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Analysis of Travel Agency Customer Satisfaction and Suggestions for its Improvement
Svoboda, Lukáš ; Pšenička, Martin (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
This thesis focuses on increasing the customer satisfaction of travel agency. Customer satisfaction is a key component for maintaining market position, company reputation and its growth. Client satisfaction is especially important in the area of services, including travel agencies. Based on a questionnaire survey among customers, using the NPS method and the KANO model, measures are designed for increasing it. Also the suggestions are obtained to improve company promotion with the use of customer survey.
Audience Perception during Theatre Performance
Urbánek, Tomáš ; Pšenička, Martin (advisor) ; Sarkissian, Alena (referee)
This diploma thesis is about audience of theatre performance. It focuses on specificity of individual perception but also on perception of the audience as a unit and it examines relations between them. The thesis is based on interdisciplinary cooperation of theatre studies, cognitive science, neuroscience and psychology. It finds its goal at the topic analysis based on approach of theatre and cognitive studies. It offers a few ways, that is possible to use during the perception analysis and its specificity. In the final part it offers several ways of experimental research of the topic and its risks. Key words: theatre, spectator, perception, memory, cognitive science, psychology
Contemporary Dance Festivals in Slovakia
Hlubinová, Ivana ; Christov, Petr (advisor) ; Pšenička, Martin (referee)
The goal of the Bachelor's thesis is to map out three Slovak contemporary dance festivals - Bratislava v pohybe, Nu DanceFest, KioSK festival, and Prague's festival presenting Slovak dancing Hybaj ho - and point out their role and significance for Slovak contemporary dance based on the analysis. In order to draw a complete picture, it is necessary to understand the historical context and the development of the dance in the modern era after 1989. The work is based on contextual events and facts which play a key role in grasping the topic. I address their history, circumstances of their origin, dramaturgy, audiences, and the venues where they take place. The focus of this work is to examine their contribution in relation to the independent contemporary dance scene in Slovakia.
Selected forms of pantomime in Czech theatre since 1989
Marková, Tereza ; Christov, Petr (advisor) ; Pšenička, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with selected forms of mime in Czech theatre since 1989. Primaly, the thesis will summarize the prime selected forms of mime in Czech history, their prerequisites for the future progression and it will introduce some of the important personalities appearing during the second half of the twentieth century. The main part of the text will deal with significant attributes of the chosen period and will be focused on selected forms of contemporary mime and its educative possibilities. The text will offer the gaze at forms of mime founded within the twentieth century and will try to present a view at future development of mime in the twenty-first century. Keywords Mime, nonverbal theatre, Pierot, clownery, grotesque, Ladislav Fialka, Boris Hybner, Ctibor Turba, Radim Vizváry
Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi! The change of management in Berlin's Volksbühne 2015-2018.
Pospíšil, Adam ; Pšenička, Martin (advisor) ; Just, Vladimír (referee)
Práce je koncipována jako případová studie, jež usiluje o kvalitativní rozbor diskuse kolem transformace berlínského divadla Volksbühne v době jmenování a aktivního působení intendanta Chrise Dercona. Komparativním způsobem, prostřednictvím teoretické školy kritické diskurzivní analýzy, mapuje, překládá a analyzuje klíčové dokumenty, čímž přispívá k pochopení širších divadelních, kulturních a politických souvislostí, které doprovázely/jí výměnu ředitelství a vizi proměny dramaturgie a provozu této přední evropské scény. ABSTRACT The thesis is conceived as a case study that focuses on qualitative analysis of the discussion around the transformation of the Volksbühne Berlin during the time of the Chris Dercon's appointment and intendantship. In a comparative way, through the theoretical school of critical discourse analysis, it maps, translates and analyses key documents, thus contributing to an understanding of the broader theatrical, cultural and political contexts that have accompanied the exchange of management and the new vision of the dramaturgy and policy of this famous European Theatre.
Dramaturgy of Czech New Circus: Eliška Brtnická's Work
Korychová, Kateřina ; Pšenička, Martin (advisor) ; Christov, Petr (referee)
This thesis examine the dramaturgical approach of famous Czech artist Eliška Bartnická to the contemporary circus. In addition, this paper elaborates on the wider range of teoretical and historical context of new circus and her work. The main focus is to analyse the staging of Enola. Based on critical reviews, relevant studies and own experience as an audience, this paper looks and analyze the staging style, action, specific visuals and the dramaturgical work of staging.
Development and optimalization of sectioning technique for the study of migration and differentiation potential of testicular stem cells in X. tropicalis tadpoles
Bláhová, Monika ; Krylov, Vladimír (advisor) ; Pšenička, Martin (referee)
Thanks to their ability to differentiate into variable cell types and migrate to the site of an injury mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are broadly used in regenerative medicine. Their relative easy availability together with the property to control the immune system determines them as a cure of autoimmune diseases or a recovery of wounded tissues. Similar features posses Sertoli cells which take place in the seminiferous tubule of testis. Cell culture of testicular stem cells from juvenile male testes of X. tropicalis (XtTSC) was established in supervisor's laboratory. This cell culture showing both MSC's and SeC's properties was transformed to carry red fluorescent protein RFP. The aim of this diploma thesis was to investigate an behavior of transformed XtTSC in living organism, therefore cells were transplanted into the X. tropicalis tadpoles in stage 41. Subsequently, their migration potential was explored. To study of XtTSC's differentiation potential it was necessary to introduce a reliable sectioning techniques for the subsequent immunohistochemical analysis. Based on our experiments, we found that the XtTSC's cell culture contains precursors of SeC and peri-tubular myoid cells, however in vivo these cells turned into the dedifferentiated MSC-like state allowing a strong migration through the...
Groupings Děrevo
Blatný, Tomáš ; Topolová, Barbara (advisor) ; Pšenička, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis Topic Derevo: About the Method and Philosophy of Life deals with formerly Russian performative group Derevo, currently residing in Dresden. In March 2019 the author of the thesis took part in a five-day international workshop there, the output of which were two performances in The Societaetstheater. Relying on his own experience, the author tries to describe the workshop led by Anton Adasinsky, the founder of the group, from a critical point of view. In addition, the thesis tries to indicate potential changes in the group's poetics. Available literature focusing on Derevo has been used, including selected critical reflection of Derevo 1990s Prague performances. The thesis conceptualizes the artistic style as well as the formal basis (dance butó, the second theatre reform etc.) of the Derevo group, and identifies its symptomatic activities (workshops, performative projects, the way of life).
Tree productions of Capek's The Robber at The Vinohrady Theater
Psota, Pavel ; Topolová, Barbara (advisor) ; Pšenička, Martin (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to characterize three last stage productions of the Vinohrady theatre of the play Loupeznik by the well known playwright, author and a democrat Karel Čapek. Karel Čapek was one of the most remarkable authors of the 1920s and 1930s. The author of this thesis attempts to make a reconstruction of the last three stage productions of Loupeznik at the Vinohrady theatre based on available infomation found. The first and oldest one being stage production of 1972 by the director Frantisek Stepanek. The second one being the stage production by director Jan Novak of 1988. And the last and newest one is the stage production by director Thomas Topfer of 2015. The more detailed analysis will be provided to the first and third production respectively because of the more information available for these including the video recording of these two productions. On the other hand, for the second production very little material being available and thus to reconstruct this 1988 one based on the material was very difficult. In the order to reconstruct the productions the author bases his research upon archival theater reviews and studies in particular periodicals, photographical material from the productions and in some cases also audiovisual recordings. Other resources include also the...
Orgins and History of the Czech Chrismas Music
Holubová, Anna ; Tichý, Radek (advisor) ; Pšenička, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with the Czech Christmas spiritual music, wants to point out and pick up her beauty, popularity and popularity across the public and in the circles of the Church and in the wider public. The method is the research the available literature and handouts for this topic, which is evident in the Division of the individual chapters. The introduction will include music and history of music. In the next part we will spend Christmas spiritual music, we close its emergence, history, Christian context, familiar carols and songs and their lyrics with a spiritual focus, some of the selected authors and their works both from the past and from the present. We also in our surroundings, to learn more about the Christmas music of our neighbors, or some European countries. In the next part of the main chapters refer to the positive influence of the Christmas music on the evangelization of pastoration and also on Ecumenism - attitude to Christmas music in some churches, and on its place in the broader public. The conclusion should answer the question of why is Christmas music and in particular the Czech Christmas music so much popular and popular among both artists and in the Christian churches and the public, with an interference fit and why it appears almost as a phenomenon. Keywords Christmas,...

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