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Assessing the effectiveness of invested public resources to ensure the quality and availability of public cultural needs
Dostál, Petr ; Černý, Ondřej ; Daněk, Petr ; Drobný, Tomáš ; Gregorini, Jindřich ; Richter, Vít ; Gregoriniová, Jindřiška ; Lázňovská, Lenka ; Přílepková, Michaela ; Vávrová, Barbora ; Vítová, Kateřina
Metodika je v prvním plánu určena správním orgánům v resortu kultury, které v rámci státní kulturní politiky zodpovídají za podporu rozvoje jednotlivých kulturních aktivit a organizací. Jde jednak o orgány státní správy a útvary krajských a městských samospráv, které jsou pověřeny praktickou realizací kulturní politiky, zpracovávají strategické rozvojové dokumenty a doporučení pro orgány místních samospráv na úrovni obcí (proto je jednou z významných částí dokumentu kapitola Zřizovatelé – poskytovatelé veřejné podpory). Metodika má dále sloužit potřebám klíčových veřejnoprávních a soukromých institucí činných v sektoru kultury – jak významných neziskových organizací, tak i soukromých subjektů – aukčních síní, galerií, divadelních souborů i hudebních těles. V druhém plánu má metodika sloužit vědeckým a výzkumným subjektům veřejnoprávního i soukromého charakteru, jak subjektům úzce zaměřeným na výzkum kultury tak i organizacím zaměřeným na řešení širších ekonomických souvislostí a dopadů kultury. Jde jak o výzkum kreativních odvětví, tak i o specifická vědecká zadání v jednotlivých ekonomických odvětvích (cestovní ruch, export kulturní produkce, mezinárodní kulturní spolupráce apod.).
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The Use of the Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test for the Determination of Concrete Homogeneity in a Structure
Jindrová, Barbora ; Daněk, Petr (referee) ; Kocáb, Dalibor (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the basics of diagnostics of structures and states the most frequently used methods. In the context of non-destructive diagnostics, there is described the ultrasonic pulse velocity test in detail, along with it’s principle and possible ways of application. The main content of the thesis is description and application of several approaches that are offered by the ultrasonic pulse testing instrument Pundit PL-200 by Proceq SA. The results of several measurements, performed both in laboratory and in situ, are processed here, focusing mainly on the assessment of the comparability of values acquired with different measuring settings on the same element. Another conclusion is the determination of concrete homogeneity in the structures according to the standard ČSN 73 2011.
Friends and Neighbours Effect on Voting in the Královéhoradecký Region
Frič, David ; Kostelecký, Tomáš (advisor) ; Daněk, Petr (referee)
David Frič FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS EFFECT ON VOTING IN THE KRÁLOVÉHRADECKÝ REGION Abstract This work deals with one of spatially contextual impacts on electoral behavior, namely the so- called friends and neighbours effect. It consists of influencing a voter's favor by the residence of a candidate around which the candidate usually gains more votes than an average for the whole constituency or more votes than would be expected by other criteria. The work verifies attendance and strength of this effect on the example of three kinds of elections in Královéhradecký Region. It analyzes friends and neighbours effect on voting in the elections to the Chamber of Deputies, the Regional Council and the Senate. The results of potency of the effect are examined separately in each of these elections and then compares results of the analyzes of these elections to each other, thereby provides a unique comparative perspective of this phenomenon in the Czech electoral systems. The significance of the friends and neighbours effect is also compared among selected political actors. The main part of the analysis focuses on their electoral results in individual municipalities as well as in the whole region, with regard to differences in results of candidates' hometowns. To illustrate the significance of the friends and...
The geographies of religion from a feminist perspective
Klingorová, Kamila ; Havlíček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Daněk, Petr (referee) ; Rochovská, Alena (referee)
This dissertation is based on the postsecularisation thesis which highlights the increasing role of religion nowadays. In the postmodern society, religion is understood not only as an objective truth, but also as the individual experience of a person. In relation to societal changes, a new paradigm has appeared - the new geographies of religion - which incorporates the individuality of a person into the discussion about religion in space. The study of religion as an individual experience could be significantly enhanced by feminist approaches which enable the inclusion of personal experiences. Therefore, the thesis contributes to the current direction of the geographies of religion connecting these with feminist approaches. The contribution of feminist approaches is assessed from the theoretical and empirical point of view. Feminist approaches develop themes of hierarchy, everydayness, emotionality, and embodiment, and thus contribute to the research on religion in a postsecular context. The empirical goal of the thesis is to consider the creation of sacred place and how religion frames the everyday experience of women. The thesis seeks to enrich Czech cultural geography with religious experience as another element forming space. The methodological framework uses the potential of a combination of...
Geographic Analysis of Electoral Support for the Green Party in the Years 1990 - 2013
Komárková, Marta ; Kostelecký, Tomáš (advisor) ; Daněk, Petr (referee)
The electoral analysis, mainly detecting the causes of success of the particular political party, may bring important findings in the field of Czech democracy development and the society itself. The aim of the thesis is the geographic analysis of the elections (between the years 1990 - 2013), focused on the Green Party (GP), which exists at the Czech political scene since 1990. The main research purpose was to describe and evaluate the differences in the geographical distribution of the electoral support for the Green Party and to determine the factors, which affect the voters, since the party was found up to date, to the last elections at 2013. The special emphasis was put on the factor "air pollution". In the analytic part, the geographic distribution of electoral support is tested with the correlation analysis, coefficient of variance, LISA analysis and regression. As important result may be mentioned the geographical shift of the electoral support between years 1990 and 2013, from the east to the centre of the Republic, and farther to Moravia. The correlation coefficient shows the instability of the electoral base. It corresponds with the analysis of the chosen variables; educated people did not vote for the GP in 1990, whereas they supported GP since 2006 on. Similar evolution had the variable age,...
National political parties in Czechia and their involvement in local politics
Michetschläger, Lukáš ; Kostelecký, Tomáš (advisor) ; Daněk, Petr (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is to analyze political involvement of national political parties in local politics in Czechia or, more specifically, how successful are these parties in the municipal elections. The main theoretical background of this thesis is divided into two chapters. The first part contains of general definitions of political parties, functions and objectives of political parties, typology of political parties, and development of the party system in Czechia as well as basic characteristics of the different national political parties. The second chapter deals with studies of voting behavior in Czechia, the municipalities themselves and their councils. The second chapter also presents municipal elections. The practical part of this thesis is summarized in one large chapter, which is further divided into smaller subsections. In the first phase the success of parties in drawing up lists of candidates for municipal elections is studied, followed by multiple regression analysis aimed at exploring of relationship between national politics and the success of the political parties at the local level. It also describes other variables which affect that relationship. The third phase of practical part consist of LISA analysis, which is used to determine the local level of spatial...
The Musical Entourage of Rudolph II (1576-1612) reconstructed from the Imperial Accounting Ledgers
Rossi, Michaela ; Daněk, Petr (advisor) ; Pánek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Maňas, Vladimír (referee)
of the Dissertation The Musical Entourage of Rudolf II (1576-1612) reconstructed from the Imperial Accounting Ledgers Michaela Žáčková Rossi (2016, Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Petr Daněk Ph.D.) The proposed dissertation is undertaken as an attempt to make accessible the payments of the imperial court under Rudolf II concerning its musical life. Quite a century ago Albert Smijers published payments to the imperial musicians, but only to them of the chapel, while the other categories were considered unsystematically; but even among the "trometter", "kammermusici" and "servants on two and more horses" we find excellent composers. This dissertation, using the known sources and on the basis of new heuristics in the State Archives of Vienna, brings for the first time a complete list of all musicians of the Rudolf's court, including the period, function and wages development of their stay. Thanks to the extensive lists and graphs, it also present the specialization and career evolution of the Imperial musicians, number and quality of their extraordinary payments, bonuses etc. The conception of a first global view on the Rudolfine musical entourage in Prague will be complemented in a forthcoming monograph by a complete list of (Gnadengeld), it means "grace payments" to the musicians for their music dedications...
The music of the Armenian Hymnal: the Tntesean corpus
Utidjian, Haig ; Daněk, Petr (advisor) ; Kindler, Evžen (referee) ; Troelsgaard, Christian Viggo (referee)
Haig Utidjian - Abstract In this thesis we attempt to establish, in as concrete and tangible a manner as possible, the procedures used by Ełia Tntesean (1834-1881) in compiling and redacting his version of the melodies of the Armenian Hymnal, and to place his own endeavour in the context of other attempts to record the melodies of Armenian hymns using the Limōnčean system of musical notation in nineteenth-century Constantinople - at a time when the mediaeval neumatic notation had already become largely intractable. Our approach entails the juxtaposition of Tntesean's musicological articles and paedagogical publications with his transcriptions in Western notation and with his mature realisations of the hymnal melodies in the Limōnčean system, published posthumously in 1934 - treating these sources as a coherent corpus, of which the diverse components are allowed to shed light on each other. Comparison with other hymnals from the same period, the investigation of parallels with the neighbouring practice of Ottoman makams, fieldwork with surviving remnants of the oral tradition, and a critical examination of Tntesean's writings and transcriptions enable us to elucidate aspects of notation and performance practice, and to expose a subtle evolution in aesthetic. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of the Tntesean...

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