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Factors influencing the successful inclusion of Children from Children's Homes into the independent Life
Miklíková, Lucie ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
The Diploma Thesis deals with the topic of Factors influencing the unsuccessful inclusion of children from children's homes into their independent life. At the theoretical level existing knowledge concerning institutional education are summarized as well as the knowledge about factors influencing the integration process of children from children's homes into their independent life. The work aims to find and to name the factors which according to the opinion of children themselves caused them to be unsuccessful in the entering of the independent life. Another aim of the fork is to find out whether it is possible to propose any recommendations leading to elimination of the factors. The aims of the work were achieved through a qualitative research survey in which seven children told their life story. They left Children's home Dolní Počernice more than a year ago. At the same time their entry into the independent life could be qualified as unsuccessful according to the chosen criteria. It was find out that the factors influencing the unsuccessful inclusion of children from Children's homes into the independent life according to the children themselves include - return to their original families, lack of funds, absence of employment and housing and lack of staff support. Based on these findings,...
Protection of personal rights of a child in media
Henzlová, Sandra ; Benda, Josef (advisor) ; Connelly Kohutová, Radka (referee)
This bachelor thesis "Protection of personal rights of a child in media" deals with protection of personal rights of a child in media. Media publish information about children all the time, but that is not always the right thing to do. A child has a special position in Czech legal system, it is important to have in mind best interest of the children that you write about as a journalist. This thesis defines the most important terms that are important to understand the whole bachelor thesis. The main goal of this thesis is to present legal background related to protection of personal right with a focused-on child's personal rights. It observes not only civil law that is the main source of personal rights protection, but also on criminal law and media law as well. The analysis focuses on Czech case-law in relation to media covering children in their articles. The case-law is really critical of some of the private information that journalists publish about a child's private life. Therefore, it is important to point out what are the boundaries that journalist shouldn't cross when they write or report on children's private lives. Keywords child, media, personal rights, news, journalist Title/název práce Protection of personal rights of a child in media
International adoption
Kyzlíková, Martina ; Frinta, Ondřej (advisor) ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
Intercountry adoption Abstract The theme of this masters thesis is legal regulation of intercountry adoption. This area of law is current and very severe, because it results in permanent status change for number of people, when one of them is a child, for which it is necessary to provide special protection. Although intercountry adoption can be in certain cases the best solution for particular child, this type of child care brings many risks, for example intercountry abduction or child trafficking. Due to these reasons, it is necessary to correctly to set rules for realisation of intercountry adoption to minimalise these risks, follow the best interest of the child and at the same time to apply this type of child care in a subsidiary way, therefore in case there is not possible to find appropriate family for certain child in its state of origin. The goal of my masters thesis is complex introduction of legal matters of intercountry adoption. The thesis is divided into five chapters, which are further divided into subsections. The first chapter focuses on development of adoption in general, its development from roman law roots to its current regulation in the civil code. Next chapter aims to the historical development of the intercountry adoption and causes for its expansion. Further there are analysed...
Analysis of infection therapy in paediatric department I.
Trávníček, Tomáš ; Malý, Josef (advisor) ; Doseděl, Martin (referee)
Analysis of infection therapy in paediatric department I Author: Tomáš Trávníček Tutor: doc. PharmDr. Josef Malý, Ph.D. Consultant: MUDr. Magdalena Rohanová, Mgr. Petr Domecký Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles University Introduction and aims: Infections in newborns are one of the most frequent causes of death. The aim of this work was the retrospective analysis of bacterial infection in newborns with a birth weight ≤ 1500 g hospitalized in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and compare it with the latest findings published in the expect literature. Methods: The retrospective cross-sectional study took place in Paediatric ICU. The data were gathered between 07/29 and 08/10 2020. The study included patients in neonatal age with a birth weight ≤ 1500 g hospitalized in the Paediatric ICU in 2018 and 2019 with bacterial infection. The infection was proved by a positive cultivation, increased C-reactive protein and increased or reduced number of white blood cells. Information on the patient, infectious agent, laboratory tests, occurrence of risk factors for sepsis, selection of antibiotics, its susceptibility, dose, dosing interval and duration of administration, as well as the result of therapy were collected to a prepared form. The data were...
Evaluation of current nutritional habits of preschool children
Čadová, Denisa ; Kočí, Jana (advisor) ; Hanyš Holemá, Irena (referee)
This work deals with the evaluation of current nutritional habits of preschool children. It presents the importance of a balanced diet in terms of physical, mental and social development of children. It describes the risks that can occur due to poor diet, such as childhood obesity, type 2. diabetes and various mental disorders. The work describes the optimal diet of preschool children in terms of macronutrients, micronutrients and drinking regime. Furthermore, the work deals with specific nutritional recommendations for eating preschool children. It describes the real state of nutrition of preschool children and then suggests ways to support the improvement of children's nutrition in kindergartens. The practical part of the work deals with the evaluation of children's meals in specific kindergartens. An analysis of data from a structured questionnaire was performed. The aim of this work is to evaluate the nutrition of preschool children from the perspective of kindergarten teachers and to point out the possibility of using some programs dealing with improving nutrition in kindergartens. Keywords:​nutrition, eating, health, habit, child, school, evaluation, risk obesity, prevention, support, programs
With Beneš, Gottwald, Zapotocky and Novotny over the head. A pupil and Czech national school between the war and the socialism (1945-1960) by the method of oral history
Erbenová, Michaela ; Vaněk, Miroslav (advisor) ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (referee)
This Master thesis utilizes oral history and comparative methodology to describe history of two national schools in between 1945 and 1960. One of the schools is located in Dohalice and second one in Vidichov in Hradec Králové region. The emphasis is on pupil mainly. The main attention is paid to change of pupil's life due to the end of World War II and followed by change after February 1948. Thesis follows everyday's life of pupil at school with focus on changes caused by shiftes of regimes. It also covers research of appearence of school's building, role of teachers, change of teaching aids, religion education but phenomenes such as Colorado potate beetle will be covered as well. Thesis takes into account regional specifics and history. Key words: school, Dohalice, Vidochov, student, child

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