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Connection of physical models and PLC series LOGIX
Skopal, Lukáš ; Bradáč, Zdeněk (referee) ; Štohl, Radek (advisor)
My work deals with the connection and subsequent diagnostics of existing models of a stand drill, a parking lot, a trunks sorter and a ball dispenser with an Allen-Bradley PLC in the laboratory. These models will be used in the teaching of the subject called Programmable machines (BPC–PGA). The results of this work are finished connections in the form of cables with connectors and removable terminal blocks, which can be inserted into the I/O modules of the assigned PLC series LOGIX by Allen-Bradley, as well as applications and HMI for verifying the functionality of the individual components of the mentioned models.
Modbus/TCP server
Kaufman, Oskar ; Macho, Tomáš (referee) ; Štohl, Radek (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the implementation of the industrial communication protocol Modbus TCP and communication with Allen-Bradley's Logix PLC series. The aim of this work was to create a hardware prototype, implement the communication protocol into a microcontroller, and verify the functionality of the device itself and its communication through Modbus TCP. The developed device is equipped with digital inputs and outputs that can be controlled using the Modbus TCP protocol. The verification of communication focuses on the proper control of these inputs and outputs through the Logix PLC series.
Automation of genotype data calculations
Janásek, Josef ; Štohl, Radek (referee) ; Richter, Miloslav (advisor)
This work is focused no creating application which automates work with applications Structure, Structure Harvester, CLUMPP a Distruct. These applications are used to work with genotype data for studying population structures. Automatization design for these purposes is then worked to an app which includes a user-friendly interface for easing the work as uploading data, filling in parameters for calculations and displaying results. Tis app is created on the platform .NET.
Home weather station
Macek, Jan ; Štohl, Radek (referee) ; Šedivá, Soňa (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of a home weather station. This work aims to create a home weather station that measures temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation, wind direction and speed. This thesis examines the problems of meteorology, followed by an introduction to the available weather stations on the market and defining the requirements for the proposed weather station. Then the actual hardware design, structural design and software implementation is created. The conclusion of the thesis represents the evaluation of the achieved results.
Control and visualisation of a virtual production line
Viater, Dominik ; Jirgl, Miroslav (referee) ; Štohl, Radek (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the control of a virtual production line using FACTORY I/O and PLC. The introduction of the thesis is devoted to the description of the FACTORY I/O program and its scene editing and part manipulation capabilities. It then discusses the design and implementation of a virtual production line, for which PLC control software and HMI panel visualization were developed. The aim of the thesis is to provide a tool to better understand and control PLCs through virtual production lines.
Modernization of the 2D manipulator model
Valenta, Jakub ; Stibor, Karel (referee) ; Štohl, Radek (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the safety of the triple device 2D manipulator. The thesis describes the design of the machine and its control systems. Emphasis is placed on the description of the safety functions used in the machinery and the safety evaluation procedure using a machine risk assessment. A proposal for the EC declaration of conformity has been drawn up for the machinery, together with the required supporting documents. A simple program for controlling the machine is still created and vitualization has been prepared. The machinery was tested by milling the BUT FEEC logo.
Modernization of the small press model
Prosecký, Jan ; Stibor, Karel (referee) ; Štohl, Radek (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the safety of pneumatic presses and the assessment of risks associated with the operation of this machinery. The theoretical part of the thesis describes a model of a small pneumatic press with its electrical and mechanical components. The task of the thesis was the reconstruction of a small pneumatic press, consisting in the replacement of the original PLC and its necessary components with a more modern model PLC 1769-L33ERMS from Allen-Bradley. The work also includes a risk assessment of the machinery according to EN ISO 12100. According to the risk assessment, the necessary safety modifications were proposed. The proposed safety modifications were later applied and verified. The thesis also deals with the development of the safety PLC program and also the development of the visualization. Finally, the technical documentation with a draft Declaration of Conformity is developed.
Add-On instructions and Faceplates for Dobot
Novák, Radim ; Foukal, Roman (referee) ; Štohl, Radek (advisor)
This master thesis deals with industrial static robot Dobot Magician. First part of this work is dedicated to a theoretical information about such robots, adventages and disadvantages of each type and it’s use. The second part of this thesis is devoted to the practical outputs of this work, hardware design, software solution, visualization and demonstration of those parts.
Visualization of the production line
Bačůvka, Petr ; Knobloch, Tomáš (referee) ; Štohl, Radek (advisor)
This diploma thesis is devoted to the creation of a production line visualization. This production line consists of two devices, automated bartender and coaster press. The first part is dedicated to the literature search of the standard for the creation of HMI ANSI / ISA - 101.01.-2015. Next, both devices, their basic features and functionalities are described. The creation of the visualization itself is described in the third chapter. The creation procedures, the programs used and the individual parts of the visualization are presented here. The work also includes the documentation of the modifications made to the line. The last part is dedicated to the creation of the user manual. In addition to the classic part dedicated to the control description, it is also expanded with information for people who will make further adjustments to the devices.
Control of a virtual production line
Barčák, Martin ; Kacz, Peter (referee) ; Štohl, Radek (advisor)
The aim of this work is to get acquainted with the Factory I / O development systems and then describe it. Furthermore, to design a laboratory task whose task is to move and load pallets with material into a vertical warehouse using Factory I / O controlled by a PLC and to carry out a laboratory task. Finally, there is a need to create a sample laboratory task.

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