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Role of exotic woody plant species in introductions of non-native symbiontic fungi
Vlk, Lukáš ; Kohout, Petr (advisor) ; Bárta, Jiří (referee) ; Anthony, Mark (referee)
The introduction of alien microorganisms so far received much less attention compared to macroorganisms. The introduction of alien fungi is currently considered an important and understudied component of global environmental change. Outbreaks of alien fungal pathogens threaten native plant and animal communities and cause immense ecological and economic damage. The introduction of alien mycorrhizal fungi enables the invasion of their hosts and could significantly alter key ecosystem functions and the soil biogeochemistry of recipient ecosystems. Evidence suggests that the introduction of alien plants serves as a major pathway for the spread of alien fungi. The main goal of this dissertation was to significantly contribute to the understanding of the phenomenon of the introduction of alien fungi. Specifically, this work aims to (1) assess the difference in the strategy of the two most commonly introduced alien tree groups on a global scale, pines and eucalypts, to obtain suitable ECM fungal partners in new areas, (2) assess the prevailing ecology of alien ECM fungi on a global scale, and (3) determine the extent of the introduction of alien fungi associated with alien trees in the chateau parks of the Czech Republic and identify environmental factors that affect their relative abundance, richness...
Biotic threats to garden monuments: algae, cyanobacteria and invasive plant species
Pergl, Jan ; Perglová, Irena ; Albrechtová, J. ; Antl, Tomáš ; Abarenkov, K. ; Baldrian, Petr ; Cihlářová, L. ; Klečka, Jan ; Kohout, Petr ; Kvasničková, Jana ; Maršálek, Blahoslav ; Maršálková, Eliška ; Pejchal, Miloš ; Petružálková, M. ; Petřík, Petr ; Pyšek, Petr ; Sádlo, Jiří ; Štefl, Lukáš ; Tedersoo, L. ; Větrovský, T. ; Vlk, Lukáš ; Vojík, Martin ; Vosátka, Miroslav ; Zezulka, Štěpán
Chateau, city parks and gardens are perceived as harmonious parts of the landscape. Unfortunately, even these areas have to face various threats, and they can be a threat to the surrounding environment. The exhibition /catalogue presents a look at the organisms that threaten parks. These threats cover unwelcomed invaders covering invasive plants and small microorganisms in the soil, on facades, statues or in water. On the other hand, some species that are intentionally brought to the parks can be risky not only the gardens themselves but also their surroundings.
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Transgenerational effect of nutrient treatment on progeny of an apomitic plant
Vlk, Lukáš ; Mráz, Patrik (advisor) ; Skálová, Hana (referee)
Environmental conditions can influence epigenetic variability of clonal organisms. These environmentally induced changes have potential to persist in following generations. In theory, this transgenerational memory could allow clonal (and especially apomictic) plants to partly compensate reduced genetic variability and could enhance adaptative ability of apomictic populations. According to Muller's ratchet model, asexual organisms amass deleterious mutations, which could lead to their extinction. Possible transgenerational memory could partly compensate for this. It could also account for longtime survivorship of asexual organisms in environment. This thesis deals with transgenerational memory of triploid apomictic populations of Hieracium alpinum, with completely missing sexuality and thus genetically uniform offspring. Transgenerational effect in Hieracium alpinum was studied on clonal lineages originated from 5 populations (Norway, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovakia). Seeds were planted in cultivation experiment I in 3 treatments (control, added nutrients, added salicylic acid) and vegetative and generative traits were measured. Plants responded to nutrient addition but not to salicylic acid. Treatment with nutrient addition increased biomass, number of leaves and SLA (specific leaf...
Basic motor performance in students of one-branch study in their final year at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague and Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Komensky University in Bratislava
Vlk, Lukáš ; Kolčiterová, Jana (advisor) ; Vindušková, Jitka (referee)
TITLE: Basic motor peďormance in students ofone-branch study in their final year at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague and Faculty ofPhysical Education and Sport, Komensky University in Bt:atislava. AIM OF ASSESSMENT: The aim of the thesis is to compare the basic motor peďormance in students of one-branch study in their final year at the FPES, Charles University in Prague and FPES, Komensky University in Bratislava METHOD: My final assessment has been compiled in form of empirical quantitative research. This research had been taking place under standard conditions with minimization ofouter effects (in gymnasium). One-branch students of the final year at FPES, Charles University in Prague and FPES, Komensky University in Bratislava are a selected sample. RESULTS: The results of our study show that the basic motor peďormance of the students at both Faculties in Prague and Bratislava is not significantly different fron the statistical point ofview. KEYWORDS: Motorics, basic motor peďormance, testing, UNIFITTEST 6-60 Lukáš Vlk, 18th Apríl 2008 4

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