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Hunger games: Discourses of the G7 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa
Milerová Prášková, Dagmar ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Daněk, Petr (referee) ; Profant, Tomáš (referee)
The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition was launched in 2012 as the main G7 initiative to combat hunger in Africa. Its proclaimed objective was to facilitate cooperation between selected African countries and private sector companies by promoting pro-market reforms and investments in African agriculture. However, it quietly disappeared from public space around 2015, seven years before the end of its programming period. The New Alliance can thus be considered and analysed as a case of failed policy, which has not achieved its declared goals. In this thesis, I examine the discourses of this initiative in official documents of selected G7 countries, focusing on how this initiative was constructed and framed in the wider context of their approaches to global food security and hunger. The selection of the analysed countries (USA, France, and the UK) reflects their distinct positions on the New Alliance. This analysis is supplemented by discourse analysis of western and African civil society actors who took an active role either in a New Alliance project or the anti-New Alliance campaign. I assumed that examination and confrontation of different positions of these countries with respect to the New Alliance may uncover different conceptualisations of food security and hunger in Africa associated...
Selected aspects of diagnostics of the reinforced concrete structure of the interwar period of the 20th century
Žítt, Petr ; Bílek,, Vlastimil (referee) ; Pěnčík, Jan (referee) ; Daněk, Petr (advisor)
The dissertation deals with diagnostics and load tests of a reinforced concrete ceiling structure built in the interwar period of the 20th century. The theoretical part of the work is an excerpt from standard regulations for the design of structures in terms of material properties of concrete and reinforcement, the implementation of load tests and measuring equipment used. Furthermore, static calculations according to relevant standards, numerical and stochastic analysis of selected members. The practical part of the work is then focused on performing experimental load tests of selected elements of the ceiling structure with appropriate diagnostic work, which includes determining the geometry of the supporting structure, reinforcement of elements and determining the quality of built-in materials. An integral part of the practical part of the work is based on the data obtained from the performed load tests and diagnostic work to perform a static assessment of the affected structures and to compile a deterministic and stochastic FEM model of the selected member. The conclusion is a comparison of measured data with FEM analyzes, analysis of the justification of the use a load tests in the context of classical diagnostic methods and the methodology of the optimal number of test samples for objective evaluation of the actual state of the structure.
Rozsypalová, Iva ; Kolář,, Karel (referee) ; Vítek,, Jan (referee) ; Daněk, Petr (advisor)
Doctoral thesis is focused on the assessment of concrete structures after fire exposure and extends the knowledge in view of the main aims of the research defined in the objectives of his work. Thanks to the performed fire tests of full-scale concrete specimens, material characteristics corresponding to actual fire load have been assessed for different temperature levels. Resulting from presented research, main steps of assessment procedure have been recommended for both destructive and non-destructive tests of concrete after exposure to fire. Furthermore, behaviour of FRP reinforcement at elevated temperatures have been investigated. Aiming to determine the effects of fire exposure on reinforced concrete structures, experimental program have been defined and performed, including concrete beams reinforced with either steel, or composite reinforcement with glass or carbon fibres and subjected to experimentally simulated fire load. After cooling, bending test have been executed. Above mentioned experimental program was further complemented by extensive numerical analysis. Finally, presented work provides guidelines regarding further investigations required in this field of research.
Musicians engaged in historically informed performance in the Czech Republic at the beginning of the 21st century
Klindera, Milan ; Daněk, Petr (advisor) ; Slavický, Milan (referee)
OBJECTIVES: To create a global survey of a group of musicians engaged in historically informed performance of early music (according to the given definition) in the Czech Republic, to find out how this group is being received by another group of musicians, how does its influence on the surrounding musical scene look like and to find the ways and the directions of this interpretational aprroach's enter to the Czech Republic. METHOD: Qualitative sociological research. Used instruments: participant observation, analysis of the documents, halfstandardized interviews. RESULTS: The group of musicians engaged in historically informed performance of the early music as well as the whole phenomenon of the informed performance is more and more visible and respectable in the Czech Republic. These specialized musicians have been exerting influence up even the traditional interpretational approach in several directions during their activity in our cultural scene.
The Kolín cantional from 1517 and songs of the Bohemian Brethren in the early sixteenth century
Baťová, Eliška ; Daněk, Petr (advisor) ; Černý, Jaromír (referee)
This thesis deals with the Czech cantional held in The Kolín Regional Museum and its importance to hymnology. Both the complete external description of the source and the analysis of its contents is made. Attention is paid primarily to the liturgical use of the repertory and its historical and confessional context. In detail there are treated its relations to the repertory of the Bohemian Brethren with regard to the tune, lyrics and liturgy. The text concludes with a new evaluation of the manuscript and its significance for musical and ecclesiastical history and brings important contributions to our knowledge about the form of the Bohemian reformation music during the Jagellonian period.
Jesuits and musical culture in Prague 1556-1623
Kroupa, Jiří ; Daněk, Petr (advisor) ; Čornejová, Ivana (referee) ; Jeż, Tomasz (referee)
This thesis contributes to our knowledge of the early (modern) Bohemian musical culture by tracing the musical production and activities at the Jesuit Clementinum college in Prague from its foundation in 1556 to the establishment of the autonomous Bohemian Province in 1623. This analysis draws on original Jesuit archival documents (diaria / diaries, memorial books, catalogi personarum / personnel catalogues, litterae annuae / annual letters, historiographical works of the period) and wider primary sources, which the author interprets within broader socio-cultural and historical realms. Authentic testimonies written in Latin that document musical activities in the Clementinum and the relationship of Prague Jesuits with music are included in the footnotes or in appendices. Individual chapters seek to illustrate (illustrare) and assess (recensere) the materials investigated from the following points of view: 1) institutional (Order, College, associated sodalities); 2) environmental acoustics (broader sound production within the spaces of the College and the rest of the city); 3) prosopographical (music prefects of the College and of the Marian Congregation); 4) surviving musical sources; 5) ceremonies with musical components (liturgical and paraliturgical ceremonies, graduations, congregational...
Tanslation and stylistic analysis of five chapters of the novel Swimming by Nicola Keegan
Daněk, Petr ; Ženíšek, Jakub (advisor) ; Grmela, Josef (referee)
This BA thesis consists of two parts. The first comprises my translation of five chapters of Nicola Keegan's novel debut Swimming. The second part, analytical one, contains two sections. One deals with the choice and description of the target language register of this translation and the other one with the stylistic analysis of the translation and the justification of the vocabulary used. The analytical part is based largely on the translational theories of Dagmar Knittlová and especially Jiří Levý.
Geographic Analysis of Electoral Support for the Green Party in the Years 1990 - 2013
Komárková, Marta ; Kostelecký, Tomáš (advisor) ; Daněk, Petr (referee)
The electoral analysis, mainly detecting the causes of success of the particular political party, may bring important findings in the field of Czech democracy development and the society itself. The aim of the thesis is the geographic analysis of the elections (between the years 1990 - 2013), focused on the Green Party (GP), which exists at the Czech political scene since 1990. The main research purpose was to describe and evaluate the differences in the geographical distribution of the electoral support for the Green Party and to determine the factors, which affect the voters, since the party was found up to date, to the last elections at 2013. The special emphasis was put on the factor "air pollution". In the analytic part, the geographic distribution of electoral support is tested with the correlation analysis, coefficient of variance, LISA analysis and regression. As important result may be mentioned the geographical shift of the electoral support between years 1990 and 2013, from the east to the centre of the Republic, and farther to Moravia. The correlation coefficient shows the instability of the electoral base. It corresponds with the analysis of the chosen variables; educated people did not vote for the GP in 1990, whereas they supported GP since 2006 on. Similar evolution had the variable age,...
Polyphonic psalm settings in the Czech renaissance exampled in the Vavřinec Benedikt of Nudožer's edition (1606)
Šnejdarová, Dina ; Daněk, Petr (advisor) ; Černý, Jaromír (referee)
Na zaklade veskerych dosavadnich vyzkumu lze nyni uvest uplny souhrn udaju k Benediktovym tiskum. Vavrinec Benedikt z Nudozer vypracoval behem sveho zivota ceske casomerne parafraze zrejme vsech 150 zalmovych textu, z nichz se dochovaly pouze dva tisky, obsahujici v jednom pripade 10 zalmu, ve druhem 2 zalmy. Oba tisky byly vydany v roce 1606, Aliquot psalmorum u Jiriho Nigrina, Zalmove devadesaty prvni a Sty tieti u Daniela Adama z Veleslavina. V predmluve k tisku deseti zalmu Aliquot psalmorum se Benedikt hlasi k predloze, podle niz parafraze vytvarel. Jde 0 latinske prebasneni celeho zaltare basnika Georga Buchanana, vystavene na zaklade 30 antickych metrickych vzorcu. Tyto parafraze znovu vydal humanista a basnik Nathan Chytraeus ve spolupraci se skladatelem a kantorem Statiem Olthofem v roce 1585. Tricet metrickym vzorcu bylo ctyrhlasymi hudebnimi zpracovanimi, opatreno celkem 40 jez pripravil Olthof. Autorem 16 z nich byl Johann Reusch. Prave k teto edici se odkazuje Benedikt, ovsem bez udani roku vydani, s nimz pracoval. Dulezitou soucasti Benediktova doprovodneho textu tisku Aliquot psalmorum j e vysvetleni pravidel, podle nichz byly parafraze vytvareny, a poznamky k j ednotli vym metrickym schematum. Benedikt vybral pro vlastni parafrazi zalmovych textu osm z Buchananovych metrickych vzorcu, na nez...
The works of "Rudolfinian composers" included in the printed book of organ tablatures Tabulaturbuch (1607)
Frýdlová, Soňa ; Daněk, Petr (advisor) ; Černý, Jaromír (referee)
Tématem mé diplomové práce jsou skladby obsažené v tištěné sbírce varhanních intabulací s názvem Tahulaturhuch von allerhand ausserlesnen, sch6nen, lieblichen Praeludtjs, Toccaten, Motteten, Canzonetten, Madrigalien und Fugen von 4, 5, und 6 Stimmen: dessgleichen kunstlichen Passomezzen und Gagliardenl ), která je uložena v hudebním oddělení Národní knihovny v Praze pod signaturou Pu 59 C 8985. Zaměřila jsem se především na přepis a analýzu děl skladatelů, u nichž existuje osobní vazba na Prahu v době vlády Rudolfa II., a kteří tedy bývají často označováni jako skladatelé "rudo lflnští" .

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