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Multicultural Education per ring ceramics advanced
Malinová, Eva ; Skarlantová, Jana (advisor) ; Havlásek Tatarová, Lucie (referee)
I have called the work Multicultural Education pet ring ceramics (advanced). The goal is to introduce children of Interest Advanced ceramic ring formation and evolution of the world's continents, through awareness and understanding of culture and life of different nations, with the influence of the environment, society and the welfare of ceramic production in different regions on Earth. Final output will consist of two days of firing zakuřované ceramics exhibition of the Academy of the House of children and young people, participation of children in ceramic products for the contest organized by the DDM and SVC Regional Office.
Sun for human being
Mikysková, Milena ; Skarlantová, Jana (advisor) ; Hazuková, Helena (referee)
The work describes art project preparation and its carrying out two methodic lines. The first one is devoted to colours and its aim is playing with colours and develoment of colour perceiving abilities. In the other methodology line connection between different school subjects is examined, relationships between literature, drama and art. The line content is based on the mystic legend about Daidalos and Ikaros.
Clothing in antique works of art as a basis for textile work at infant school
Kubcová, Helena ; Skarlantová, Jana (advisor) ; Hazuková, Helena (referee)
I deal with textile activities which can be used during art lessons at infant school in my diploma thesis. The main basis for me is the Framework Education Programme for Elementary education, its aims and its expected outcomes focused on the applied art creation.I have chosen antique clothing, which I studied from preserved pieces of arts, its development and changes as the theme for the theoretical part. I use this theme as a base for the theoretical part and I also develop inspiration by this theme further to wider ranges of fields, which represented the next basis of possible art activities. The aim of this diploma thesis is to suggest various thematic art sets for the first to fifth class, to realize some of them and to reveal certain obstacles as well as advantages a teacher can meet during textile work. The intention of my thesis is to give teachers further inspiration how to utilize textile. I can say that, based on the realized art sets, I have done a research concerning pupils' experience with textile, proved the theories and arrived at surprising conclusions about pupils' actual experience.
Jewel and Decoration in Art Education at Primary School
Dvořáková, Iva ; Skarlantová, Jana (advisor) ; Špičková, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis is focused on jewel and his placement in the art education at primary school. The theoretical part focuses on classification and function of jewel in general. It describes his development and monitors the changes of jewellery production from the beginning of the 20th century until now in the Czech Republic and foreign countries. In the theoretical part non-traditional materials used for jewel are described. There is also introduced the textile jewel as a part of jewellery made from non-traditional materials. The practical part includes two methodological art series and the concept of jewel is introduced to children through them. The thesis includes supplementary materials and photo documentation.
City does not have to be a labyrinth. Art project for first school
Smetanová, Martina ; Skarlantová, Jana (advisor) ; Špičková, Kateřina (referee)
Martina Smetanová Teaching for elementary school Dissertation Abstract The dissertation is regarding the use of art education in the education of children in elementary schools. In the theoretical part of the dissertation, there are described various psychological aspects, which have an influence on the development on the children's personality, e.g. creativity, intelligence, cooperation, sample schemes, mental mapping, attention, … The practical part consists of ten art themes within one common project "City does not have to be a labyrinth". (City from a bird's eye-view, Plastic city, City paving, Modern building, Traffic intersections, City plan, We are building a city, Travelling using a bus or tram, House sign, Mystical city). I realized this project on elementary school called ZŠ Fryčovická in Prague 9 - Letňany, in third, fourth and fifth grade. During the work with children, I tried to use the knowledge I got from the theoretical part. The aim was to give the children an idea about city, in which they are living and also to focus on the experiences, cooperation with other pupil, experiences with new art techniques, connection with other subjects, evaluation, development of fantasy, etc. The dissertation shows how we, within an art education, can develop skills and abilities, which can be then used in...
Jewellery and its place in Art Education at elementary school
Svobodová, Michala ; Skarlantová, Jana (advisor) ; Kitzbergerová, Leonora (referee)
Svobodová, M.: Jewellery and its place in Art Education at elementary school/ graduation thesis / Prague 2011 / Charles University in Prague, faculty of Education - department of Art Education, p. 103 The theoretical background of this diploma thesis describes a brief history and development of the jewellery from the prehistoric times to the present days. It focuses mainly on the new history of production and jewellery design and tries to watch up the origin of author's jewel, mainly the trend of the non-traditional materials creation. In today's production, it presents a few alternative Czech designers and their work. Two creative successions that were realized with elementary school children are presented in didactical part. The last, creative section of the thesis presents author's own piece of work.
Scrap material creations
Hrstková, Magdaléna ; Skarlantová, Jana (advisor) ; Novotná, Magdalena (referee)
The goal of this work "Scrap material creation" is to design two methodical series of creation activities for preschool children. These methodical series will use scrap materials. This work also contains suggestions for creative activities that are ordered by week themes from all over the year. The suggested activities can server as inspiration for teachers, other children educators and parents. This work also contains documentation on the CD.
Nature as an art workshop
Zajíčková, Magdaléna ; Skarlantová, Jana (advisor) ; Brejcha, Šimon (referee)
This thesis is oriented on use of nature in art education. It consists of teortical and practial part. Theoretcial part describes possibiliteis of using nature and natural materials in art education in relationship with environmental education, history of art and art education in relationship with nature as inspiration or source of material. Practical part consits of two guidelines. The first one is focused on work with natural materials directly in nature. The second one is sectioned into another four guidelines inspirated by seasons of the year. Intention of this thesis is to point to the value of the nature in art education and offer number of possibiliteis how to use this topic. The main asset of this thesis is in summarizing knowledge about nature in relationship to art education and suggestions for activities inspirated by nature or realized directly in nature.
Nature as art workshop
Plecitá, Kateřina ; Skarlantová, Jana (advisor) ; Brejcha, Šimon (referee)
This thesis deals with the possibilities of linking art with nature. The theoretical part is based on the General educational program follows the role of arts and educational resources to achieve specific goals. Particular attention is paid to project issues in connection with teaching environmental education, interdisciplinary relations and development directions of arts working with nature, with a focus on natural art. The practical part contains three methodical series of art activities with students of the first degree. The thesis has a picture documentation of the activities carried out on the enclosed CD.

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