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Continuous Realization of Monocular Structure from Motion
Klečka, Jan
This paper describes a concept and practical aspects of a realization of an algorithm used for 3D scene reconstruction from multiple views captured by single moving camera. Position and orientation of the camera are a priory unknown and are calculated on-the-fly from tracked point correspondences.
High data rate image processing using CUDA/OpenCL
Sedláček, Filip ; Klečka, Jan (referee) ; Honec, Peter (advisor)
The main objective of this research is to propose optimization of the defect detection algorithm in the production of nonwoven textile. The algorithm was developed by CAMEA spol. s.r.o. As a consequence of upgrading the current camera system to a more powerful one, it will be necessary to optimize the current algorithm and choose the hardware with the appropriate architecture on which the calculations will be performed. This work will describe a usefull programming techniques of CUDA software architecture and OpenCL framework in details. Using these tools, we proposed to implement a parallel equivalent of the current algorithm, describe various optimization methods, and we designed a GUI to test these methods.
Image processing using Android device - electricity meter value recognition
Sliž, Jiří ; Klečka, Jan (referee) ; Honec, Peter (advisor)
The aim of the work is to design an application for mobile devices with the Android operating system. This application allows image capturing with a camera and image processing with the support of the OpenCV library. The purpose of this application is automatic value recognition of the analog electrometer. The text contains a description of the analog electrometers. The following is characteristic of Android operating system, and this part is directly connected to a draft of the application itself. Next part contains the image processing algorithms, testing and implementation into Android application.
Network communication monitoring probe
Klečka, Jan ; Fujdiak, Radek (referee) ; Blažek, Petr (advisor)
Master thesis deals with analysis of single board PC which use Linux as operation system. Analysis of individual NIDS systems and examined their properties for choosing right candidate for single board computer which shall be used as network probe for analysis, filtering and logging of network traffic. Part of the work is aimed on development of a interface which is used for configuration of network probe through the web browser. Web interface allows perform basic operations over network probe which influence network traffic or specify, which information shall be logged. Subsequently network parsers were implemented for network protocols using the Scappy library. The conclusion of the thesis contains the design of the security cover for the device according to the IP54 requirements.
Algorithms and Methods for Fusion of Matrix Sensors Data during Mapping Inside Building
Klečka, Jan ; Hlaváč, Václav (referee) ; Železný, Miloš (referee) ; Horák, Karel (advisor)
The dissertation is aimed at methods for simultaneous processing of various type sensor data into a virtual map. Conceptually the development was focused on algorithms for simultaneous localization and mapping. In theoretical part has the problem been addressed by the probabilistic approach. The practical part deals with a new approach called as partially collective mapping whose application leads to creation map in form of a set of simple geometrical entities which represents in piecewise manner a border between obstacles and free space.
3D model
Krátký, Martin ; Klečka, Jan (referee) ; Richter, Miloslav (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a spatial model from images capturing an object illuminated by a laser pattern. The thesis presents possible solutions to the problem using methods of active triangulation and stereoscopy. Methods are designed for laboratory and outdoor measurements. The requirements for the measuring workplace are defined and then the implemented workplace is presented. Each of the designed methods is tested by scanning a series of objects.
Pedestrians Detection in Traffic Environment by Machine Learning
Tilgner, Martin ; Klečka, Jan (referee) ; Horák, Karel (advisor)
Tato práce se zabývá detekcí chodců pomocí konvolučních neuronových sítí z pohledu autonomního vozidla. A to zejména jejich otestováním ve smyslu nalezení vhodné praxe tvorby datasetu pro machine learning modely. V práci bylo natrénováno celkem deset machine learning modelů meta architektur Faster R-CNN s ResNet 101 jako feature extraktorem a SSDLite s feature extraktorem MobileNet_v2. Tyto modely byly natrénovány na datasetech o různých velikostech. Nejlépší výsledky byly dosaženy na datasetu o velikosti 5000 snímků. Kromě těchto modelů byl vytvořen nový dataset zaměřující se na chodce v noci. Dále byla vytvořena knihovna Python funkcí pro práci s datasety a automatickou tvorbu datasetu.
Basics of Pedestrians Detection in Image by Machine Learning
Lučanský, Peter ; Klečka, Jan (referee) ; Horák, Karel (advisor)
Táto Bakalárska práce sa zaoberá významnou problematikou v oblasti počítačového videnia, ktorou je detekcia osôb/chodcov v obraze, za pomoci metod strojového učenia, spolu s jej možným využitím, vývojom a vysvetlením princípov. Taktiež sa zaoberá testovaním dnes najlepšieho dostupného algoritmu, pričom sa porovnávajú faktory ktoré vplívajú na kvalitu jeho činnosti. Na začiatku je problematika stručne popísaná, potom sa prejde k podrobným popisom dosiahnutých pokrokov. V nasledujúcej časti sú popísané dostupné datasety, ktoré by sa dali použiť pri tréningu detekčného algoritmu. V poslednom rade sú vykonané trénovacie procesy za rozličných podmienok, pričom sú jednotlivé výsledky porovnávané.
Image processing using Android device - automatic detection and recognition of business cards
Krčmář, Martin ; Klečka, Jan (referee) ; Honec, Peter (advisor)
The aim of this Master´s thesis is designing and developing Android application, which will be used for automatic recognition of business cards and import the contact information. The first part describes the history, architecture and development tools of operating system Android. The second part is an analysis of selected computer vision methods that were used during developing application. Libraries OpenCV and Tessaract OCR are described in this part. The main part describes the development of the application with conditions and limitations for the proper function of the application. The final part is an evaluation of the success and recognition of importing contact information from business cards.
Calculating disparity map from color stereo images
Kulíková, Barbora ; Nováček, Petr (referee) ; Klečka, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with a creation of the depth maps. The first chapter concerns with the physiology of a human space perception and the methods of displaying the 3D content which are the topics closely related to the depth map, its creation and practical usage. Subsequently, there is a chapter focused on the description of the used methods of the image processing. The fundamental theoretical chapter deals with the methods of computing the disparity and used principles. In the practical part of the thesis an application has been made with a user interface in the Matlab environment. The application enables the user to create the disparity maps through the local and global methods. The functionalism of the application and the implementation of the methods are experimentaly verified. An experiment comparing the methods and analyzing influence of the local method parameters on the quality of the depth map has been made. The last part of the thesis was to create a simple stereopicture database.

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