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Pupil with hyperkinetic disorder in elementary school
Hejhalová, Tereza ; Blažková, Veronika (advisor) ; Linková, Marie (referee)
The work is focused on the issue of hyperkinetic disorder. The theoretical part is a search of literature, which describes the basic concepts and principles for easy orientation in the topic. In the practical part of the work, the knowledge gained from the theoretical part was used. The practical part consists of an analysis of the school system, the scope of work of a teaching assistant and a case study of an eleven-year-old elementary school student who was diagnosed with ADHD. Thanks to the cooperation with the pupil's family and her class teacher in primary school, the opportunity arose to draw on their personal experience of working with the pupil. Both the child's mother and the class teacher provided their answers in semi-structured interviews. Thanks to this, information was obtained about the student's behavior in the school environment, at home and in the environment of her peers. The author's own interpretation thus works with the results of professional research as well as from the personal experiences of the two people most significantly involved in the education of the pupil and in the building of her intellect. The aim of the work was to create an insight into how to work with these students and to create for them the most effective environment for learning in the conditions of...
A choice of books for children according to the kindergarden teachers
Hejhalová, Tereza ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Ronková, Jolana (referee)
Diploma thesis focuses on the question of how kindergarten teachers choose books for preschool children, what kind of books and main factors which influence their choice, e.g. cheap books, collectors' campaigns or interactive books. The theoretical part describes the development of a preschool child with respect to the reading, literary genres and types of books suitable for preschool children. It also points out publishing houses that publish children's books, awards for high-quality children's literature, and, last but not least, the media which influence the selection of books. It also explains the importance of support and development of reading literacy for a pre-school child. The aim of this work was to describe the process of selection of children's literature by kindergarten teachers and to find out main factors influencing this selection. After studying the literature, a questionnaire on 31 items for kindergarten teachers was created in the practical part. It was filled in by 129 respondents. By evaluation of this questionnaire i answered 14 hypotheses. It has been confirmed that university-educated teachers choose awarded books more than teachers without university education. For the teachers the most important feature from the options offered is high-quality text of the book. They also...
Qualitative research of working methods with fairy tales by Nursery school teachers
The main goal of the thesis was to identify and describe the methods that kindergarten teachers use when working with fairy tales, their strengths and weaknesses, the selection criteria of fairy tales. The theoretical part is focused on the major psychological theories related to the development of the child (Child Development - Vágnerová M. , Theory of cognitive development - J. Piaget, The structural model of personality and psychosexual development - S. Freud , psychoanalytic theory C.G. Jung ) . The methodological part explains methods used in the thesis: qualitative research, grounded theory and semistructured interview methods of coding. In the practical part, interview and subsequent analysis is done. The fundamental importance of the thesis lies in the revealing and descripting the most important methods that kindergarten teachers use during the work with fairy tales.

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