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Manufacturing concept of a composite swing arm
Gregor, Lukáš ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Zouhar, Jan (advisor)
The subject of this master’s thesis is manufacturing design and production of CFRP swingarm prototype for off-road motorcycle. Theoretical part describes conventional types of swingarm, provides basic introduction to composites and manufacturing technologies. Practical part describes production steps, assembly jigs and assembly process. The last part of thesis deals with measuring stiffness properties using photogrammetry system TRITOP.
Manufacture of nut tightening device for reactor cooling pump's impeller
Rygl, Filip ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This thesis solves the problem of design and production of a special mounting device for the impeller nut of the main circulation pump GCN-317. The proposed device is intended to solve the problems associated with the mounting and dismounting of this nut. The work provides basic information about the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant and VVER-440 systems in general, including their brief history. It also introduces the operational and legislative environment of the primary circuit of the nuclear power plant. It deals with the task and technical description of the main circulation pump and its overhaul. The following sections present the basic principles of construction of the device and an overview of its components with a description of their purpose and method of production. The last part of the thesis describes the function of the device and its verification and reports on its deployment.
Production of prototype mold parts using rapid prototyping methods
Kaloda, Vít ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Zemčík, Oskar (advisor)
The diploma thesis pointed out the possibility of using rapid prototyping methods in the field of plastic injection, specifically to make shaped inserts into the injection mold. The universal frame of the injection mold was used and only the shaped inserts were changed. The main part of the work was the construction of an injection mold with the subsequent practical production of shaped inserts for a specified part. In the introductory part, a theoretical search was performed, about which production methods in combination with suitable materials could be theoretically used. Furthermore, the polyjet and DLP methods were chosen, which were used to produce components (core and cavity). The result of the diploma thesis was a summary of all parameters, comparison of materials and production methods. Polypropylene and polyamide 6 materials were injected into the injection mold, from which the first prototype products were made. Instructions for the production of shaped inserts with the recommended technology and material were created for the selected type, which could be used in practice.
Design of replicated production of the selected part using the technology Reverse Engineering and Rapid prototyping
Horňák, Matúš ; Zouhar, Jan (referee) ; Slaný, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis in theoretical part describes methods of Reverse engineering and Rapid prototyping. Each method describes its characteristics, pros and cons and usability. Practical part deals with application of these methods on part of a ledge of Škoda 1000 MB, digitalization of object, creating a new volume model, analyzing its dimensions and geometry using deviation analysis, creating prototype, choosing suitable manufacturing technology and technical-economical aspects.
Sample preparation for tensile test from a form-complex part using Reverse Engineering and CAD/CAM systems
Okřina, Lukáš ; Jaroš, Aleš (referee) ; Slaný, Martin (advisor)
The Master's thesis deals with the proposition of a suitable methodology to produce test specimens intended for tensile testing. Considering the irregular geometries of the parts and deformations in previous tests, reverse engineering was used to obtain a CAD model that was used to control dimensions and create a machining strategy. This thesis also includes an analysis of current technologies in the field of reverse engineering.
Technology of manufacturing of carbon fibre composites by hot forming
Přikryl, Pavel ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Zouhar, Jan (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the composite materials and especially aims on the carbon and glass fiber composites. It points out different composition types and manufacturing methods which reflect in the different mechanical properties, final quality of the manufactured part and also in the manufacturing time. The practical part includes two particular manufacturing methods using prepregs, one cured in an autoclave and one by hot compression moulding.
Application of composite materials for sport optics
Kupčák, Radim ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Zouhar, Jan (advisor)
In Its first half this master's thesis describes composite materials with carbon fiber reinforced plastics being the main focus point. An overview of production technologies follows. The major objective of the second part of this master's thesis is to design and manufacture a simplified model of an optical device using prepregs.
Construction and production of modeller CNC milling machine
Krejčí, Miloš ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Zemčík, Oskar (advisor)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to design and manufacture a modeller CNC milling machine. The work includes introduction of modeller CNC milling machines available on the market and their comparison. The thesis also contains custom design of modeller CNC milling machine, followed by prototype manufacturing and testing. The design includes calculation and experimental verification of stepper motor parameters, frame sizing, load simulation and selection of suitable control electronics. A prototype was designed to verify concept, manufacturing technologies and cost.
Production of threads in thin-walled parts
Václavek, Petr ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe and compare technologies used in a production of threads in thin-walled parts. It includes descriptions of commonly used materials for these parts and their qualities, that may have an influence on the thread production. The following are the descriptions of different methods of manufacturing threads directly into thin walls, forming different types of bushings and anchoring threaded fasteners. Special focus is on a comprehensive analysis of processes of welding, riveting and pressing nuts. The technological and economic suitability of each solution is then compared.
Design and production of prototype badge using technology Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping
Benáček, Filip ; Kalivoda, Milan (referee) ; Slaný, Martin (advisor)
The work focuses on the design of piece production of the car character which combines geometry of the primary objects. These objects were converted into digital form by reverse engineering and subsequently merged using the appropriate software. The acquired model of the character was made by Rapid Prototyping technology and let to making the mold. Piece production of the character was ensured by gravity casting of the epoxide into the mold.

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