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Employment of people with disabilities in the capital city of Prague
Marková, Jana ; Němec, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Zemková, Jaroslava (referee)
The thesis is focused on the employment of persons with disabilities. The aim of the work is to determine the employment status of these persons in the territory of the capital city of Prague. The theoretical part deals with general specifics for the employment of persons with disabilities, legislative definition, and further specifics of persons with individual types of disabilities in the field of employment. The research part of the work focuses on the possibilities of employment of persons with disabilities in the territory of Prague from the point of view of organizations working in this sector. A questionnaire with open questions was chosen as the research method. The research showed that people with disabilities are provided with a variety of support to find and maintain employment. In this area, however, certain legislative changes are needed for better employment of persons with disabilities to improve the possibility of employing them in the open labor market, so that they are not excluded from the intact society. Another fundamental step towards improving the situation on the labor market is to increase the awareness of employers and employees about the issue of people with disabilities. KEYWORDS employment; persons with disabilities; protected labor market; non-governmental non-profit...
Discourse Production of Czech Speakers with Aphasia: A Usage-based Exploration
Láznička, Michal ; Lehečková, Eva (advisor) ; Hatchard, Rachel (referee) ; Marková, Jana (referee)
The research in linguistic aphasiology has been dominated by structuralist, rule-based approaches to the study of langauge. However, recent work has shown that analyses based in constructivist, usage-based frameworks can provide explanations to patterns of language processing in aphasia that are difficult to accommodate in structuralist models. The present work follows up on these findings and aims to provide additional evidence for the benefits of the usage-based model by using data from Czech speakers with aphasia, an understudied language in this context. The aims of the study were threefold: to create a collection of samples of aphasic connected speech available to other researchers, to provide a description of the patterns of aphasic discourse production in Czech, and, most importantly, to show potential benefits of usage-based construction grammar for aphasia research. A corpus of the speech of eleven persons with fluent and non-fluent aphasia of varying degrees of severity was created. The corpus consist of more than 23000 word position produced by speakers with aphasia in tasks used to elicit conversational, narrative, descriptive, and procedural discourse. The corpus is lemmatized and morphologically tagged and the transcripts are aligned with audio recordings. A smaller sample of three,...
Start-up phase of a denitrifying sulphur reactor
Marková, Jana ; Hrich, Karel (referee) ; Malá, Jitka (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the start-up phase of the denitrification sulfur reactor, which is used to remove nitrogenous substances from water. The main content of this work was the investigation of the influence of various parameters on the progress of the start-up phase with the aim of their optimization. For this research, three column reactors with different operating parameters were developed at the Institute of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology. The reactors were operated throughout the start-up phase, and samples were taken regularly during the run-up phase for subsequent analysis. It was evident from the measurement results that the appropriate setting of the input parameters of the column test, which was the HRT 15 h and a filling ratio of S:CaCO3 1:2, a high removal efficiency of nitrates from the model water exceeding 93% was achieved in just 15 days. Furthermore, it was found that the HRT of 10 h is not sufficient for the course of autotrophic denitrification and caused a prolongation of the start-up phase, which is economically less favorable.
The guidebook to the area of Chrudimsko
The bachelor work is focused on the tourist attractions in the area of Chrudimsko. I tried to write the whole work as the guidebook to the area. In the first part I present the basic information about this region. The central part deals with the district town Chrudim. The next chapter is focused on personalities of the Chrudimsko region. In the chapter four I describe next several towns of Chrudimsko region and their historical sights. In the next part of this work I analyse guidance for excursions to the nature and where to visit historical sights. I also describe here the biking paths, foot paths and where to take part in sport evens. The chapter six follows moving events in the history of the village Ležáky. The next chapter deals with the Jewish sights in the centres of the former Jewish settlements. In the conclusion I present the most important industries and companies operating in the area of Chrudimsko. The appendix provides the necessary information about accommodation and places where to eat. It also offers maps with marked biking paths and illustrates pictures guides of individual places.
Three Prague theater buildings and their "memory"
Marková, Jana ; Topolová, Barbara (advisor) ; Pšenička, Martin (referee)
The Diploma Thesis named Three Prague theatre buildings and their memory deals with the history and transformations of the status of the three oldest theatre buildings in Prague, namely The Estates Theatre, The National Theatre, and The State Opera. This thesis aims to show how their role has changed over the centuries. The introductory chapter offers a historical overview of the mentioned buildings, from their foundation to the present times. Next, the thesis deals with the perception of the theatre buildings during different periods with the help of the period press and scientific literature. More attention is devoted to the significant moments, such as the confiscation of the Estates Theatre in 1920 or the celebrations of the Year of the Czech theatre in 1983, which showed that the theatre buildings do not only fulfill the role of cultural institutions but also represent national ideas. The text covers the development between 1783 and 2022 and is divided into several time blocks. The Diploma Thesis demonstrates how significant role these buildings hold in the Czech history and even in today's society.
Dosing of veterinary eye drops 1
Marková, Jana ; Šklubalová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Smékalová, Monika (referee)
Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of: Pharmaceutical technology Consultant: doc. PharmDr. Zdeňka Šklubalová, Ph.D. Student: Jana Marková Title of Thesis: Dosing of veterinary eye drops 1. The main purpose of this thesis was to find out, whether and to what extent the rate of dispensing, the dispending angle (90ř, 65ř, 45ř) and the volume of preparation (30 ml, 15 ml, 5 ml) had effected the mass of commercial eye drops for poultry vaccination. Drops were produced manually by using conventional dispensing system (plastic 30 ml dropper bottle and dropper tip) and by using a new prototype of semi-automatic device. The drop mass increased with increasing the rate of drop formation in every examined combination of factors. With decreasing of the dispensing angle, the drop mass decreased only in a case of constant rate dropping. In all other cases, especially with volume reduction to 15 ml and 5 ml, the drop size often increased due to the wetting of hemispherical dropper tip. As a result, higher variability of drop masses had occurred. With using the semi-automated prototype, the preparation volume had no impact on the final drop mass. On the other hand, higher variability of doses was noted for studied suspension eye drops.
Commercial agent's indemnity
Marková, Jana ; Patěk, Daniel (advisor) ; Pelikán, Robert (referee)
Commercial agent's indemnity Abstract The thesis deals with an indemnity of a commercial agent. It focuses mainly on determining whether an agent is entitled to the indemnity and on its calculation. The indemnity is a unique legal institution in continental law. In assessing whether a right to indemnity arises and determining the amount of the indemnity, it is necessary to consider the equity of its payment. The assessment of the equity is, in the first instance, left to the parties to the agency contract. Moreover, the current legislation does not expressly provide for the method of calculating the indemnity. Therefore, it is a unique and unclear legal regulation, leading to legal uncertainty for both the agent and the principal. The case law of Czech courts and literature on this topic is still scarce. This paper aims to interpret the legal regulation of indemnity and thus offer guidelines for its correct application. The legal regulation of indemnity in the Civil Code is a transposition of the Directive 86/653/EEC which was based on the legal regulation of the German Commercial Code. Therefore, the thesis is largely based on the case law of the CJEU and German literature and case law, which has developed the dogmatics on indemnity for decades and offers solutions to a large number of issues not yet...
Options for financing the operational costs of secondary schools
Moníková, Marie ; Marková, Jana (advisor) ; Mach, Václav (referee)
Final thesis analyzes financial sources of operating cost of secondary schools. Theoretical part is paid to competencies of the founder in funding of secondary schools and to competencies of schools head. There are explained technical economic terms from financing of secondary schools. In thesis is described process compilation of budget, summary of cash flow and explained problematic value added tax. Research part of final thesis is based on make survey. In survey I investigated, if schools are using all of the available sources for financing and if they have revenues in the main activity, if they operate an additional activity and in which domain, whether schools are payers of VAT. Survey was based on randomly asked high schools, established by the Region. Practical part of research investigation brings information about problems, which are presented in front of schools problems in financial are. Thesis served summary of allocation of funds high schools and explains the choices of raising funds for secondary schools.

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