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Measurements of the intensity of traffic within a fixed interval of the AP
Kubík, Pavel ; Trzos, Michal (referee) ; Matocha, Tomáš (advisor)
The thesis analyzes the network traffic on a router with open source firmware. First is chosen a software platform, based on compatibility with available equipment. Then are assessed properties necessary for the development of custom applications. Support for various programming languages provided by the SDK, development environment and the available modules and libraries, for working with network interface. Based on these factors is then chose method to realize the program. He is implemented on the OpenWRT firmware in C / C + + using network library pcap. These funds are used to capture and analyze network traffic. Obtained data are processed using methods of technical analysis, namely on the basis of moving averages, Stochastic oscillator and Bollinger bands. Based on results of these methods are generated and verified estimates of traffic. They are based on linear extrapolation, simplified for fixed intervals. The validity of each method is verified on base of the estimated value. Method is verified if estimated value of the traffic volume is in the Bollinger band, which is given by the standard deviation. Each method is tested several times in real traffic with different input parameters. Then is evaluated the influence of parameters on the error rate of methods. Individual methods are compared and evaluated based on the behavior in different scenarios and based on the average relative error.
Distributed systems for cryptoanalysis
Vašek, Jiří ; Trzos, Michal (referee) ; Sobotka, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis should introduce a reader with basic objectives of parallel computing followed by distributed systems. The thesis is also aimed at description of cryptographic attacks. The main point should be to obtain theoretic information for design of distributed system for cryptoanalysis.
Applications of wavelet transform in Mathematica and Sage
Novotný, Radek ; Trzos, Michal (referee) ; Rajmic, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis focuses on image processing using wavelet transform. The usage of wavelet transform is analysed especially for image compression and image noise reduction purposes. The analysis describes in detail aspects and application of the following wavelet transform methods: CWT, DWT, DTWT, 2D DWT. The thesis further explains the meaning of the mother wavelet and studies certain specific kinds of wavelets, kinds of thresholding and its purposes and also touches on the JPEG2000 standard. Mathematica and Sage software packages were used to design algorithms for image compression and image noise reduction, utilising relevant wavelet transform findings. The concluding part of the thesis compares the two software packages and results obtained using different algorithms.
Modelling of closed space acousticsby the beam method
Ryšavý, Marek ; Orlovský, Kristián (referee) ; Trzos, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor thesis describes the modeling of room acoustics using the ray tracing method. The first chapter deals with a general description of the basic properties of acoustic environment (wave acoustics, statistical acoustics and geometric acoustics). Then are described methods of calculating geometrical acoustics (image-source method, ray-tracing method and beam-tracing method). In the second chapter of this work is described in detail ray tracing methods and algorithm for calculate room acoustic using this method.
Modern pitch-shifting algorithms and its aplication in virtual musical instruments
Křupka, Aleš ; Balík, Miroslav (referee) ; Trzos, Michal (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with pitch shifting methods of acoustical signals. The theoretic part of this thesis involves description of three different pitch shifting techniques, these are the method using a modulated delay line, PICOLA method and method using a phase vocoder. The first two methods represent the processing in time domain, the third method represents the processing in frequency domain. In relation with the PICOLA method, the thesis also mentions algorithms for pitch estimation. The practical part demonstrates the use of these methods. There is described a sampler virtual musical instrument based on the playback of the sounds stored in memory. In this part the particular units providing the required functionality are described. The generating of sounds is controlled by the MIDI protocol. In the sampler is implemented the PICOLA method.
Advanced method of signal time-stretching based on tonal and non-tonal segment detection
Vomáčka, Jan ; Trzos, Michal (referee) ; Balík, Miroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the method for time conversion of an audio signal based on a different approach to groups tonal and non-tonal segment signal implemented in Matlab. The first part deal with methods for musical signal processing based on time compression or expansion and describes the problems associated with the current way of implementing these methods. The following describes the methods of variable segmentation and tonal and non-tonal components detection in the audio recording. At the second part are these methods of variable segmentation, tonal component detection and time compression or expansion implemented in MATLAB. At the third part is performed testing on sound recordings and evaluation of results.
Decision Tree Design Based on Evolutionary Algorithms
Benda, Ondřej ; Trzos, Michal (referee) ; Karásek, Jan (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce pojednává o dvou algoritmech pro dolování z proudu dat - Very Fast Decision Tree (VFDT) a Concept-adapting Very Fast Decision Tree (CVFDT). Je vysvětlen princip klasifikace rozhodovacím stromem. Je popsána základní myšlenka konstrukce stromu Hoeffding Tree, který je základem pro algoritmy VFDT a CVFDT. Tyto algoritmy jsou poté rozebrány detailněji. Dále se tato práce zabývá návrhem algoritmu Genetického Programování (GP), který je použit pro vytváření klasifikátoru obrazových dat. Vytvořený klasifikátor je použit jako alternativní způsob klasifikace objektů v obraze ve frameworku Viola-Jones. V práci je rozebrána implementace algoritmů, které jsou implementovány v jazyce Java. Algoritmus GP je integrován do knihovny “Image Processing Extension” programu RapidMiner. Algoritmy VFDT a CVFDT jsou testovány na syntetických a reálných textových datech. Algoritmus GP je testován na klasifikaci obrazových dat a následně vytvořený klasifikátor je otestován na detekci obličejů v obraze.
Internet applications in .NET Framework
Volovec, Miroslav ; Trzos, Michal (referee) ; Lattenberg, Ivo (advisor)
This work shows wide possibilities of .NET Framework usage. Describes development of instant messaging system. Description of this system includes production of service oriented application, web client and finally Windows application made with WPF. It's target is to show possibilities of software development using innovative methods and tools, that the Microsoft .NET platrofm offers
2D Audio Scene Analysis and Rendering in Multichannel Sound-Reproduction Systems
Trzos, Michal ; Balík, Miroslav (referee) ; Maršálek, Petr (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with cues used by the human auditory system to identify the location of sound and methods for sound localisation based these cues, namely, vector based amplitude panning and ambisonics, which are described in detail. These methods have been implemented as a VST plug-in module. This thesis also contains listening tests of second order ambisonics along with acquired data analysis.
Real-Time Audio Signal Processing in Embedded Computer
Novák, Pavel ; Trzos, Michal (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis deals with operating systems, particularly with Windows Embedded Standard 7 for built-in computers. The first part of the thesis is focused on the most compact installation development. The second one is oriented on sound card and sound interface ASIO driver installation. The application for the real time sound processing inTone is also described in detail there.

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