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The limits of autobiography in Nebe nemá dno
Svobodová, Lucie ; Češka, Jakub (advisor) ; Fulka, Josef (referee)
This thesis, The limits of autobiography in Nebe nemá dno, explores the limits of the genre of autobiography, using the novel by Hana Androniková as an example. Using selected examples, it attempts to capture the motifs and references in which this novel transcends the defined conception of the autobiographical genre and thus stands on its borderline. Theoretical concepts dealing with the limits of the autobiographical genre and its contradictions is applied to this text. In its next part, this thesis follows selected story lines and contrasts them with real events in the author's life. The records and testimonies of the author herself, as well as those of her family and close friends, are also important material for this research.
Development of overdetermination in Freud's theories
Zítko, Tomáš ; Fulka, Josef (advisor) ; Kuchař, Jakub (referee)
The thesis traces the development of the concept of overdetermination in Freud's thought. In his writings we can trace the shift from the implicitly formed idea of determinate memories, through the introduction of the concept of overdetermination, to the clear establishment of its place in relation to other concepts in his theory. The thesis thus attempts to capture the term in its full meaning in relation to the actual theories that were developing in the period and attempts to capture the term in its full, and if possible, exhaustive meaning.
Essay on Dependency. Political Philosophy and Deficiency of a Man
Smutný, Robert ; Bierhanzl, Jan (advisor) ; Fulka, Josef (referee)
This master's thesis deals with the issue of dependence in the context of political philosophy. The first chapter aims to demonstrate when and how the concept of the independent individual emerged in liberal political philosophy. At the same time, the chapter aims to highlight the historical contingency of this viewpoint, both in terms of the specific challenges liberalism sought to address and more general philosophical conceptions. The second chapter focuses on the conservative reaction to liberalism. It first identifies its distinctive features and then explores the ideas used by British conservative Roger Scruton to justify his political intuitions. Three excursions introduce Wittgenstein's argument against private language in the context of his philosophy of Lebensform, Hegel's concept of recognition from the dialectic of lord and bondsman, and Charles Taylor's concept of authenticity. The third chapter specifically examines the thinking of Judith Butler, in which the notion of dependence gradually gains increasing significance, whether in its psychological or physiological dimension. The conclusion of the thesis then attempts to demonstrate in what sense the various forms of dependence presented throughout the thesis can be understood as liberating.
Anarchy and Evidence. Essay on Writing and Seeing
Olšovský, Miroslav ; Petříček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Fulka, Josef (referee) ; Ébert-Zeminová, Catherine (referee)
Modern literature does not create a literary work, but a process of writing that decomposes the work. Writing is anarchy. Writing causes that we constantly perceive what we want to express. Writing is evident, but it also encrypts a message. Writing endures as a record and evidence of what we want to express in words, as some persistence of the message in time. Modern poetic language strives to bring events closer to the limit of their representation and to show them in their becoming of events. Such language becomes the language of motion, cinematographic, obvious and evident language that shows the world outside a window as the world that has become a part of our perspective on the world. Capturing the time of transformation becomes a matter of writing as permanent process of "becoming". Modern literature is no longer just "speaking", but also "writing". It constantly alienates "speaking". It fixes "speaking", capturing its outside. If "speaking" disappears at the moment of silence, "writing" stays present, fixed on a paper, and we can come back to it any time to have a look at it. Writing is a permanent record - "permanent evidence", it is an aperture (Gombrowicz) and an insight (Nabokov). In addition, this "permanent evidence" of outside, which writing is, is the essence of the film. The film...
The Lacanian Concept of Sexuation as an Alternative to the Genderqueer Paradigm
Konoreva, Jevgenija ; Roraback, Erik Sherman (advisor) ; Fulka, Josef (referee) ; Tupinambá, Gabriel (referee)
This thesis argues that today's presumably heterogeneous environment reveals a specific homogeneity of thought whose source and effects remain opaque for the contemporary subject. The realized prospect of universal emancipation reflected in the achievements of genderqueer agenda is accompanied by the increase of both individual and political confusion which requires additional consideration, whereas the theoretical means available within this framework reveal a delay preventing it from answering the initially stated questions. The main support for this research is Lacanian psychoanalysis which is a discipline in possession of sufficient tools for the accurate analysis of the situation where the contemporary subject finds itself. However, albeit the adaptations of Lacanian conceptual apparatus are traced within the entire field of critical thinking, they are quite frequently ill-fitted. Therefore, there is a need to problematize the very strategies of modern thinking procedures by focusing on the discursive conditions of the scene where they emerged. To propose a more accurate insight into the roots of the troubled modern subjectivity, this thesis presents a new reading of certain psychoanalytic conceptions elaborated by the Russian researcher Alexander Smulyanskiy. In addition to analyzing the...

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