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Talent management field of education
Petáková, Jana ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Liška, Roman (referee)
The thesis focuses on a specific area of management, namely talent management in regional education. The thesis asks questions such as who is a talented worker, is talent welcome in the school environment, what methods do school principals use in talent management, what problems do they face and how do they try to prevent them? The first half of the thesis is dedicated to the theoretical grounding of the concepts of giftedness and talent, including the differentiation of giftedness from talent through Gagne's 2020 model, then the concept of talent management is explained and the methods of talent management in identifying, developing and retaining talented workers in an organisation are described. The thesis is related to the field of human resource management in regional education, and therefore key documents related to the development of teachers are included. The aim of the thesis is to find out the methods used by school principals in managing talented emloyees. In order to achieve the aim of the thesis, qualitative research was chosen to collect data through semi-structured interviews with school principals and also through the analysis of documents of the schools in question. The interviews were analysed using the coding method and data triangulation was also used to establish the validity of...
Construct a methodology for creating a digital lecturer platform
Šišková, Vanda ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Vaněček, David (referee)
This thesis is devoted to mapping and analysing the current situation of digital lecturer platforms in the Czech Republic and the rules for lectures that educate adults. It offers a brief insight into the subject of adult education, mentions the current legislative situation about adult education in the Czech Republic, offers a concise example of embedding adult education in the entire educational system in Norway, deals with the creation and use of information and communication technologies in education and, above all, the personality of the adult educator. The introductory parts of the thesis provide an overview of the things that are related to adult education and somehow influence it, which leads to an awareness of the complexity and overall difficulty of preparing, implementing, and evaluating such an event. The methodology defines the place where the client could choose a lecturer for the education event. The platform offers a place to search for educational courses, evaluate quality, enter a request for and personalised event, or request a development plan. The main result of the thesis is the design of a methodology for the creation of a digital platform in the Czech Republic, which will offer a certain level of guarantee for the lecturers led by it and thereby offer a certain quality in...
Analysis of the education system in the organization
Čermáková, Michaela ; Svobodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
The subject of this work will be to describe and evaluate the current education system in the selected organization and analyze the educational needs of employees, their motivation and barriers for further education. The work will be divided into two parts. It is the theoretical part and the empirical part. The theoretical part describes the basic concepts associated with personnel management, tasks and strategies of human resources management and the importance of education for organization. It will also focus on the motivation of employees for further education and barriers that prevent employees from education. The issue of objectives and philosophy of education, education system, education process and methods of education will be addressed. The text will draw on domestic and foreign literature. The next chapter will analyze the system of education of employees in a selected organization that will rely on the case study and subsequently the interpretation of the obtained data. The research will be carried out in the first phase in the form of a questionnaire survey, followed by the second phase, namely direct interviews with employees of the given branch of the organization and their manager responsible for education. In the end, all findings resulting from the research will be summarized, the...
Intercultural differences in management in childcare facilities
Demyan, Nikolay ; Šafránková, Jana Marie (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
The thesis focuses on the analysis of the management of selected organizations providing care for young children in terms of intercultural differences in the management style and principles of their managers from the majority society. The analysis is based primarily on the work of Geert Hofstede and Robert House, who revealed the sociological phenomenon of cultural dimensions. The theoretical part of the thesis is devoted to an analysis of the current legislative framework for the provision of early childhood education in Czech Republic and the position and role of the school or non-profit organization director as a manager. Special attention is paid to the concept of intercultural management as a specific area of people management and the basic theories of cultural dimensions of Geert Hofstede and Robert House are discussed, including the framing of the whole situation in the context of the Czech social and cultural environment. The practical part is focused on research of selected organizations providing care for young children. Due to the limited number of childcare facilities in the Czech Republic with a multicultural workforce, a qualitative research method, namely case study analysis using semi-structured interviews with managers of childcare organizations, was chosen to identify...
Proposal of a project of further education for academic staff of selected universities with a humanities focus
Tomešová, Kateřina ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the issue of further education of academic staff of universities with social sciences and humanities. The aim of the diploma thesis is to create a project proposal for further education in the field of pedagogical and presentation skills for academic staff of selected humanities universities. This output is preceded by 4 steps. The first partial aim is to describe education and professional competencies of university teachers. The second partial aim is to describe the current system and legislation of higher education in the Czech Republic. The third partial aim is to identify opportunities in the field of further education of university academics. The fourth partial aim is to analyze the needs of academic staff in the field of further education. Building upon a research of literary sources, analysis of documents and legislation, the theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the field of education, professional competencies of academics, the issue of further education, the higher education system and related legislation defining higher education in the Czech Republic. The research part of the thesis consists of a draft educational program for academic staff within the framework of further professional education in the field of pedagogical and presentation skills. The...
Climate measurement at High School
Grygorsky, Nikola ; Liška, Roman (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
v anglickém jazyce This bachelor thesis deals with school climate and different types of high school climate measurements. The goal is to use a standardized tool to explore the climate at the Prague high school. School climate fundamental terms are described in the theoretical part. The term school climate and climate are specified in this work. Because climate is a multi-meaning word. The first thing that many people think of is weather. However, this thesis deals with the concept of climate from the perspective of a social group. Interpersonal relationships, mood, atmosphere, environment, and feelings can be imagined under this term. The term climate is defined by many authors, some authors agree on the definition, and some contradict each other. In the introductory part of the thesis, the definitions of the term are described by several authors. The next chapter explains the types of school climate, and a separate chapter also describes what a positive school climate should look like. Moreover, the theoretical part is focused on factors which influence school climate and its creators. The last chapter of the theoretical part talks about the possibilities of school climate measurements. In the practical part, the state of the chosen high school climate is explored through quantitative research...

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