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Intergenerational programs in seniors education
HLADKÝ, Jaromír
The work deals with the issue of intergenerational programmes, their position in the senior education and mapping their distribution in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part is based on the latest findings in intergenerational projects and studies conducted mainly in the last decade which are listed in utilised sources. The framework focuses on the age specifics, their needs, trends of active aging, intergenerational solidarity and inter-generational education and learning in the context of lifelong and life-wide learning, especially in terms of grandparent and grandchildren generation relation. The work is supplemented by information from online surveys. It indicates that intergenerational programs in the Czech Republic meets the objectives of international and national strategies, increasing their offer is still inadequate
Principal and the economics, maternity school financing and bookkeeping
Bělinová, Věra ; Marková, Jana (advisor) ; Hladký, Jaromír (referee)
This bachelor's dissertation is focussing on problems with the excessive strain of numery school principals. It describes all issues including principal responsibilities in sphere of economy, financing and accounting , and at the same time it offers potential solution of a workload reduction. This dissertation is based on a konfidence that should principal of numery school pay attention specialy to the pedagogic process management, there has to be an efficient separation of authorities among principals, school mid-management and external servise suppliers. In the final part of dissertation you will find the brief recommendation regarding principal options for the workload reduction and at the same time the reduction of risk of his economic responsibility in managing the school.
Co-operation of kindergartens and school counselling service departments in the area of the postponement of compulsory school attendance
Stejskalová, Marta ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (advisor) ; Hladký, Jaromír (referee)
TITLE: Co-operation of kindergartens and school counselling service departments in the area of the postponement of compulsory school attendance AUTHOR: Marta Stejskalová DEPARTMENT: Centre Of School Management SUPERVISOR: RNDr. Jindřich Kitzberger ABSTRACT: Co-operation of kindergartens and school counselling service departments in the area of the postponement of compulsory school attendance is very important. Parents' decision whether the compulsory school attendance will be postponed or not, should never become a formal matter, whereas parents can cause their children considerable difficulties in the future education and subsequent life just through their unadvised approach. My final thesis consists of four chapters and is divided into theoretical and empirical parts. The theoretical part is based on the theoretical resources and the general characteristics of pre-primary education, school counselling service departments, also from the experiences of senior staff of kindergartens in the field of compulsory school attendance. It is based on the legal definitions of pre-primary education and school counselling service departments. The aim of the practical part of the final thesis was to map /through the quantitative research survey/ the problems of co-operation among the kindergarten, professional...
EU projects implementation and school success rate in grant asquisition
Calábková, Soňa ; Trojan, Václav (advisor) ; Hladký, Jaromír (referee)
1 TITLE: EU projects implementation and schools success rate in grant asquisition AUTHOR: Soňa Calábková DEPARTMENT: The centre of school management SUPERVISOR: PhDr. Václav Trojan, Ph.D. ABSTRACT The subject matter of this bachelor's work is EU projects implementation in 2007- 2013 period and grant acquisition in education with focus on primary schools in Opava region. The first part briefly characterize regional politics and its application in the Czech Republic. Next part overview particular operating programmes with profound view on operating programme Education for competitiveness, out of which is realized the call "EU money for schools", intended to improve conditions for pupils and teachers at primary schools outside Prague. This is followed by specific example of detailed analysis of project cycle during EU grant application in support area 1.4. The aim of my bachelor's work is to analyze the situation in primary schools in Opava region in terms of EU projects involvement, grant success rate and their implementation into school practise with detailed focus on "EU money for schools" project. The research summary of questionnaires, phone inquires and stuctured questions together with conclusion and reccomendations are presented in the final part. Key words: Regional politics, operating programmes, EU...
OPVK Projects Funding and Budget for Primary Schools
Pitela, Zdeněk ; Marková, Jana (advisor) ; Hladký, Jaromír (referee)
The first part of my thesis describes the history of cooperation in the field of education in Member States of the European Union. Another chapter is dedicated to the European Social Fund and its operational programmes. The main part of my thesis is focused on the Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme (ECOP) and guiding principles in creating the projects budget for primary schools. It is emphasized the need for proper project budgeting and its importance in evaluating financial support applications. It points out the major mistakes made by applicants when they create the budget and it points out the ways to avoid them.
Supplementary activity - possible source of income of school eating device
Mandincová, Marta ; Marková, Jana (advisor) ; Hladký, Jaromír (referee)
Title: Supplementary activity - possible source of income of school eating device Author: Marta Mandincová Department: Education Management Center Supervisor: RNDr. Jana Marková Abstract Bachelor dissertation "Supplementary activity - possible source of income of school eating device" deal with possibilities of expansion of provided services of school eating. Conduct of supplementary activity is going to bring these device uses the capacity, make profit and possibility to offer employment. Benefit is going to be increase economy of school device and use the production places and equipment, expansion of offer of job and services. In this time of decreasing number of children boarders and it is one of the possibilities, how use the capacity these devices of school eating, which were reconstructed or retrofitted of services and accomplished strict hygienic criterions. Expectation is, that this dissertation is going to serve as helping material for devices of school eating expanding themselves. Processed subject is going to help mostly to managing of school and school devices and directors of these devices. In view of the fact that in legislation is not possible to obtain methodical neither advisory material. Subject to processing this dissertation was based on fact that there are no tutorials for supplementary...

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