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Negative Interest Rates - How Far Can They Go?
Ján, Jan ; Holub, Tomáš (advisor) ; Jašová, Martina (referee)
Bachelor thesis is focused on one of the most topical themes in the field of a monetary policy, the negative interest rates. Until recent times the effective lower bound of interest rates imposed by central banks was thought to be the strict null but macroeconomic conditions of certain European countries or Japan made policy makers start to experiment with the unexplored tool of a monetary policy. They broke the zero lower bound and employed the negative interest rates. Since it seems that the effective lower bound would not be zero but it is situated in the negative territory probably - and the thesis tries to find such a value. The discussion starts at the beginning of the twentieth century with the well-known economist Silvio Gesell, then continues to present and gives a view of the countries, which have already implemented negative interest rates in some form. Additionally, the thesis is focused on the issue concerning an increase in risks presented by the financial markets arising from this monetary policy. Last but not least, it takes into account the problem of the substitution from electronic money to cash, how this constraint can be overcome and on what level of negative interest rates this could take place.
Windows and their influence on the thermal properties of building structures
Svoboda, Luboš ; Trgala, Kamil (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
Currently there is a great emphasis on energy savings in the building industry. Constructional opening fillings, such as windows and doors, are of a great importance for saving energy in buildings. Constructional opening fillings are one of the most challenging construction elements, because high demands are put on them. The first part of this diploma thesis is devoted to research of the literature focusing on the issue of constructional opening fillings. Additionally, this diploma thesis introduces the basic terminology of constructional opening fillings, and also provides information about existing materials - including basic requirements for lighting, ventilation, mechanical resistance, and protection against noise and safety. It also deals with mechanical and physical properties, such as thermal and technical characteristics, crevice integrity, sound insulation properties, thermal insulation properties of glass, thermal insulating properties of frames, waterproof, airproof, fire-technical characteristics and protection against undesirable permeability. The main part of the thesis is devoted to the respective measurement of construction opening fillings in six selected objects. Based on the measured results, a thermal-computational diagnostics is carried out for each object. The conclusion sums up the results, the data obtained are analyzed and evaluated. On the basis of the evaluation, appropriate recommendations are provided.
Basic research in the species composition of the order Anura of two Indonesian island areas and the influence of human activities on biodiversity in this area
Johánková, Klára ; Masopustová, Renata (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
Amphibians are the most threatened of all vertebrates. Alarming declines of amphibian species is considered to be a direct consequence of extreme vulnerability associated with specific requirements of the micro - environmental conditions. Disruption of these conditions causes irreversible changes in species composition of amphibians, affected area tends to have lower diversity and abundance of native species. The most threatened amphibian species are those with narrow habitat preferences, living in specific areas where any intervention can lead to rapid decrease or complete disappearance of species. Habitat loss, intensive land use, fragmentation, invasive species, diseases, pesticides and climate change are the main causes of dramatic decline in amphibian species richness worldwide. Habitat loss, endangering many species worldwide, is considered the biggest threat to amphibians. Southeast Asia is currently experiencing one of the largest global deforestations. Many factors are involved in forest losses, e.g. Population growth, logging, changes in cultivation practices, infrastructure growth, politics, forest fires and global environmental factors. At least half of the forest loss is associated with human activity. Deforestation due to agriculture or livestock expansion causes degradation and loss of soil, microclimate changes and loss of biodiversity. An extent reduction in space required for preservation and development of biodiversity is the result of devastation of the environment. This process particularly affects the presence and abundance of native amphibian species. It has been proven that even low to moderate levels of anthropogenic disturbance have a measurable and profound impact on tropical species. Examples are conversion of rainforests to oil palm monoculture plantations, destroying the entire ecological niche, disrupting complex food chains and natural migration corridors of animals. Compare to forests or other woody crops plantations, significantly fewer species are found in areas with oil palm. The main aim of the practical part of this thesis is a field research carried out in two different island areas in Indonesia. The research was primarily focused on frog species composition in different habitats. Selected target areas were the islands of Simeulue and Bangkaru that are a part of a chain of islands on the west coast of Sumatra. These research areas were chosen for various types of biomes represented on them. Biotope of the first of the islands was largely affected by human activity hence a significant part of it is used for agriculture. The second island was never affected by human activity and is entirely covered with primary rainforest. On the base of research performed in farm area of the island of Simeulue, following frog species were confirmed to occure: Duttaphrynus melanostictus (Schneider, 1799), Odorrana hosii (Boulenger, 1891), Limnonectes macrodon (Duméril a Bibron, 1841) and Amnirana nicobariensis (Stoliczka, 1870). Presence of two frog species not described on Simeulue yet was proven - Microhyla fissipes Boulenger, 1884 and Rhacophorus margaritifer (Schlegel, 1837). Presence of Hylarana parvacola (Inger, Stuart & Iskandar, 2009) was confirmed on the island of Bangkaru. Furthermore one, on Bangkaru previously undescribed species, Limnonectes macrodon (Duméril a Bibron, 1841) was discovered. Richer frog species diversity was found in economically utilized areas on inhabited island of Simeulue. Frog diversity in the primary forest on Bangkaru, which has never been colonized, was lower. The results may collide with literature, indicating that a greater diversity of species is occurring in less disturbed areas. This proves that the abundance of species can be influenced not only by environment disturbance but also by other factors. In this case, different sizes and levels of isolation of the islands are probably involved. These findings are supported by the theory of island biogeography, which states that large islands have more species than small ones and islands close to the mainland have more species than isolated ones. The objective of this work was only a basic research; its findings should be supported by more detailed studies carried out in the area.
Enviromental Analysis of Slate Quarries in the Nízký Jeseník (The Czech Republic)
Rozkopalová, Pavla ; Skalický, Milan (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
This dissertation applies its mind to the evaluation of five selected localities caused by slate mining in the area of the Low Jeseník, namely at point-blank range the Kružberk water reservoir and is based on the lichenological research and on the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute data. Two lacalities, 1 and 2 are located in the west side of the dam, the locality 3 is in the east side and the localities 4 and 5 are located to the south from the dam. From 2015 to 2016, during the ongoing research, there were determined 23 the most commonly ocuring tereristic lichen species. To the found vulnerable species belong, for example, Cladonia glauca or Cladonia ciliata. In the locality 3 the most occuring family Cladoniceae is mainly represented by Cladonia ciliata, Cladonia rangiferina and Cladonia arbuscula. Based on the results it was discovered that lichen species coming from the Cladoniceae family are the most frequently spread on the upper part of the localities, on the top of the slate slag heaps; but the slopes are prefered by sessile species. The slope posts are too extreme because of their enormous inclination and exposition. The tree storey was determined too together with frequency of woody plants incidence on the grounds of localities shielding. Full-grown trees expanded from the surrounding forest were especially found at the slag heap bases. Larix decidua was mostly observed, Betula pendula colonized slopes. On the bases of The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute data was the Kružberk dam area assessed relatively clear because it is the area protected against pollution and and is considered to be a fresh water resource. Air pollution made by NO2, SO2 and MP10 showed good results with low improving level from 2014 to 2015. There is made a suggestion to have the minimal management because there was not seen any negative human or animal influence to the lichen diversity and natural evolution of association has been going on. Large frequency of Cladoniceae was monitored in the locality 3 and so this locality is suggested for long-term monitoring of environment with chemical-physical methods and monitoring lichen diversity. The author developed her photo suplement and used here her own illustrations to easy determine the most common species occuring on the stone quarry. This appendix can be found at the end of the dissertation.
Assessing the impact of grant projects for the management and development of the municipality or city
Kordanič, Jiří ; Homolka, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
The focus of the thesis is evaluation of the influence of grant projects on the budget of Jirkov municipality in the years 2010_2014. The theoretical part presents basic information on municipal institutions including the characteristics of municipality as such and description of its sphere of activity. This introduction is then followed by a part which focuses on municipal budget and the budgeting process. The following part describes municipal revenues and expenditures, the closing account, municipal management review and the municipality's attitude to drawing of grants. The theoretical part also describes certain funding sources related to grants which were available for municipalities in the years 2010_2014 (i. e. period which this thesis focuses on). The subsequent empiric part describes economic activities of the town of Jirkov in years 2010_2014 with focus on expenditures related to investments. These expenditures are decisive in relation to the accepted grants. In the given period, grants had a significant influence on the municipal budget and to a large extent contributed to the budget preparation, and planning and implementing of investments. The work also introduces projects which contributed to the changes and development of the town in the most significant manner. The final part of the work presents an evaluation of a survey which was distributed among the inhabitants and representatives of the town and focused on their view of the changes and developments which were implemented in the town with the help of the grant projects.
Estimation of Genetic Parametrs in Selected Reproduction Traits of Sheep and Revision of Existing Evaluation of Animals
Schmidová, Jitka ; Vostrý, Luboš (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
The objective of this investigation was to select the proper model for genetic parameter estimation, to estimate genetic parameters, and to predict breeding values for litter size in most common sheep breeds in Czech Republic. A total of 143 896 lambing records from 1990 to 2012 were analysed. Variance components and genetic parameters for litter size were estimated separately for each breed using the BLUP animal model with repeatability. The basic model equation contained ewe age as a fixed effect and random effects of contemporary group, permanent environment and direct additive genetic effect of the animal. Modifications of the basic model were examined when various combinations of mating effects were included (contemporary group of ewes during mating (harem), additive genetic and permanent environmental effect of service ram). Estimates of phenotype variance increased across breeds (0.236 for Šumava to 0.779 for Romanov) with increasing breed average for number of lambs per litter. Variance component estimates for permanent environmental effect of the ewe were low (0.0001 to 0.0262). The variance of common environment of contemporary group (from 0.0223 to 0.1309) had bigger influence on the total variability of litter size in almost all studied breeds then additive genetic variance (from 0.0146 to 0.0587). The lowest heritability and repeatability estimates were for the Šumava (h2=0.0619; w2=0.0823) and Romney breeds (h2=0.0626; w2=0.0811); while the highest were for Merinolandschaf (h2=0.1091; w2 = 0.1129). The effect of service ram ranged from 0.01 to 0.02 of phenotypic variance in Šumava sheep, in Romanov sheep it was from 0.05 to 0.10, and in Suffolk sheep it was from 0.04 to 0.05. Including effects of mating (service sire, harem, and/or ram´s permanent environmental effect) in the model decreased deviance information criterion, what means that these models are more proper than the basic one. Results from present study demonstrate that genetic parameters did differ among the investigated breeds, which should be taken into account in breeding value estimation. The service rams have low but a clearly detectable influence on litter size of their mates. Genetic parameter estimates indicate that direct selection on the service ram effect could increase litter size and achieve genetic gain through ram selection.
Development of web application for company project planning support
Štrunc, Jan ; Brožek, Jiří (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with programming web applications used to support project planning based on data maintained in its records. The theoretical part deals with the issue of application development and also mentions the technology that will be used for its development. The practical part will be devoted to the development and programming of various tools and applications themselves. The technology described in the first part will be applied to the development and well demonstrated.
The occurrence of domestic and wild forms of the camels in the old world and their economic use
Burgerová, Michaela ; Gardiánová, Ivana (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
Genus camel (Camelus) includes two species, the Dromedary camel (Camelus dromedarius) and Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus). Camels have a wide range of utilization. People in Arabia countries but also in India and Egypt are using camels as a milk and meat animal, or even as a transport and companion animals and riding animals too. The aim of this thesis was to find sources about camel keeping and using and his role of farm animal in different cultures and countries. And about conditions and requirements in captivity. The first part of thesis contains information about phylogeny and origin of the camel family, taxonomy of camels, short information about the history of domestication and using of camels. There are also described the two species in terms of species biology etc. plus a brief mention of camel hybrids and camel breeds. The second part focuses on the use of camels. The preffered and most common use is in the production of milk, other dairy products from camel milk, fermentation of milk. Another use is for meat performance, meat composition, describes products. His utilization i also useful for other parts such as hair wool and mane, they come mainly from bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus). The last is working utilization of camels, carrying baggage. Then hobby use. The thesis describes the conditions of keeping camels in captivity, keeping camels in Somalia, requirements for the supply of water and food, housing conditions in the Czech Republic, it is particularly widespread keeping camels in zoos. In Czech Republic they are small private camel breeders. For comparison they are conditions for keeping camels in captivity in Australia.
Electronic auction in healthcare
Vyoral, Marek ; Toth, Štefan (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
Working with the theoretical part focuses on the regulation of electronic auctions in terms of legislation both Czech and foreign, given that we are members of the European Union. Furthermore, the work explains the possible ways to use electronic auctions, which are mostly used in both the Czech Republic and abroad. At work I also am trying to shed light on the current use of auctions on the auction portal Aukro examples, which is widely used by people for personal use. Finally, the theoretical part I try to outline the future development of electronic auctions. The practical part is focused primarily on its activities in the hospital Pardubice Region, Inc. where I introduced the auction. In several examples, visible results, which not only brings centralization entire purchase, but also the use of electronic auctions as a tool for communication and bidding suppliers with the lowest purchase price for a group of hospitals. The work also draws from the Ministry for Regional Development, which is responsible for the preparation of the most important regulations for electronic auctions in healthcare, namely the Public Procurement Act. Electronic auctions are a tool very interesting, because it is the most transparent way of evaluating procurement by parameters rates. Whether if electronic auction in health care and efficient purchase option will be discussed in this work.
Effect of dairy cows housing technology on mastitis occurrence
Brzáková, Lenka ; Stádník, Luděk (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
The objective of my bachelor thesis was evaluation of quality of housing, milking and making analysis of mastitis on chosen farm. First part of the thesis contains of literature summary about housing technologies, mastitis issues, their detection, originators, therapy and factors affects against their incidence. Thereafter is this part focused on tipes of milking parlours, corect milking procedures and mechanized milking. Materials and methodes of the thesis contains the characteristics of chosen farm where the quality and technology of housing, milking and nutrition of milk cows and other factors affecting presence of mastitis such as taking care of cloven hooves was watched in 2014. The incidence, detection and curation of mastitis was watched afterwards. Montamilk s.r.o. farm cradles 1,200 pieces of cattle and milk cows are about 419 out of it. In the part of thesis named results was watched and evaluated inspection of efficiency in inspecting year 2013 - 2014, which was stated on first lactated cows and on cows which are on second and further lactation. Milk yield was far better with cows on second or futher lactation according to data gathered during the study and expressed by diagram. Diagram of milk components (fat and proteins), which was divided by lactation, was expressed in this part too. Other examinated parameters was occurrence of mastitis - which milk cows, in which season is the occurrence more often, treatment and cost of treatment for one cow. At the end the number of somatic cells for 2014 was represented in diagram for particular lactations. In part of thesis called discusion the comparison was drowed between results from chosen farm and national average of efficiency checks. From results is obvious that milk cow in Mnotamilk has been better in first lactated cows by 427 kg and in second and more lactated cows by 602 kg than is the avarage in Czech republic. Far more the milk components in Montamilk was compared with rest of Czech republic and the results was quite similar. The volume of fat of Montamilk cows was lower in every lactation in comparison with milk cows from Czech. Value of fat in Czech republic avarage first lactated cows is 3,87 % in Montamilk 3,85 % and the value of fat on second and more lactation cows is 3,86 % in Czech average and 3,81 % in Montamilk.

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