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Didactic analysis of the topic of international marketing and brands
Hnyková, Andrea ; Langer, Tomáš (advisor) ; Králová, Alena (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with marketing education at secondary economically oriented schools, specifically with the topic of international marketing and brands. The first part of the thesis contains the importance and inclusion of the curriculum in the study programs. Another theoretically focused part deals with didactic aspects and means used to teach the above-mentioned topics. Because the aim of the work is creating a case study linking the two topics mentioned above, this method is discussed in chapter three and the proposal of case studies of specific IKEA brand, including the solutions and methodological guidelines for the contracting authority, is elaborated in the last fifth chapter. The fourth chapter deals with the factual analysis of the subject, including the evaluation of textbooks used for teaching subjects in marketing at secondary schools.
Specifics of work with gifted pupils in secondary education
Němec, Václav ; Krpálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Králová, Alena (referee)
Bachelor thesis is focused on problematics of education of gifted children at secondary level of education including integrated gifted children into average classes as same as segregated gifted to special groups Content of the thesis is primaryly focused on education in economics objects on bussiness academies, economic grammar schools and other high schools with economics lessons. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first theoretic part is dedicated to analysis of professional literature dealing with education of gifted children The content of the second empirical part is analysis of current level of education of gifted children at these schools and generally at all schools. Further analysis of legislative documents and organizations focused on gifted. The main part of the second part of the thesis are conclusions of quantitative and qualitative research. In the last part I propose appropriate activities for talented students interested in economy.
Integration of cross-cutting curriculum Man and the world of work into educational system in economic fields of education
Klečková, Tereza ; Krpálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Králová, Alena (referee)
The dissertation is focused on cross-cutting curriculum Man and the world of work in economic fields of education and its integration into the educational system. The theoretical part is devoted to information on the general and school education programs, cross-cutting curriculum Man and the world of work, its history and its inclusion in school curricula and teaching. The practical part is aimed to analyze the completed achievement tests and questionnaires by students of business academies and interpretation of the results with subsequent own proposals for the integration of cross-curricular curriculum Man and the world of work into the educational system in economic fields of education.
Monitoring internal factors on milk production and quality
Králová, Alena ; Toušová, Renata (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to evaluate the influence of internal influences on the production and milk quality on selected farm. Data for preparation of this thesis were obtained on a farm in Skalica in Frydek-Mistek belonging to the joint-stock company Beskyd Agro. Data used in this thesis were evaluated for two years (1.10.2013-30.9.2014, 1.10.2014-30.9.2015). Data were analyzed and statistically processed using Microsoft Excel software. Evaluation of milk production and reproductive performance were based on the results obtained from regular inspections. For milk yield parameters were evaluated milk yield (kg) Fat (%, kg) Protein (%, kg) of milk somatic cell count (SB) depending upon reproduction and lactation. Evaluated herd were divided into 2 groups: I. lactation, II. lactation and the next lactation. Hypothesis: Worsening indicators of reproduction have negative impact on the level of milk production and its components. The final evaluation of the data were used, comprising 280 cows of Holstein cattle, which were included in monitoring performance period. The results show that the average length of the interim period was around 416 days in average.Milk yield was 10,062 kg of milk with fat contents of 4.21%, 3.37% proportion of protein and somatic cell count 477.75 thousand / ml. The difference in milk yield of heifers at first (9 326.38 kg) and second lactation (9 901.47 kg) reached 575.09 kg. Maximum milk production was achieved on 4th lactation, when milk yield reached 10 432.16 kg per lactation. Positive effect was demonstrated between the % fat content and protein content in%. With the increase in the% fat content, and increased protein content in%. The highest value of the average amount of fat has been statistically proven at 5th lactation and values of 4.18%. For proteins the highest number was reached during the lactation no. 6 with values of 3.40%. The best values were obtained in lactation number 4., where the rate reached the following parameters: milk yield per lactation 10,432, 16 kg daily milk yield: 34.20 kg fat: 4.08% protein: 3.35%. It was determined that the amount of milk yield per lactation in kg was positively affected by the value of the daily milk yield in kg, with the value (r = 1st) verified at a significance level (P <0.001). Increased milk yield per lactation kg should result in an increase daily milk yield. The negative impact was demonstrated in representating % fat content of milk (r = -0.653) and protein (r = -0.442) at the level of significance (P <0.001). Increased milk yield per lactation in kg was negatively effected and reduced the component of fat and protein. Milk yield per lactation had a positive effect on service period. Positive effect on milk yield heifers was demonstrated in service period and with a positive value (r = 0.327) with evidential significance level (P <0.05). Effect of milk yield per lactation, age at first calving was not demonstrated. Effect of daily milk yield in kg of milk, had a negative effect on the proportion of components in % fat (r = -0.653) and protein (r = -0.442). Conclusive came to the level of significance (P <0.001). Increase in daily milk yield will reduce the content of components of protein and fat milk. The positive impact of the daily milk yield was demonstrated in connection with the service period (r = 0.247) at a level of significance (P <0.05). Increasing daily milk yield, this will extend the service period. From the resulting data, negative effect on lactation representation% protein content (r = -0.288) and fat (r = -0.052) with evidential significance level (P <0.001) was determined . Effect of lactation on milk yield per lactation, daily milk yield, calving interval and service period has been shown. Daily milk yield in kg of milk is affected by the amount of milk yield per lactation in kg (r = 1). Conclusive came to the level of significance (P <0.001). Increased milk yield per lactation is proportional to increase of daily milk yield. Milk yield per lactation negatively affected% of fat content (r = -0.187) and% representation of protein (r = -0, 208). Conclusive came to the level of significance (P <0.05). Increasing milk yield per lactation kg reduces% fat and protein. The relationship between milk yield per lactation in kg, service period, and interim periods has not been demonstrated. Effect of daily milk yield in kg, had a negative effect on the% fat content (r = -0, 187) and protein (r = -0.208) with evidential significance level (P <0.05). Reduced% protein content and milk fat is a result of increased daily milk yield in kg. Effect of daily milk yield on service period and the interim has not been demonstrated. Fat content in% and the protein in% (r = 0.603) were demonstrated at a level of significance (P <0.001). Increased if the% fat content, increased the% protein content. The positive effect was demonstrated between service period and interim periods (r = 0.266) with evidential significance level (P <0.001). The longer the period of service increases the length meantime. It was confirmed that with increasing lactation milk yield as per lactation, daily milk yield and milk components content.
The use of activation methods in teaching economics
Dlouhá, Martina ; Králová, Alena (advisor) ; Trnka, Jan (referee)
Abstrakt In my thesis I deal with the activation methods. The aim of this is to explain the students given topic using several activation methods with following test, which should give feedback of the results achieved. I wanted to research whether the activation methods affect students knowledge. I also wanted to know the students opinion on those methods and find out, if they are used by teachers of economics. I divided the diploma thesis into two parts, theory and research. In the theoretical part I describe the education on schools of economics, forms of organization, educational methods mainly the activation ones. In research I describe the procedure of my experiment. The crucial part is the analysis of the didactic tests results, which was done by the students and it is completed with the questionnaires results. I point out the impact of using the activation methods in teaching and the benefits for students, who gain the practical knowledge.
The evaluation of economics textbooks quality in secindary education
Matyásková, Eva ; Krpálková Krelová, Katarína (advisor) ; Králová, Alena (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the distribution and quality of economical textbooks in secondary education and therefore of making new electronic multimedia prototype which will help to fulfill the educational goal and will be developed from mistakes in publication that is mentioned in my bachelor thesis. The thesis is divided in three parts. First, theoretical part is focused on the current situation of textbook publications and their authors who started their own research. The second, also theoretical part is focused on analyzing chosen textbook according to chosen criterias. Based on both theoreretical parts, new multimedia electronic textbook prototype will be developed, which will try to implement multimedia and learn from negative aspects of current textbook while fullfiling the educational goal and purpose of didactical tools.
Didactical Processing of the Curriculum of Economic Integration and European Union for Business Academies
Kolářová, Sandra ; Králová, Alena (advisor) ; Berková, Kateřina (referee)
The Master Thesis deals with the problem of didactical processing of the curriculum of economic integration and European Union for business academies. The main goal of this work is to bring useful output which should make the process of teaching this topic easier for teachers. The work is divided into two parts. The theoretical part is devoted to analyzing law regulations and educational programs which should lead to defining necessary requirements for teaching this topic. The practical part builds on the theoretical outcome. A theoretical presentation of the topic of economic integration and European Union is presented at the beginning of the practical part. Afterwards, the practical part focuses on creating a database of questions and tasks for practicing and evaluating students knowledge of this topic. In addition, results of a questionnaire research are presented afterwards. The research was conducted among the teachers and students of Karlínská Business Academy in Prague 8 who received the output of this work. The work is finished with a conclusion connected with a recommendation which was gained during the process of creating this Master Thesis.
Financial Proficiency of Students at High Schools That Focus on Sports.
Belán, David ; Králová, Alena (advisor) ; Holečková, Lenka (referee)
The subject of this dissertation is to examine how financially proficient are students in high schools that focus on sports. It consists of a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part I examine the integration of financial proficiency into the education systems in the Czech Republic. I describe the term financial proficiency, its meaning, structure and institutions that provide it. I research results of various studies examining the level of financial proficiency. In the practical part I analyze the implementation of study plans and educational areas from main educational programs to specific school educational programs. I research the current level and difference in financial proficiency of third-year students from two sports high schools. I found out that the level of financial proficiency depends on the amount of and the level of taught subjects that focus on educational areas that contain financial training.

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