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Scrap material creations
Hrstková, Magdaléna ; Novotná, Magdalena (advisor) ; Hazuková, Helena (referee)
A series of art tasks is designed for the Centre for preschool children, established by the Children and Youth Centre in Prague. The common denominator designed creative tasks is to use scrap materials, especially plastics, and paper and textiles. The theoretical basis of this work is ecological, environmental and global education in the context of RVP PV and RVP ZV.
My school and its surroundings a hundred years ago
Krátká, Markéta ; Novotná, Magdalena (advisor) ; Hazuková, Helena (referee)
Krátká, M.: My city a century ago [Diploma Thesis] Praha 2014 - Charles University, Faculty of Education, Art Education Department, 135 p. The diploma thesis focuses on cross-curricular connection of two educational areas; The Art and Culture - Art education and "Man and His World". The thesis also analyzes textbooks of the "Man and His World" educational area and determines how and to what extent it is focused on the theme of home, region, the past, identity of subject and places of public area. The empirical part consists of an educational project closely linking the curriculum of art education with curriculum of the subject "Man and His World". It focuses on primary education and it's goal is to effectively educate children about the history of the town they live in using interdisciplinary approach. The educational project is based on theoretical findings stated in the theoretical part of the diploma thesis. It is also set to the context of contemporary art but in comparison to modern art it seems to be based more traditionally. Key words: Interdisciplinarity, Art Education, school subject, educational domain, Project-Based Learning, site, memory of the site, community, Site-specific art.
Clothing as a means for self-identification and self-representation and possible didactic applications of the theme in Art Education.
Špidlová, Zdeňka ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Hazuková, Helena (referee)
Anotation: Špidlová, Z.: Clothing as a means for self-identification and self-representation and possible didactic applications of the theme in art education. [Diploma thesis] Prague, 2013 - Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education, Art education, 224 p. (Attachements: Diary and file documenting the art part of diploma thesis) This thesis examines the phenomenon of clothing, its semiotic function in the context of postmodern society and social aspects with emphasis on identification with a particular social group. The research brings knowledge about two groups, their clothing and social contexts. The groups are the costume culture of the Alto Minho in Portugal and the goth subculture. The results of the research are directly connected to the art part, the output of which is a clothing model combining elements of both of these groups. Didactic section presents findings on the diversity of interpretation of students from the seventh grade of basic school and the second year of middle school when dealing with the topic of identity and subculture applied on clothing. Key words: clothes, identity, self-presentation, self-identification, subculture, materials creation, postmodern society, art education
Photography as a special visual resource and itś aplication to art education in kindergarten
Půtová, Martina ; Šmíd, Jan (advisor) ; Hazuková, Helena (referee)
The thesis deals with visual culture and digital photography in art education of pre-school children. The main objective is to uncover children's ability to work with a specific type of picture - photographic picture. The educational project is based on theoretical knowledge of digital media provided in the first part of the thesis and on practical experience gained during several years of practice with pre-school children. The project offers children to use digital photographs as another form of art expression. Talking with children and monitoring their reactions have shown that working with digital photographs is equally beneficial to them as any other art technique.
Expressive and creatrive activities in primary school
Picmausová, Daniela ; Hazuková, Helena (advisor) ; Novotná, Magdalena (referee)
Karlova Univerzita Pedagogická fakulta Katedra výtvarné výchovy ved. práce: PaedDr. Hazuková Helena Vypracovala: Picmausová Daniela, 5 KS Abstrakt v Aj: Thesis should contribute to the development of teaching competence of teachers at elementary school. Specifically, it could be a guide in planning of teaching of art design education in the form of integrated learning units, since it contains methods and activities which are needed to develop a creativity and expression. This thesis uses a potential of other teaching subjects which develop creativity and expressiveness-dramatic education, musical and literary education. Through this thesis the author would like to help both teachers-beginners as well as educators with a longer teaching practice, who would like to modify their up-to-now method of teaching of Art education.
"Draw me Something": Subject of Children Drawings
Biskupová, Anna ; Hazuková, Helena (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesi s contains summarized information about basic theoretical factors - about factors that influence the children's creative expression and gives readers a brief overview of basic information about children's creative expression. The object of the practical part in this research is to identify and describe how will be influenced children's creative expression by the application of different styles of assignments- how will be changed children's artistic expression and observed phenomena in case of application of different styles of these assignments. The both results of these assignments should provide information about the importace of nursery teacher's professional competence in the field of artistic education. Keywords Pre-school children, creative expression, spontaneity, guided activity, deliberate development, factors of development, teacher's competence
The art education curricula on the first grade of elementary schools, its identification and interpretation by the teacher in mandatory pedagogical documents for this grade of education
Platzová, Markéta ; Hazuková, Helena (advisor) ; Fulková, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis describe current situation in the area of art education on the first grade of elementary schools. Professional competency of the teacher and the art classes curricula are being used as theoretical basis for the thesis. The research part of the paper aspires to map which competencies for art education are commonly present among teachers, which are 2 not satisfactorily developed and which ones are missing altogether. The way in which teachers used the category 'curricula' while planning art education was used as criteria. Based on the outcomes of the qualitative research, the main reasons for art teachers' lacking competencies - which prevents the implementation of the new art education program (RVP ZV) - were identified. Consequently, some possible solutions for dealing with encountered challenges were proposed. These solutions should contribute to improving the quality of art education on the first grade of elementary schools.
Visual and verbal expression of preschoolers
Mučková, Alice ; Hazuková, Helena (advisor) ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (referee)
The subject of the thesis is a research investigation aimed at comparing the visual and verbal expression of children, which is exhibit striking differences in the achieved level of these two expressions, and evaluation criteria of kindergarten teachers in the assessment of both expressions. The aim of the thesis is based on research findings to contribute to the deepening of the professional competencies of teachers in kindergartens in solving pedagogical problems in children with a significant mismatch between the actual achieved level of visual and verbal expression. The research problem is expressed by the research questions aimed at pre-schoolers and the kindergarten school teachers . The research uses mainly qualitative research, supplemented in some parts by quantitative research. In the preliminary investigations were used content analysis of text, in the context of my research are included the methods of observation, interviews, analysis of children's drawings, narratives . The expected outcome of the thesis is the preparation of documents intended for kindergarten teachers, allowing them to deepen their knowledge of the problem. Its contents will include possible causes of a mismatch between visual and verbal expression of the preschoolers and proposals for concrete actions that belong...
What the students learned in art classes
Hrabánková, Ilona ; Hazuková, Helena (advisor) ; Sedlák, Michal (referee)
This thesis has character of the research has focused on the recogni tion of art istic educational gains in art lessons by teachers and pupils in pr imary school . The thesis is based on empi rical research consisting of three phases of research that address the issues examined using three dif ferent methods. The research in i ts stages involved students of the fourth year of primary school in Prague 10, teachers of pr imary school level and in the thi rd stage were examined entr ies in the books of class thi rd to f if th grade. The results show how the pupi ls evaluate their work and what is best and the most important in the art lesson. There are sti ll teachers wi th problems to identi f icate the curriculum in primary cur riculum documents. Powered by TCPDF (

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