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Participation in NZDM
Baudišová, Tereza ; Čihánková, Ivana (advisor) ; Kaplánek, Michal (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with participatory approach in social work, namely its application in easy access facilities for children and youth. The theoretical part is devoted to the concept of easy access facilities for children and youth and contact work, anti-oppressive approach, community work and critical social work, which is the cornerstone of participation, as well as the participatory approach itself. The aim of the practical part is to find out how easy access facilities for children and youth workers work with the elements of participation and how they apply it in their work. The findings are conducted through semi-structured interviews with staff. Keywords: critical social work, anti-oppressive approach, participation, easy access facilities, community work
20th Century Theologies of Play - Hugo Rahner and Jurgen Moltmann: Blind Alley
Lamser, Jan ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Jandejsek, Petr (referee) ; Kaplánek, Michal (referee)
The aim of the present text is play and playing along all respective forms from the perspective of systematic theology. Two most comprehensive play theologiesas presented in the books Der Spielende Mensch by Hugo Rahner and Die Ersten Freigelassenen der Schöpfung by Jürgen Moltmann and connected writings are analysed. The analysis expands on the understanding of play as play and ensuing theological interpretations, as portrayed by both authors, in the context of their theological legacy, professional endeavours and historical circumstances relating to the time of inception of their respective play theologies. Such play theologies are outlined both on the general level and presented inparticular details and points of emphasis in terms of systematic theology. Sources of inspiration, direct motivations to engage in play theologies arepresented from the perspective of both respective theologians as well as thereception and impact of their writings. Consequently, a comparison of both play theologies is presented. Their compatibility is argued both on the level of key eschatological and soteriological conclusions as well as foundations emphasising freedom, joy and creativity as fundamental theological qualities of play. Attention is given to the theological understanding of human identity and human understanding...
The Pedagogical Potential of the School Club at the Dobřichovice Elementary School
Dvořáková, Lenka ; Pařízek, Michal (advisor) ; Kaplánek, Michal (referee)
Bachelor's thesis refers the issue of leisure time for pupils of first - degree primary school in a school club. The aim of work is to focus on an annual plan of the "School Club" at Primary School in Dobřichovice, for pupils of grade 4 and 5.This place represents a temporary safe place. Pupils should learn how to manage their leisure time in the afternoon before going to the second level of school. The work is divided into two main parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part deals with theoretical starting points of time from the point of view of philosophy, as well as the concept of leisure time in the life of pupils of younger school age. It deals with the interest activities and stated educational objectives in the leisure time of pupils. The practical part of the work contains a summary of the various activities of the annual plan and other activities in the school club. The annexes contain both the annual plan as well as the individual projects and activities divided into individual monthly units. Keywords School club, Annual plan, leisure education, relaxation, safe place.
Development of a positive identity for children and youth at the Štěpán Trochta Salesian Center in Teplice
Mirga, Miroslav ; Kuchař, Pavel (advisor) ; Kaplánek, Michal (referee)
The aim of this work is to find out and describe how the staff at the center help children and young people in developing their identities. The thesis deals with identity from the psychologi- cal and sociological point of view. It deals with the target group in terms of psychological de- velopment, including all developmental groups that appear in the center. Logically, the educa- tion of its specifics for specific age groups of children and youth is also discussed. Due to the mission of the center, the Salesian style of education is discussed, which is based on the pre- ventive system of Don Bosco. For this reason, it is necessary to conclude the theoretical part of the work with a treatise on the pastoral care of children and youth. The second part briefly characterizes the concept of qualitative research, which is carried out using semi-structured interviews with employees and children visiting the center. Two types of interviews are used in the work, each of which is divided into four areas with three sub-questions. Each type of inter- view is analyzed and commented, transcripts of individual interviews are given in full in the appendices. A special chapter is devoted to the discussion of information findings. The intro- duction clearly defines the goal, which is evaluated in the conclusion...
School clubs from the perspective of parents and children
Bendová, Anna ; Ortová, Marie (advisor) ; Kaplánek, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with parents' und children's perceptions, opinions and expectations regarding the after school club centre of General František Fajtl DFC Grammar School and Kindergarten in the district of Prague-Letňany. The explorative part of the thesis entails a survey via questionnaires on parents' expectations and opinions how the school youth centre works. Attending children's perceptions of strengths and weaknesses of the youth centre are included as well. The theoretical part of the thesis analyses normative goals, mission, function and staff conditions of school youth centres in general and the above mentioned centre in particular. The question of mutual cooperation between parents and staff in charge is also discussed. The conclusion synthesises the main findings of both of these parts - that is, the expectations of the parents and children are compared with the theoretical groundwork and supplemented with feasible options of its implementation.
Social pedagogical work in the socially excluded locality Lorec or what activities have been successful in working with families with children in the socially excluded locality
Kvasilová, Hana ; Kuchař, Pavel (advisor) ; Kaplánek, Michal (referee)
Bachelor thesis in its theoretical part deals with the situation and status of Roma in Czech society, their history, ethnicity, culture, customs and the problem of social exclusion. It clarifies the importance of knowledge of these aspects for the work of educators and social workers and emphasises that the fundamental human values are dignity and the right to self- determination. In the practical part, a list of applied methods of working with the target group is presented in the socially excluded locality Lorec and evaluating their impact on the quality of life in the locality. In the discussion there is a comparison of the identified facts with experience from other sites of similar type.
How to Workwork with Community Center Clients in Exluded Zengrovka Locality Develops Their potential
Zárubová Mirgová, Alena ; Kuchař, Pavel (advisor) ; Kaplánek, Michal (referee)
The bachelor thesis entitled "How to Workork with Community Center Clients in Excluded Zengrovka Locality Develops Their Potential "deals with the phenomena that occur in this locality as a consequence of social exclusion and activities aimed at their reduction. The thesis consists of the theoretical part and the empirical part. In the theoretical part, I discuss the issue of social exclusion and the role of ethnicity in it. I also follow key competencies that show the perspective of client's potential. The empirical part deals with the specific problems of the development of the potential of the inhabitants of the locality, with the problems of individuals, groups and the whole community. I also deal with the preconditions of a worker in this community center. The aim of the thesis is to analyze specific activities with clients in the Zengrovka community center aimed to getting clients key competencies of the excluded Zengrovka locality.
Marian Kuffa and His Approach to People in Need
Tulejová, Ingrid ; Martinek, Michael (advisor) ; Kaplánek, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with Marian Kuffa's approach to people in need. The first part of the thesis deals with Marian Kuffa's life, childhood, influence of his family in forming his personality, his later decision to become a priest and the beginning of his social activities in Zakovce, Slovakia. The second part of the thesis analyzes the most common causes of social exclusion, especially from Marian Kuffa's point of view. Further, the author describes life of people in need in common therapeutic communities and pays special attention to everyday life in the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in Zakovce, Slovakia and its facilities. The focus is on the specific approach of Marian Kuffa to the resocialization process of the socially excluded people. In the last part, both the common and Kuffa's approaches are analyzed and compared, the pros and cons of both are stated.
Benefits of mutal enrichment in relationship between personal assistant and client ( in the organisation Asistenc o.p.s )
Hanykýřová, Michaela ; Ortová, Marie (advisor) ; Kaplánek, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis investigates the benefits of mutual enrichment in relationships between personal assistants and their clients in the organization Asistence o.p.s.. Theoretical part of this thesis defines personal assistance and describes its history, legislation and principles. The relationship between clients and personal assistants is investigated consequently. This thesis then describes the mutual enrichment in these relationships and the necessary conditions for its development. At the end of the theoretical part the campaign of the Asistence o.p.s. organization is mentioned. Practical part of this thesis describes the research on this topic and includes analysis of fifteen interviews with personal assistants and fifteen interviews with their clients and their comparison. Keywords personal assistance, personal assistant, client, user services, disability, mutual enrichment, relationship

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