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Tcf4 transcription factor in the intestinal epithelium renewal and pathology
Müllerová, Tereza ; Janečková, Lucie (advisor) ; Vávra, Jiří (referee)
TCF4 (T-Cell Factor 4, sometimes also TCF7L2) is an important effector of the canonical Wnt signalling pathway. The transcription factor is produced in many different isoforms with tissue-specific expressionand diametricallyopposing functions.In the intestine,TCF4 is a key factor in epithelial regenerationandmaintenance of stem cell homeostasis. Its depletion causes loss of the proliferatingcrypt compartment and complete breakdown of the intestinal mucosal architecture. The processes in which it acts are therefore vital and must be strongly regulated by the Wnt signalling pathway. Disturbances in TCF4 expression or alternative splicing often lead to a wide range of complex pathologies such as colon cancer, ileal Crohn's disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
History of education in Milevsko in the 20th Century
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the history of education in Milevsko from 1937 to 1953, primarily on the First T. G. Masaryk's Primary School. The first and second chapters concern the history of the town and its education. The third and fourth chapters describe the everyday life at the primary school in the pre-, during, and post-war periods. This thesis also covers the teaching staff and principals performing their duties during the stated period. Furthermore, it addresses the pupils and their education. Important events affecting the school's operations are also mentioned in this thesis. Lastly, this thesis deals with regular school events and is composed primarily of school and town chronicles.
Ecotoxicity of herbicidal ionic liquids
Müllerová, Tereza ; Cajthaml, Tomáš (advisor) ; Klusoň, Petr (referee)
Herbicidal ionic liquids (HILs) are organic salts with herbicidal properties. Their anions are usually derived from traditional herbicides, and they are paired with cations of a synthetic or natural origin. Because of their hydrophobic nature and lower volatility, HILs are considered an environmentally friendlier alternative to traditional herbicides, which often persist in the environment, contaminate groundwater and are toxic even to non-targeted organisms. Nevertheless, the scientific research on HILs is mainly focused on their effects on plants. In this thesis, the hormonal activity of selected HILs was tested using human cell lines. In addition, the ecotoxic effect of HILs on soil microorganisms was assessed using the analysis of phospholipid fatty acids (PLFA). To study the ecotoxic effect, two different types of soil were incubated with HILs in a 28-day experiment. The soils were characterized by a different management approach - the soils were treated or untreated with pesticides in the past. The effect of the content of soil organic matter and clay minerals on how HILs interact with soil microorganisms was evaluated. The residual concentrations of HILs were quantified during the soil experiment to assess the effect of the management approach applied in the past on the degradation rate of...
The Sun is Inside Every Person - Keep it Shining
Müllerová, Tereza ; Skarlantová, Jana (advisor) ; Hazuková, Helena (referee)
This diploma páper in its theoretical part deals with psychological aspects of human communication and emotive features of a personality. It covers emotional and sociál capabilities, their meanings, and suggests opportunities to develop them fiirther in children's arts education. The work offers incentives for fiirther reflections on emotional education and the major role arts should play in this area. Also included is an implementation of some themes based on the information that has been collected in the theoretical part of the páper. The objective for children's activities in art lessons is to strengthen the development of their emotional and sociál abilities. In its practical part, the páper records, describes and assesses creative works of children.
Comprehensive rehabilitation of children attending primary school and kindergarten in Motýlek Koprivnice, p.o.
The aim of the theoretical part of this thesis is to describe the comprehensive system of rehabilitation for persons with disabilities. Individual sections are devoted to medical, educational, social and professional means of a comprehensive rehabilitation with regard to the importance of their interconnections. I also focus on the issue of families with disabled children and their needs at different life stages. In this context, I give an account of possibilities of the educational process for children with disabilities from early childhood until adulthood. In our region ? in Kopřivnice and surroundings, there is currently no facility providing complex care to children with disabilities in terms of comprehensive rehabilitation. Individual components of a comprehensive rehabilitation system are provided by various subjects - medical facilities, schools and school counseling facilities, social service providers. The aim of my research thesis was to survey the offer of facilities for children with disabilities and their families and to determine whether the offer meets the needs of parents of children with disabilities who attend the primary school or kindergarten Motýlek Kopřivnice, p.o. To meet the goals I chose a qualitative research methodology, using the secondary data analysis technique, and an interview method, when the technique used was a semi-structured interview. The interview was conducted with 8 respondents - parents of children with disabilities who attend the primary school and kindergarten Motýlek Kopřivnice, p.o. The results of the research show that in and around Kopřivnice parents of these children have the possibility to make use of existing facilities for the comprehensive rehabilitation. At present, however, there is a lack of medical rehabilitation, which used to be provided to children directly at school, as well as the possibility of extra-curricular activities for children and personal assistance services. This bachelor thesis may be used in practice as a background material for planning the comprehensive service development for children and adults with disabilities in and around Kopřivnice.
The biodiversity of vascular plants and invertebrates (beetles) was studied on the strips by the railway track during two years in South Bohemia. The phytocenological mapping and pitfall trapping was used for the studying of model groups. The biodiversity of both studied groups was relatively high with different ecological characteristic of its communities. The both hygrophilous and xerophilous species occur in locality. The ubiquitous eurytopic species of beetles prevail in communities, but the rare specific species were found also. The number of specimen of both invasive and rare plant species was low. The railway track play the important role of biocentrum more for invertebrates than plants.
Reutilization of brownfields in the Czech Republic with a view to approach of the Central Bohemia Region
Müllerová, Tereza ; Geuss, Erik (advisor) ; Branžovský, Antonín (referee)
The diploma thesis evaluates an approach of the Czech Republic in the reutilization of brownfields, particularly since 2005, when the significant steps in this field were realized. Specific activities performed in this field, mainly basic documents and instruments for regeneration and reutilization of brownfields, are described and evaluated in this diploma thesis. The analytical part is concerned with the approach of the Central Bohemia Region to reutilization of brownfields. It is described in detail, which steps are taken by region in these questions. The approach of particular municipalities in region is evaluated as well. The approach of these authorities is analyzed on the basis of evaluation of questionnaires and subsequently processed by means of SWOT analysis.
Analýza problematiky znovuvyužívání brownfields v České republice
Müllerová, Tereza ; Geuss, Erik (advisor) ; Marešová, Sylvie (referee)
Práce se zabývá znovuvyužíváním brownfields v České republice. Vyjmenovává jednotlivé typy brownfields, popisuje příčiny jejich vzniku a poukazuje na hlavní problémy s nimi spojené, zejména na nedostatečnou evidenci a nejednoznačné rozdělení kompetencí organizací zabývajících se touto problematikou. Práce porovnává brownfields s greenfields a popisuje nástroje, které mohou napomoci znovuvyužívání brownfields. Porovnání je následně aplikováno na konkrétní případ regenerace brownfields a výstavby na zelené louce.

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