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Biotic threats to garden monuments: algae, cyanobacteria and invasive plant species
Pergl, Jan ; Perglová, Irena ; Albrechtová, J. ; Antl, Tomáš ; Abarenkov, K. ; Baldrian, Petr ; Cihlářová, L. ; Klečka, Jan ; Kohout, Petr ; Kvasničková, Jana ; Maršálek, Blahoslav ; Maršálková, Eliška ; Pejchal, Miloš ; Petružálková, M. ; Petřík, Petr ; Pyšek, Petr ; Sádlo, Jiří ; Štefl, Lukáš ; Tedersoo, L. ; Větrovský, T. ; Vlk, Lukáš ; Vojík, Martin ; Vosátka, Miroslav ; Zezulka, Štěpán
Chateau, city parks and gardens are perceived as harmonious parts of the landscape. Unfortunately, even these areas have to face various threats, and they can be a threat to the surrounding environment. The exhibition /catalogue presents a look at the organisms that threaten parks. These threats cover unwelcomed invaders covering invasive plants and small microorganisms in the soil, on facades, statues or in water. On the other hand, some species that are intentionally brought to the parks can be risky not only the gardens themselves but also their surroundings.
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The effect of phosphorus deficiency on growth and primary processes of photosynthesis in algae and cyanobacteria
Zezulka, Štěpán ; Maršálek, Blahoslav
The management of cyanobacterial blooms is connected with the necessity to limit the input of nutrients into surface water reservoirs, especially phosphorus. Higher content of phosphorus or change in N/P ratio towards phosphorus give advance for cyanobacteria. Laboratory cultures of cyanobacteria Synechococcus and green alga Chlorella were cultivated in standard medium (0.18 mM P) and then transferred into medium without phosphorus or with 0.045 mM, 0.09 mM, 0.18 mM and 0.36 mM P. Growth rate (optical density) and parameters of induced chlorophyll fluorescence were measured repeatedly during 7 days of cultivation. Significant inhibitive effect on growth and fluorescence parameters was found in cyanobacteria cultivated in medium without P. On the other hand, green alga did not exhibit any significant sensitivity to the P concentration in the medium.
Physical methods of removal of the development of blooms
Vinklárková, Darina ; Maršálková, Eliška ; Zezulka, Štěpán ; Lukeš, Petr ; Pochylý, F. ; Maršálek, Blahoslav
Physical methods of removal of the development of blooms may be one of the alternatives to chemical methods. Legislative pressure in CR, supported implementation of EU law to reduce inputs of chemical substances into the environment grows. The lake management is a proposed complex of measures to reduce eutrophication and the development of blooms and physical methods are becoming an integral part. Using physical methods can be expected even in industries where it is treated with raw water.

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