of geometry, its methods and work forms. It deals with the teacher's attitude to its teaching. Research is divided into two parts. In the first part it deals with detecting relations and teacher's attitudes to geometry. It explores possible influence to positive or negative attitude to it, and how these impulses influence theirs todays attitude to geometry as a school subject. The second part of the project detects positive or negative influence of teacher's attitude to geometry on pupil's results from this subject. It deals with particular data from worksheets which were done by pupils from the 5th class and compares them with answers of theirs teachers in the questionaire about popularity of teaching of geometry. The assumption is that the results of pupils who are led by the teacher with positive attitude to geometry will be better than the results of pupils who are taught by the teacher with negative attitude to the geometry. It studies differences in results among particular tested schools and differences in achievements between boys and girls. In the thesis the graphs...

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