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Spiritual progress of man in relation to God in the exegesis of Song of Songs by Origen and Life of Moses by Gregory of Nyssa
Hrehová, Kristína ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Kočandrle Bauer, Kateřina (referee)
In this thesis, I ask how Origen and Gregory of Nyssa used the Scriptures in the exposition of their theology of spiritual progress. The aim of this thesis is to compare their teaching and exegetical approach to spiritual progress and consider their benefit for a modern reader. In the introductory chapter, I introduce the historical, intellectual, and spiritual context of authors and texts. In the second and third chapter, I analyze texts of the selected works focusing on the definitions of spiritual progress and its relation to sin and forgiveness, afterlife and communion of God and man. I also considered how was the teaching of both authors influenced by their historical context and pointed out problematic parts of their teaching. In the concluding chapter, I summarize similarities and differences ín Origen's and Gregory's approach to the topic of spiritual progress on the basis of the text analysis and secondary sources. I ask how can Christians of today in their spiritual progress and ecumenical discussions benefit from Origen's and Gregory's search for Christian perfection.
The role of good and care for soul in Hannah Arendt's life in comparison with Adolf Eichmann's banality of evil.
Honová Puskajlerová, Ingrid ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Jandejsek, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis analyzes Hannah Arendt's conception of good through Plato's 'care for soul'. The thesis seeks to explain how to understand this problem through books of various authors. The analysis starts with the inspirational potential of care for soul, emphasizing its impact on moral orientation. It continues to seek human good and care for soul in Arendt's life and books. Understanding of her concept of care for soul can be found in her statement: "Our inheritance was left to us by no testament". The search for the original meaning of care for soul is confronted with the specific type of evil, which Arendt called the 'banality of evil'. The phenomenon of the banality of evil is interpreted through the biographical story of Adolf Eichmann in Arendt's book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. From the perspective of Platonic care for soul, Eichmann's personality represents its anti-type. The thesis firstly seeks the practical dimension of care for soul in both Arendt's and Eichmann's lifetime. In the second step, the thesis focuses on the meaning of Arendt's philosophy and examines how her theoretical concept of care for soul corresponds with Adolf Eichmann's personality. Eichmann's concept of care for soul represents the opposite of Arendt's concept and shows Eichmann's...
The Doctrine of Creation and Theology of the Neglected World: A Conversation with O. Clément, R. Rohr, N. T. Wright and the Pope Francis
Paluchníková, Štěpánka ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Kočandrle Bauer, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis entitled The Doctrine of Creation and Theology of the Neglected World: A Conversation with O. Clément, R. Rohr, N. T. Wright and the Pope Francis aims to interpret the doctrine of creation and theology of the world as helping to rediscover the significance of today's neglected world as an inhabited and habitable place created by a good Creator who gave the world its eschatological orientation, which is renewed through Christ and in the Spirit. In this study I have a conversation with French Orthodox theologian Olivier Clément, the American Franciscan Richard Rohr, the British Anglican theologian and Bishop N. T. Wright and the Latin American Pope Francis. Each of them helps me, in a specific way, to understand in what sense the neglected world, together with man, can and does undergo transformations so that 'the world for death becomes the world for glory.' This perspective of creation which is eucharistic, universal, continuous and good shows how to achieve this goal.
Spiritual Guidance
Bártová, Darina ; Filipi, Pavel (advisor) ; Noble, Ivana (referee)
The work deals with spiritual guidance.Concept of spiritual gudiance and related concepts is defined first. Next the spiritual accompaniment is defined against the sacrament of reconciliation on the one hand and to psychological counseling on the other. The paper tries to show that the concept of spiritual accompaniment is rooted in the tradition of Christian spirituality.It is possible to interpret some biblical stories from this perspective. But some personalities of the history of spirituality also contributed to the current conception of spiritual accompainment. Own capter is dedicated to them. The following is a more detailed analysis of the content and typical forms of spiritual guidance, requirements for accompanying and specifics of various categories of accompanied. Some pathological phenomena in the context of spiritual accompaniment appear are mentioned also. The results of field research in selected communities of different denominations are a separate part of the work. They have demonstrated wheather the concept of spiritual accompaniment is known and wheather it is used and by whom. An important question is also characteristic of the typical accompanying. The research results are summarized in the conclusion and in the annexes. Powered by TCPDF (
The Church as a Non-familial Solidary Political Community
Kušnieriková, Michaela ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Štěch, František (referee) ; Hušek, Vít (referee)
This thesis explores why the metaphor of the church as a family is insufficient, when we focus on the relation of the church to the world and primarily on a holistic concept of Christian acting. In this attempt, Arendt's theory of political action, Bonhoeffer's ecclesiology and political theology and Stăniloae's theology of the world and acting are brought into a conversation. The roots of the different views of Arendt and Bonhoeffer on the family symbolism are traced to their distinct notions of acting. Therefore, including also Stăniloae's voice, this becomes the central theme of the debate focusing on the inter-action of actors and acting's place in the world. Christian calling is unfolded not only as acting for others, but also with others in a response to the words and deeds of God existing as three Persons in communion. As human beings are drawn into this space of unique relations, they are empowered to communal and common acting of equals participating in worldly and public-political issues. Since a familial symbolism conveys only a limited notion of acting, omitting its common aspect, this study complements this symbolism with a metaphor of the church as a solidary political community. Powered by TCPDF (
Union of Chalice? The possibilities of Hussitic-Protestant Church Union in the Czech Lands
Kosmata, Pavel ; Filipi, Pavel (advisor) ; Noble, Ivana (referee)
This work investigates the possible merging of Czechoslovak Hussite Church and Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren. Author is supporting this thesis by comparation of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church and Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren by the view of theology, liturgy, and their organization scheme and also speculates demographic trends of both churches. To the script is attached a summary overview of Hussite and Evangelical congregations in the territory of Southern Bohemia with photographs of each one. Powered by TCPDF (
Perception of Feminity and Women in the Religious Philosophy of Vladimir Solovyov and Nikolai Berdyaev
Dremlyuk, Inga ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Kočandrle Bauer, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis deals with perception of feminity and women in the religious philosophy of Vladimir Solovyov and Nikolai Berdyaev. In the introductory chapter I present my motivation for choosing this topic, and the reasons why I think it is important. The first chapter deals with Vladimir Solovyov's deception of womanhood at the same time it introduces his essential philosophical themes - such as Total-unity, Godmanhood, Sophiology - and pinpoints the specifics of his relationship to Christianity. In the second chapter, I discuss Berdayev's notion of feminity and present central motives of his philosophy: freedom, personality, creativity, as well as his peculiar understanding of Christianity and Godmanhood. In the concluding chapter I summarize both authors' views on feminity and point out the inconsistency of these ideas in the broader context of their notion of God, human and human's free and responsible participation on his or her way to Godmanhood. Powered by TCPDF (
Attempts of Ecumenical Approach to Mary
Junasová, Gabriela ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Bauerová, Kateřina (referee)
This Bachelor's thesis Attempts of ecumenical approaches towards Mary is focusing on approaching three different attempts to speak of Mary in an historically chronological order and in various contexts. It begins in the "sixties years" of the last century (from the point of view of the reform tradition) with a book by Max Thurian (a brother of Taizé community), called "Mary, Mother of God". It continues with a book published twenty years later by two female Brazilian theologians, Ivone Gebara and Maria Clara Bingemer, which is called "Mary, Mother of God, Mother of the Poor", written from the perspective of the poor and women of Latin America. The selection is brought to an end with a contemporary work from a francophone ecumenical group Le Groupe des Dombes, called "Mary in the plan of God and in the Communion of Saints", in which they propose feasible approaches towards the conversion of churches in disputed questions relating to Mary. Powered by TCPDF (
A Dialogue of Faith and Non-faith in a Chosen Work of Josef L. Horamadka and Tomas Halik
Skřivanová, Tereza ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Moree, Pieter (referee)
A dialogue of faith and non-faith is a main theme of my thesis as it is discussed in a chosen work of Josef L. Horamadka and Tomas Halik. First part of the thesis is focused dialogue between Christianity and atheism, as it was present in communist society based on works of Josef L. Hromadka, emphasizing importance of Christianity for secularized society and vice versa. Starting point for opening of discussion for J. L. Hromadka is a situation a modern man finds himself to be in. Second part of the thesis is dealing with a topic of faith and non faith as discussed by Tomas Halik who points out this dialogue as crucial one for postmodern society. He underlines mutual understanding of differences of the others and engagement with non believers in solidarity of pilgrims. Powered by TCPDF (
The Relation between Man and God in the Tehology of K. Rahner, J. Moltmann and V. Lossky
Neradová, Hana ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Bauerová, Kateřina (referee)
My work considers the relationship between human beings and God according to three theologians from different Christian traditions: Orthodox theologian V. Losský, Catholic theologian K. Rahner, and Protestant theologian J. Moltmann. In the beginning, I introduce the historical setting of their theology, and then I continue with chapters focused on the lives, scholarly work, and interpretation of the God- man relationship of these three theologians. The connecting thread through my thesis is the shared belief among these theologians that, despite the hard experience of living through World Ward II., they all insist on the divine origin of humankind which God does not take away even when people sin. Rahner's interpretation uncovers that people have an "inner sense" for transcendence - "Vorgriff", which allows him to overcome the limits of his world and to know God. And then Losský nad Moltmann reveal that the aim of human life is to be like God and to share his life and beauty. Powered by TCPDF (

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