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Substitute Family Education
Kratochvílová, Jana ; Kohnová, Jana (advisor) ; Novotná, Jiřina (referee)
The bachelor thesis on the topic of "Substitute Family Education" deals with the issue of foster care in the Czech Republic. This thesis investigates the family, its irreplaceable role in educating individuals, the history of foster care, the foster care system in the Czech Republic, legislation, the definition of various forms of foster care, foster parents, adoptive parents and non-profit organizations providing foster care - SOS Villages. The aim of the thesis is to become familiar with the issue of foster care in the Czech Republic, to clarify the rules for placing children in foster families, to point out some problems of children that come with foster care using the case of three foster families, and assess its importance and necessity for children and society.
Children and Youth Crime in the Central Bohemian region
Hykšová, Jana ; Kohnová, Jana (advisor) ; Braun, Richard (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with some knowledge of child delinquency and crime statistics to determine the fair youth in the Central Region. Mention where is the beginning of child delinquency. I used the statistics of the Police of the Czech Republic, where the actual number of children and juvenile delinquents. Analyzing juvenile delinquency and children in 2000 - 2012 and describes current developments. Suggesting effective forms of assistance to children from single-parent families, as well as other children who need help. Prevention in the broad sense is a complex and comprehensive process to reduce negative effects and eliminate their causes. Prevention in the narrower sense is the process of reducing crime itself. The work stress, not only to family and school, but the whole company is deeply interested in the systematic elimination of crime.
Criminality of children and youth
Mrkáčková, Ivana ; Kohnová, Jana (advisor) ; Braun, Richard (referee)
The work deals with youth and children crime. It is concentrated on crime as a whole, it defines the most important terms related to the topic. It points out probable roots of that pathological phenomenon and looks for possible measures leading to its reduction. Considering the field of study, i. e. Pedagogy, a part of the work will be aimed at children's primary social environment, i.e. family and school. Attention will be paid to crime prevention and its categories. Finally, case studies will prove that family, school, education and training are the most important factors forming young people and influencing their behaviour.
Causes of property criminality of children and teenagers and possibilities of its prevention in the view of education and pedagogy
Laudát, Jaroslav ; Kohnová, Jana (advisor) ; Braun, Richard (referee)
This thesis is focused on property crimes committed by minors and juvenile offenders. We try to find out the reasons for committing the crime and the influence of the initial social status of minors and young offenders. The aim is also to determine whether it is true generally accepted that the offenders of property crime among children and teenagers are mostly individuals coming from excluded and disadvantaged sections of society. And also to think about the possibilities of prevention of these acts of educational and pedagogical point of view. Because prevention is certainly one of the most important things in the fight against child crime. The thesis also shows the figures of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, which document the development of child and adolescent crime whithin last five years.

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