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Development of industry and infrastructure in Lysá nad Labem in the period 1848-1918
Jonáš, Pavel ; Jakubec, Ivan (advisor) ; Štemberk, Jan (referee)
The thesis is about the development of railway infrastructure and the industry complexes in Lysá nad Labem and its nearer and further neighborhood. The part about the railway infrastructure focus on main and until today important railways which were build by companies with wider influence, not only in the close vicinity of Lysá nad Labem, then it is about the projects of local railways in the old districts of Nové Benátky and Mladá Boleslav. The part about the industrial complexes concentrate on the two companies, which were located in Lysá nad Labem: Peasant sugar factory and industry company named special plow factory, their corespondation with the autorities and also their inner laws and regulations. The thesis is situated into the period between 1848 and 1918, because in this period the industrial revolution was at its highest.
Image of Crown Prince Rudolph in Czech society
Raisová, Eliška ; Štemberk, Jan (advisor) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee)
Vždy mne zajímaly názory a pohledy lidí na císařskou rodinu, ale korunní princ Rudolf je téma již samo o sobě. Proto jsem se rozhodla, že se zaměřím na toto téma z pohledu české společnosti, neboť právě zde byl Rudolf oblíben více než na vídeňském dvoře. Každý národ vykresloval Rudolfa v tak trochu jiném světle a já bych český pohled ráda analyzovala a také bych chtěla nalézt důvody, proč na korunního prince pohlížela česká společnost trochu jinak než ta rakouská, zejména vídeňská. Samozřejmě nejvíce společnost zasáhla jeho tragická smrt v loveckém zámečku v Mayerlingu, která byla popisována různými pohledy. Nešlo ale pouze o tuto tragickou událost. Korunní princ Rudolf byl velmi netradiční v tom, že odmítal budoucí vladařské povinnosti, a představa, že by měl být jednoho dne císařem, ho velice děsila. Nebyl rovněž vhodným následníkem, jak už z hlediska své povahy, tak kvůli svým neustálým výstřelkům a skandálům, ale ani nebyl dobrým manželem a otcem, což byl velmi známý fakt, o kterém dobové noviny a tehdejší společnost rády spekulovaly. Budou mne tudíž zajímat i tyto obrazy, které o Rudolfovi podávala dobová média. Budu tedy analyzovat české prameny od roku 1858 až po jeho smrt v roce 1889. V této práci bych pracovala nejen s novinovými články, ale také s různými ego-dokumenty (korespondence,...
The private Business in Czechoslovakia in the second half of the eighties
Novák, Pavel ; Štemberk, Jan (advisor) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee)
The diploma thesis "Private business in Czechoslovakia in the second half of the eighties" focuses on the period of "perestrojka" in the conditions of socialist Czechoslovakia in the second half of the eighties. The aim of the thesis is to describe and especially evaluate the beginnings of private business in socialist Czechoslovakia at the end of the eighties. The research question then is whether this economic form of production and trade had any hope of greater development given the given political order. Derived questions are to what extent private business was successful, what and how big a response it evoked among the population and especially how it was accepted and evaluated by the ruling elite. The thesis traces the change in the attitude of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia towards private business after Mikhail Gorbachev took over as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the reconstruction of the economic mechanism announced by him both in the Soviet Union and in its satellites. The primary method will be work with archival materials from the National Archives of the Czech Republic, the Archive of the Security Forces and other state organizations, as well as work with information from the contemporary press. The secondary source...
The Role of Coin Production and its Acceptance in Shaping the Power Structure of Early Medieval Czech Society
Kratochvíl, Jan ; Štemberk, Jan (advisor) ; Charvát, Petr (referee) ; Květina, Petr (referee)
The Ph.D. theses Role of Coin Production and Acceptance in Shaping the Power Structure of Early Bohemian medieval society discusses the earliest historical payment instruments,which appearance is assumed to have occurred in Bohemia in the 10th century. It looks at them, however, through a non-economic prism, the establishment of which is preceded by a critique of existing interpretations. The subject of the research are Slavic payment clothes and the oldest denarii minted in the Bohemian Duchy. The thesis formulates a new hypothesis about the way in which Slavic clothes could have fulfilled certain functions that we nowadays identify with payment. This hypothesis is based on the assumption of a different organization of economic relations in early medieval society. On the basis of this assumed organisation of social relations, a social crisis is subsequently reconstructed, the reflection of which is identified in the St Wenceslas legends, for which a new source of inspiration, Livy's Ab urbe condita libri, is also revealed. The hypothesis about the functioning of Slavic payment clothes is thus subsequently linked with the sources into a broader interpretative whole. The coins are viewed in this work in a chartalist and practical metallist manner, in opposition to the theoretical metallist approach....
The Establishment of the Union of European Football Associations and the Czechoslovak Footprint in International Football (1954-1989)
Urban, Adam ; Štemberk, Jan (advisor) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee)
(English) The diploma thesis The Establishment of the Union of European Football Associations and the Czechoslovak Footprint in International Football (1954-1989) deals with the formation of UEFA in the 1950s and the interference of Czechoslovak football in European football at various levels in 1954-1989. The thesis represents a unique contribution to the history of UEFA, especially in the Czech environment, where it is an unexplored issue. Due to the subject of the work, a historical approach was used. The work is based mainly on archival materials, which are stored in the National Archives in the collection of the ÚV ČSTV and periodicals focused on sports and football (Československý sport, Kopaná). The work first focuses on the form of European football in the absence of a European body and describes the form of competitions at the time. Subsequently, the political events that influenced the creation of UEFA and at the same time shaped the environment in which the confederation operated are considered. Specifically, it is a matter of dividing Europe into two blocks, which defined each other on several levels and football was no exception. This factor is reflected throughout the work. In the last part, the work deals with the influence of UEFA on the form of European football, especially on its...
Licensed Music Recordings on Nationalized Czechoslovak Market
Ferenc, Petr ; Marková, Alena (advisor) ; Štemberk, Jan (referee)
Diploma thesis Licensed Music Recordings on Nationalized Czechoslovak Market deals with a segment of music industry executed by Supraphon and Opus labels. Between 1946-1989, most foreign recordings on the nationalized music market were licensed, then multiplied and offered to listeners via the state distribution network, stores and also as Grammophone Club editions subscription. Up to now, the research only discussed licensed recordings in the context of long play records and a struggle for emancipation of rock music in socialist Czechoslovakia. This diploma thesis adds the area of classical and contemporary music and other not yet discussed genres and sound media. Collected data from approximately 700 records and cassettes are interpreted by the means of quantitative research - the provenience of licences is investigated and compared as well as the development of genre range in time, sound media preferences and the number of licensed releases published by Supraphon and Opus. Both the chapter which covers historical and aesthetic questions of licensing and the chapter which explains the technical vocabulary provide necessary context to the research. This thesis aims to help the research of licensed recordings on Czechoslovak market reach higher integrity and compactness based rather on data than...

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