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The process of globalization from the Georgian perspective
Sabashvili, Nato ; Kumsa, Alemayehu (advisor) ; Černý, Karel (referee)
Globalization is a term of modernity. We live in the Globe as one whole body. Because of new technologies and the level of development of mankind the world became absolutely globalized. Nowaday there aren't useless roles, or actors . Each country and each person have their own meanings and function throughout the working of the Global mechanism . For sure, strong western countries have more important roles and they are dominant through these processes, but each part is important for creating a global development society. Globalization refers to special connections and relationships between countries . There are no national and practical boundaries. Contemporary world became open for getting and sharing any information. Practically each person uses social networks and modern technology. All of them have some International connections , or friends . If travel and access to information about other parts of the earth was privilegie for advanced families , or elite groups in the past, nowaday this process became just part of our everyday life . Now It's simple to share other cultural values, traditions and national consciousness. Everything foreign can be considered as national. For sure the role of new media technologies through this process is unchanchangable. It is a great instrument for creating...
Weaving two worlds: A Moroccan Narrative of Adaptation in Prague
Boulghazi, Firdaousse ; Černý, Karel (advisor) ; Minářová, Markéta (referee)
Immigration or relocation offers a valuable opportunity to explore the impact of a new environment on the cultural repertoire or identity of a specific group. This qualitative study delves into the adaptation experiences of 17 Moroccan nationals residing in Prague. The focus is placed on their adept navigation of cultural differences, the strategies employed to overcome challenges during the adaptation process, and the revelation of the pivotal role played by social networks and support systems in their transition to Prague life. A carefully designed semi-structured interview protocol was used to gather detailed data. The data analysis followed the principles of constructive grounded theory methodology, aiming to develop a deep understanding and identify patterns in the collected information. Through systematic coding and continuous comparison, several significant themes emerged from the data: Cultural Dichotomy: Navigating Two Worlds (a); Bonds of Belonging: Building Bridges with Fellow Moroccans (b); Chasing Integration: Struggles and Strategies in Prague (c), Unveiling Identities: Negotiating Individuality in a Foreign Land (d).
The Sociology of 21st Century Genocide in Darfur
Kubátová, Andrea ; Černý, Karel (advisor) ; Bauer, Karel (referee)
This thesis examines the sociology of the 21st century genocide in Darfur, Sudan, which began in 2003 and has continued to the present day. The thesis introduces the problem of genocide in the history of mankind, discusses its concepts, approaches, typology and history, and discusses the genocide itself in Darfur. The aim of the thesis is to present the 21st century genocide in Darfur, Sudan and to conduct a comparative analysis of the Rwandan genocide and the Darfur genocide, showing the similarities and differences in the course of the two genocides, as well as in the international responses to these genocides. The method of the thesis is textual analysis using multiple comparative case study.
Plastic in Nature: Understanding Plastic in its Sociohistorical Context
Morell, Ian ; Černý, Karel (advisor) ; Novák, Arnošt (referee)
for-Understanding Plastic: Plastic and its Socio-historical Context Ian Francisco Morell This article explores the proliferation of plastic in the modern era, especially as it relates to nature. Using the text The Ecological Rift along with Capitalism in the Web of Life, this article first attempts to understand the nature-society dialectic and how capital relations have produced changes in natural systems and vice versa. Then, using the texts Land of Desire along with American Plastic: A Cultural History, this article contextualizes the productive and cultural relations which underpin plastic production and its eventual fate as pollution. Finally, this article concludes with an attempt to synthesize these texts to understand plastic pollution as a world-transforming phenomenon with long-term, uncertain effects.
Identity and Euroscepticism at odds with EU institutions and Grand Strategy
Azzaoui, Oumaima ; Černý, Karel (advisor) ; Minářová, Markéta (referee)
Identity and Euroscepticism at odds with EU institutions and Grand Strategy. Abstract: During a very volatile time in which uncertainty ranks high, the EU faces a multitude of challenges in pursuit of maintaining its hold with the state members, promote and overlook the continuity of its interests both continentally and on an international level, all while overlooking the constituent members' economic, diplomatic and political sectors. Under such pretense, many questions arise on how the EU handles all of this, for that specifically I composed this thesis that combines different topics in different fields to have a better understanding at where the EU is heading as an international organization. Identity is a driving factor in identifying and self-categorizing with the EU for all of elites, citizens and even corporate bodies. Another phenomenon that can be brought up when speaking of identity is Euroscepticism where identity can have unbalanced grounds after a streak of crises that the EU has gone through, and last Grand Strategy as an academic field is most interesting to understand the EU's strategic initiatives. All of these can be looked at through the EU's institutional framework that provides a compelling basis to understand the EU as a whole. Keywords: EU - Union - Euroscepticism - Identity - Grand...

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