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Algorithm development of determination of deferred incom tax
Staňková, Svatava ; Novotný, Alois (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
This work puts mind to algorithm development computation of deferred income tax. Accounting entities are recommendeds individual steps computation and charging of deferred income tax.
Receivables at a Corporate Enterprise
Adamec, Pavel ; Spinka, Oldřich (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis concerns problems connected with receivables at corporate enterprise. On the basis of results of performed analysis of the present state of receivables in the selected company, several measures are proposed to help improve weak points in the system of care for receivables in the company.
Direktive on Accounting Management
Abrahamová, Monika ; Rampachová, Zuzana (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
This bachelor`s thesis is concentrated on problems within the accounting policy in one specific company. An analysis of legislative requirements related to the topic is presented at the beginning of thesis. Afterwards the thesis investigates the already formed accounting procedure in the company and points out its practical weak spots. The target of this bachelor`s thesis is to redesign, update and improve the company`s accounting procedure and to set up the operative management procedures. Finally the bachelor`s thesis creates the acceptable accounting policy for the company`s management.
Receivables Management in Corporation
Zemanová, Lucie ; Konečný, Jaroslav (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
The contents of my thesis is the issue of management of trade receivables in the capital company. The theoretical part focuses mainly on the definition of basic, but necessary concepts for the understanding of the issue. Subsequent practical part analyzes the status of claims in a particular organization. Custom forms part presents comprehensive proposals and recommendations on claims management system, including preventive measures against the occurrence of problem debts, their effective management and administration as well as possible ways of.
IFRSs and Czech Accounting Adjustment
Mikulcová, Tereza ; Ondrůšek, Vladislav (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
The subject of the master´s thesis is the comparison of the financial statements prepared in compliance with Czech accounting legislation and in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS/IFRS). This thesis deals with the differences in reporting under Czech accounting legislation and IAS/IFRS in selected company and subsequent assessment of the impact of changes to the image of the company.
Consolidation Rules
Psohlavec, Karel ; Hochman, Karel (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the consolidation rules, particularly the elimination of intercompany profit system resulting from reciprocal market activities in consolidating companies. These rules are further examined in terms of the efficiency and administrative burden. In the practical part of the information is evaluated.
The Accounting Directives for Company
Pagáčová, Simona ; Žak, Robert (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
My bachelor thesis deals with problematics of intradertmental directives in the DK mont s. r. o. The first part of my bachelor thesis is focused on theoretical resources, that are related to studied problems. The second part of my bachelor thesis is practical and focuses on propose for new intradepartmental directives.
Variants of Financing the Acquisition of Fixed Assets
Kroutilová, Veronika ; Vejmolová, Eva (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
This thesis focuses on options for financing the acquisition of fixed assets. The theoretical part explains basic concepts such as fixed assets, financing assets and financial analysis. In the practical part will focus specific fixed assets and compares lease financing and banking services and other variants of purchase. Finally, evaluate and recommend the best possible option for the acquisition of fixed assets.
Financing Purchase of long-term Property
Pastyřík, Jaroslav ; Holeček, Libor (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis is focused on issues of financing a purchase of long-term property in specific company. Particular variations of purchase and financing of fixed assets are described in the teoretical part of the thesis, presentation of the specific company and long-term property that is purchased and variations of financing are described in the practical part of the thesis. The aim of the thesis is to assess possible recources of financing purchase of long-term property in the specific company and suggest an optimal solution.
International Financial Reporting Standards versus Czech amendment to long-term assets
Pospíšilová, Iva ; Tomšíček, Jiří (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
The master´s thesis deals with long-term assets. It contains analysis of differences in appreciation of the long-term assets between czech accounting legislation and international accounting standards IFRS/IAS, and succesive application of ascertained differences into the corporate enterprise with the target to find out the impact on trading income.

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