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Charcoal layers in the Main Coal of central part of the Most Basin - a potential indicator of climate changes in early Miocene?
Šulc, Jan ; Opluštil, Stanislav (advisor) ; Pešek, Jiří (referee)
This thesis is summing up the exploration of fusite layers in the middle coal bench of the main coal seam in the Most Basin, studied with support Severočeské doly a. s. in the Bílina opencast mine. These layers are interpreted as a result of wild fires of wetland vegetation and represent charcoal horizons. Several methods have been used for research of these layers. These include four lithological profiles throughout the middle coal bench in different places of Bílina opencast mine, usage of non-core drilling data (speed and force of auger) and comparation of these data with the profiles, and finally, the maceral analysis of the part of the middle bench between two flooding horizons marked by carbonaceous clay partings. Observations indicate that the charcoal layers are hardly recognisable because of their small thickness (few centimetres maximum) and lenticular nature (their lateral continuity usually does not exceed several tens of meters). The coreless drilling according to its sensitivity shows the potential of its usage for identification of fusite layers, although comparison with nearby field section is recommended. Maceral analysis shows that huminite is in favour against liptinite and inertinite. It is clear from the data, that the fusite layers were created as a result of burning...
Preserved monastery gardens in Lesser Town of Prague
Pulcová, Veronika ; Altová, Blanka (advisor) ; Pešek, Jiří (referee)
The subject of this thesis is a description of the current state and a retrospective view of the history of the preserved monastery gardens in the context of the urban development of the Lesser Town. Specifically, these are the gardens that have survived at the Grand Priory of the Knights of Malta at the Church of Our Lady under the Chain, the garden of the Oblate Augustinians at the Church of St. Thomas, the garden of the Dominicans (formerly Magdalenites) at the former Church of St. Mary Magdalene, the garden of the Barefoot Carmelites at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the Theatines (Cajetans) at the Church of Our Lady of Consolation, the Jesuit garden at the Church of St. Nicholas, the garden of the Convent of the English Maidens at the Church of St. Joseph (Vojanovy sady) and the garden of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Borromeo under Petrin. I describe the current state of the individual gardens and retrospectively trace their historical transformations in an urban context.
Memory and history of Palliardi family - two concepts of studying the family's past
Pulcová, Kateřina ; Altová, Blanka (advisor) ; Pešek, Jiří (referee)
In this thesis, I focus on the Palliardi family of Italian origin and their activities in the Czech lands using the methodological approaches of historiography and memory studies. Descendants of the Palliardi family still live in the Czech Republic today and some of its members, including myself, are interested in the family history, keeping it in mind and searching for traces of it in the historical sources of family members who worked as plasterers on important buildings of the Czech Baroque period in the 17th and 18th centuries. The family memory does not go back to the time when the first Palliardi came to Bohemia, but based on the historical findings so far, it is assumed that this happened after the Thirty Years' War. The first documented Palliardi in Bohemia was Giovanni Pietro, a plasterer originally from the Lago di Como area, who is mentioned as a burgher of Prague's Lesser Town from 1680 and the ancestor of five generations (until 1870) of this Lesser Town family who were engaged in the profession of plastering or building. Ignác Jan Nepomuk (May 15, 1737 - March 18, 1821) and his son Ignác Alois (1765 - August 10, 1806) became figures of the family memory and important historical personalities of the history of Baroque and Classicist architecture. The last builder of the Palliardi...
Integration and exile action in Hessen's Flight Policy in the 50s
Krahulcová, Zuzana ; Pešek, Jiří (advisor) ; Filipová, Lucie (referee)
Doctoral thesis "Integration and Occurrence of Expellees in Hessen Politics in the 1950s" deals with the process of integration of post-war expellees in the political sphere and with their incidence in the politics of Hessen in the 1950s. The first part of the thesis analyses the expellees" situation after their arrival to Hessen and the origins of their political integration in form of expellee syndicates, compatriot groups and their first organizations on the political party base. The thesis focuses then on the role and incidence of expellees in Hessen politics in the 1950s with emphasis on Hessen's Bund der Heimatvertriebenen und Entrechteten (All-German Bloc/League of Expellees and Deprived of Rights, BHE) and the political representation of the expellees in the Hessen parliament. On the example of selected parliamentary debates will be shown the attitudes of specific political parties towards the issues which directly influenced the expellees' situation in Hessen. Powered by TCPDF (
Espace of persecuted Jews from Vienna in 1942. Interpretative analysis of a diary.
Kordová, Magdalena ; Pešek, Jiří (advisor) ; Filipová, Lucie (referee)
Diploma thesis "Escape of persecuted Jews from Vienna in 1942. Interpretative analysis o f a diary" deals with an escape of a man and a woman across the Alps to Italy. The research aimed at studying two levels of the problem, the phenomenon of refuge as such, and a diary as an autobiographical resource, and provides its analysis. Considering the variety of the environments in which the escape happened, the author had to examine all possibilities to access the resources, and also the methods o f verification. Thus archive documents were used alongside with printed resources and artifacts. The diary is to be regarded as a resource, which first of all, records the event as such, and also as a document, which reflects the writer's experience. The commentary through interpretation presents not only the so far unknown route of an illegal passage of Austro-Italian border, but also discusses the relationship of the refugees, a man and a woman, in extreme conditions. Consequently it is shown that the term "emigration" is too complex and general to be used precisely, especially in case of an illegal escape. Powered by TCPDF (
Coal mining at Radvanice areas and its impact on environment
Knytl, Vladislav ; Opluštil, Stanislav (advisor) ; Pešek, Jiří (referee)
Hard coal mining in Czech Republic mining districts has a great influence on the landscape and the environment. It includes for example landscape depressions, unsecured old mine sites, mine water and waste dumps. The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to observe closer these problems at recently abandoned coal mining district in the surroundings of the town Radvanice near Trutnov. The main part of the thesis is about a spontaneous combustion of sterile dumps and their influence on the landscape and the environment. As the model case is used Katerina I dump, which is situated close to Radvanice town.
The Red Army Fraction - Left Terrorism in Germany
Kříž, Miroslav ; Handl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Pešek, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the theme of the Red Army Fraction. Special emphasis is put on the cooperation between the West-German terrorist organization and the State Security of the German Democratic Republic. This thesis follows genesis of the left terrorism in the Federal Republic of Germany in the context of cooperation with the GDR Ministry of Security. The first part of the work analyses the origin of the group, followed by its activities until the end. The next part is devoted to a brief survey of bilateral contacts of both the German states from the mid 60s to the late 80s of the last century. This is the basis for the following chapter. The relevant part of this thesis is represented by chapter 3 which gives analysis of the competition between Stasi and RAF terrorist groups, from the early contacts of the 1st RAF generation members. It mentions the participation of Bewegung 2.Juni terrorist group in the development of the true competition of the so called Second Generation of RAF and Stasi, and, consequently, chapter 3 offers the analysis of the reasons for which the special RAF terrorist group left for the GDR {the so called aussteigers}, from their integration, special tasks fulfilling in the frame of the conception of RAF -Stasi cooperation until their arrest in 1990. The final part of chapter 1 is...

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