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The Lacanian Concept of Sexuation as an Alternative to the Genderqueer Paradigm
Konoreva, Jevgenija ; Roraback, Erik Sherman (advisor) ; Fulka, Josef (referee) ; Tupinambá, Gabriel (referee)
This thesis argues that today's presumably heterogeneous environment reveals a specific homogeneity of thought whose source and effects remain opaque for the contemporary subject. The realized prospect of universal emancipation reflected in the achievements of genderqueer agenda is accompanied by the increase of both individual and political confusion which requires additional consideration, whereas the theoretical means available within this framework reveal a delay preventing it from answering the initially stated questions. The main support for this research is Lacanian psychoanalysis which is a discipline in possession of sufficient tools for the accurate analysis of the situation where the contemporary subject finds itself. However, albeit the adaptations of Lacanian conceptual apparatus are traced within the entire field of critical thinking, they are quite frequently ill-fitted. Therefore, there is a need to problematize the very strategies of modern thinking procedures by focusing on the discursive conditions of the scene where they emerged. To propose a more accurate insight into the roots of the troubled modern subjectivity, this thesis presents a new reading of certain psychoanalytic conceptions elaborated by the Russian researcher Alexander Smulyanskiy. In addition to analyzing the...
Transformation as part of colonial identity
Vidím, Václav ; Fulka, Josef (advisor) ; Bierhanzl, Jan (referee)
(english): From a logical point of view, the colonial system is based on the difference between races, where one controls the other. This aspect significantly impacts the subjects from the perspective of their identity because their skin colour brings them significant disadvantages in how they live. The consequence of this discomfort can be the disintegration or assumption of a foreign identity, a pathological relationship to one's physicality. In the 20th century, many theorists of colonialism and post-colonialism analyzed these consequences. They are mainly Frantz Fanon, Albert Memmi and the American author Nella Larsen. All three of these provide a perspective that involves an active change in appearance as a way of integration that is not otherwise possible because, as David Macey writes in Frantz Fanon's biography, there are only two ways out, putting on a white mask, or rebellion. Therefore, if we turn to the first option, it is necessary to monitor the consequences for the subject undergoing this change and the one who observes it. That is also how the colonizer is doing. Thus, this work will not work with identity as something homogeneous, unchanging and motionless but as something that undergoes constant change.
Loki: transmedial narrative analysis of a trickster figure
Koukalová, Věra ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Fulka, Josef (referee)
This thesis covers the topics of transmedia narration of a trickster character with using examples from its mythological, poetic, film, serial and media representation. At first, Loki is defined as a character and as a trickster. Using transmedia narratology and storyworld theory, the author tries to discover whether it is possible to keep the trickster side of the character across genres and media formats.
Physiognomy of Writing: In the Folds of Literary Ornament
Jirsa, Tomáš ; Heczková, Libuše (advisor) ; Vojvodík, Josef (referee) ; Fulka, Josef (referee)
My PhD. thesis "Physiognomy of Writing: In the Folds of Literary Ornament" deals with the relation between literature and ornament. It interconnects the sphere of literary history and literary theory with that of visuality. Ornament is analyzed and interpreted as a theoretical figure which allows an examination of literature from the point of view of its visuality and its movement. This approach, elaborated and applied here, labeled "physiognomy of writing", offers a possibility of a visual reading of literature; it represents a way to read literary texts not only in terms of their meaning and message, but also from the point of view of their visual and figural performance. In the first part I outline the concept of ornament in its historical, esthetic and philosophical frames, and explain how to use it in order to interpret literature. The second part offers readings of several 20th century literary texts (Franz Kafka, Rainer Maria Rilke, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Samuel Beckett, Louis Wolfson and Blanche T.) from the perspective of the affinity of their literary speech and particular ornamental manifestations.
Normal and pathological in Czech society in the second and third decade of the 20th century
Machálková, Aneta ; Fulka, Josef (advisor) ; Vávra, Martin (referee)
The thesis examines connection between issues related to psychiatry and historical period of first half of 20th century, more precisely, the thesis focuses on issues of normality and pathology.... The concept of pathology is explored from psychiatric point of view, it regards everything which is understood as un-normal in terms of mental health. The main aim of the thesis is to find out how the society had delimited itself towards people with mental illnesses. Critical discourse analysis of chosen texts is used in order to explore these issues in more depth. A list of the most important psychiatrists is also included in the thesis in order to deepen knowledge of the historical period. Furthermore, the thesis deals with other relevant issues, such as concept of brain activity or Czechoslovak laws which were very important when defining mental health of the examined group of people. The thesis also explores relationships between society - and an individual or a pacient - and a doctor, which give better insight into the societal climate. The main inspiration was drawn from the work of Michel Foucault, who understood history from a similar point of view.
Aesthetics of Loathing and Disgust in the Works of Amélie Nothomb
Izdná, Petra ; Ébert-Zeminová, Catherine (advisor) ; Fulka, Josef (referee)
Amélie Nothomb, écrivain belge contemporain, vedette des médias occidentaux, est un phénomene sociologique tres intéressant. Tout le monde connait son visage et c'est sa personnalité, avant tout, qui fait vendre. Autant qu'elle est jeune, autant elle est fructueuse et auteur a succes. Bien que ses textes soient remplis de caprices postmodernes, sophistiqués et truffés d'allusions a la littérature classique, ils sont estimés par un lectorat le plus large. Elle est analysée dans le milieu académique et lue par les adolescents. Tandis que les critiques de son oeuvre ne sont pas toujours élogieuses, Amélie Nothomb écrit de vrais best-sellers. Ses romans sont adaptés au cinéma, au théatre et meme a l'opéra {Les Combustibles), et traduits dans le monde entier. Mais évidemment la popularité ne signifie pas toujours les qualités artistiques. En quoi consiste le succes de Nothomb ? Nous avons de bons arguments pour ranger Amélie Nothomb parmi les « auteurs minores ».
Meaning and Understanding in the Context of Thought of Jacques Derrida and Hans-Georg Gadamer
Voborský, Lukáš ; Fulka, Josef (advisor) ; Novotný, Jaroslav (referee)
Meaning and Understanding in the Context of Thought of Jacques Derrida and Hans-Georg Gadamer The focus of the present study is mainly on the discussion of the process of understanding and emergence of meaning. Using the example of Gadamer's hermeneutics it becomes clear what are the limits of positive attempt to express conditions of understanding within the context of the philosophy of finitude. In spite of its undeniable benefits, hermeneutic understanding shows itself to be vulnerable towards ideology and it could be seen as suspected of hidden normativity thanks to its emphasis on agreement and coherency. Derrida's deconstruction on the other hand shows the dynamics of emergence of meaning in language, it emphasizes plurality and ambiguity in contrast towards totalizing unicity and agreement; however, due to this approach, it is unable to offer anything close to what we call the truth. In a parallel line of interpretation, philosophical- antropological approach of Ernst Cassirer standing in comparison with Heidegger's existential analytics of Dasein shows that already at the fundamental level in the process of establishment of terms and concepts and earlier our understanding is already determined to a certain extent. Discussion between Gadamer and Derrida shows a necessity of certain arbitrary...

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