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Family House
Trojan, Jan ; Vacek, Michal (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
A new building stand alone cellarage family house with two floors, which will be used for housing 5 persons. The house has external dimensions of 11.2 x 13.4 m. The vertical structure, of the system POROTHERM, are dealt with in the transverse system. Garage is located in the basement. The roof Rack consists of a multilayer single casing. The facade will be dealt with silicate plaster rubbing.
Funeral service and stonework
Trojan, Jan ; Bartolšic, Vít (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
A new building stand two single-storey buildings which will be used for the production, housing, sale and storage of the deceased. Objects have rectangular shapes with external dimensions of 9.9 x 24,25 m and 21.0 x 42.85 m. The structures are designed as a vertical system POROTHERM, SPIROLL ceiling and roofing flat roof. The facade will be dealt with silicate plaster rubbing.
Studio as a small composer: influence of the use of software for the composition of electroacoustic music in the teaching of children on their subsequent perception of musical works
Martínková, Aneta ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; trojan, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the paradigmatic change in the field of musical abilities and music listening, which the development of technology brings to the world of music. It presents a summary of the canonical theory, which offers a view of musicality and musical listening through the prism of electroacoustic music. It presents new prototypes of musicians. It also deals with how this paradigmatic change is reflected in the field of music education. It offers theoretical perspectives on innovation in music education and analyzes the problems that hold it back. All this is done separately in the Czech and foreign contexts. In the practical part, the work deals with the testing of a teaching intervention that presents students with concepts from electroacoustic music, both theoretically and practically. And it investigates the effect of such an intervention using an electroacoustic composition program on children's perception of musical works.
The Entry of New Political Parties into the Chamber of Deputies in 2017
Trojan, Jan ; Šárovec, Daniel (advisor) ; Perottino, Michel (referee)
Czech Parliamentary Elections in 2017 led into surprising results, according to which the largest number of political entities have historically taken a seat in the lower house of the parliament. It was even the first experience on the national political scene for a third of them. Despite the fact that these entities succeeded in these elections for the first time, some of their members already were part of the Chamber of Deputies before, and thus have experience with the functioning of the lower house from the last election period. It mainly applies to Mayors and Independents (STAN) and Freedom and Direct Democracy - Tomio Okamura (SPD). The third examined entity is Czech Pirate Party (Piráti), which also tried to join the lower house in previous elections. Such a wide fragmentation of political parties is not a common phenomenon in the Chamber of Deputies and it represents a challenge for a closer research. The outcome of this thesis will be to analyse how similar or different are these political entities and which factors were possibly essential for their electoral success.
Body Experience and Human Body as a Relationship of Music and Object
Pálka-Plachká, Michaela ; RATAJ, Michal (advisor) ; TROJAN, Jan (referee)
This thesis is focused on the field of art in which there is an organic connection of music/ /sound structure and another types of art. It tries to bring these specific art forms in the context of the area Klangkunst and see them in relation to the broader historical tradition. It tries to answer how the music/sound was interconnected with other types of art, and how this development took place in the 19th century to intermediate art. It explains the key concepts of Klangkunst, especially in their German context, and tries to incorporate them into the Czech context. An important level of the subject is body experience and sensory perception. The work tries to answer the specifics of hearing and visual perception, the synergy of both senses, as in the creation of selected authors the phenomenon of whole-body perception and perception of the work of art through its own movement. Various philosophical and musical insights are divided into categories of space, time and silence, and these categories are explored in the work of selected authors – Heiner Goebbels, Christina Kubisch and Bernhard Leitner. The aim of the analyzes is to show how the perception of these categories is shifting in the context of the traditional composition tradition. In the next part I analyze my own work Hmaty… doteky, which was created by connecting the electroacoustic composition with the inputs of a living artist in coexistence with the artistic and movement action and is a common work of several authors.
Composition and Computation
Hejl, Matouš ; RATAJ, Michal (advisor) ; TROJAN, Jan (referee)
The text proposes to descirbe a few conceptual areas associated with the philosophy of technics and media through which it then interprets certain aspects of the role of technics in music. By doing so, it attempts to suggest a framework for understanding the computer and algorithmic musical thought. Reflections on the continuity of human technicity seek to unveil some facets of the digital computer – which can be seen for example as a dynamic cumulation of logical thought. At the same time, the text stresses the role of the composer as an organizer and living interpreter of the computational machine.
The Use of the Amplified Accordion in the Contemporary Music
Zabelau, Raman ; HOŘÍNKA, Slavomír (advisor) ; TROJAN, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issues of the accordion amplification, comparing different creative and technical approaches: the ways of sound recording, different internal microphone systems and different concepts of music composition. Evaluation of the results of my work, will hopefully allow me to design and subsequently build a new internal microphone system for the live production.
Gates - Sound instalation as an intersection of intermedia paradigms
Rataj, Jakub ; BARTOŇ, Hanuš (advisor) ; TROJAN, Jan (referee)
This work treats about the permeation of three spheres (sound instalation, soundscape and physical computing) and their influence for creating a proper piece of art ? sound instalation The Gates. First I treat about the sound instalation from different points of view ? historical context, the work with time, sound and space, technical and visual elaboration. In the end of the first part I describe the concept of my own sound instalation The Gates. In the second part I treat about the concept of soundscape and its influence for selecting the sound material. The last part treats about physical computing as an instrument for the realization of the sound instalation The Gates and as an instrument for enlarging the possibilities of the intermedial synthesis in a more general point of view.
Transmission of human body's movement into sound using sensors
Rataj, Jakub ; RATAJ, Michal (advisor) ; TROJAN, Jan (referee)
This work treats about the permeation of two different compositional approaches (real time technologie and instrumental composition) in proper piece of art - music and dance performance The Art of Manipulation. First I treat about the development of interactive motion sensing systems in the last fifty years and further I describe to different possibilities of their categorisation. In the next part I describe the performance The Art of Manipulation in terms of its dramaturgy and musical content. Further I deal with compositional methods that I used in the instrumental and electroacoustic musical plane and concurrently I analyze their relationship. In the end I describe the architecture and function of the virtual instrument used for real time sound recording and processing.
Karlheinz Stockhausen and The Beatles
Hejl, Matouš ; RATAJ, Michal (advisor) ; TROJAN, Jan (referee)
The text proposes to describe the relationship between Karlheinz Stockhausen and the work of The Beatles in the late sixties regarding especially their album Sgt. Pepper s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It compares how they worked within the same technnical system and it shows changes that occured in music with the conception of studio as a musical instrument. On a more general level, one theme of the text is the difference between so called serious, or avantgarde music and popular music. Through comparing the way Stockhausen and The Beatles approached a few selected aspects of music making, it presentes them next to each other rather than against each other. Another general theme is the relationship between technical inovation and music creation.

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