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Propagace firmy Agricoletech, s. r. o. se zaměřením na veletržní aktivity
Horáková, Petra
Horáková, P. Propagace firmy AGRICOLE TECH, s. r. o. se zaměřením na veletržní aktivity. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2016. The bachelor thesis is focused on the design of trade fair activities for the agricultural company. The characteristics of exhibitions and trade fairs and their importance in marketing mix are presented. An analysis of the external and internal environment of the company is processed. Part of the thesis is a questionnaire survey among visitors and exhibitors at agricultural fairs.
The Financial Plan Proposal of Construction Company
Hubáček, Petr ; Horáková, Petra (referee) ; Režňáková, Mária (advisor)
The objective of this diploma thesis is to create a financial plan for a selected company. The first part deals with theoretical knowledge which is necessary for the formation of the financial plan. The second part focuses on the presentation of the selected company, and creating a strategical and financial analysis. Based on all the gathered information, two options of a financial plan will be created. The last part presents an overall evaluation of the plan.
Examples of Using of Electrochemical Detection at Pencil Graphite Electrode with Enzymatic Labeling for Analysis of Nucleotide Sequence
Plucnara, Medard ; Haroniková, Lucia ; Špaček, Jan ; Havran, Luděk ; Horáková, Petra ; Pivoňková, Hana ; Ecsin, E. ; Erdem, A. ; Fojta, Miroslav
Many examples of utilization of enzymatic labeling for DNA sequence analysis has been described in literature so far. Some of them involve hybridization with complementary biotinylated probe, while others use incorporation of biotinylated nucleotides into DNA strand by DNA polymerases. Common approach is then binding of streptavidine-enzyme conjugates to biotin tags and incubation with substrate, which is converted to detectable product. Here, two recent applications using this principle are described for the detection of PCR amplicons and for SNP typing. Both techniques are combined with detection at pencil graphite electrodes.
Self-knowledge art course
The bachelor thesis deals with group art therapy with intact population, which is explored on the created and realized model of the group called Self-Recognition Art Course. The theoretical part explains to the reader aspects of group psychotherapy - issues of effective factors of change, the role of the therapist, client's aspects, the course of groups. It also focuses on the issue of group artetherapy - issues of structure, techniques, interpretation and intervention. The practical part represents a concrete example of arteterapeutical group work with intact population, case studies are described in detail work with individual clients.The work identifies the effects of group artetherapy in the field of mental hygiene and personal development.
The Problem of Communication between Man and Machin in Contemporary Visual Culture
Horáková, Petra ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Ivan, Michal (referee)
In present diploma thesis called The Problem of Communication between Man and Machine in Contemporary Visual Culture I will analyse the movie by Spike Jonze called Her (2013), in which the topic of interconnection between Artificial Intelligence and real human world is presented. I will deal mostly with the themes of virtual reality and communication between man and computer. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first is based on the analysis of chosen theories of new media in order to reveal the theoretical foundation of the theme of interaction between the man (as human body) and machine (as computer); also I will analyse the development in the fiedl of AI to describe various forms of human-computer communication. The second part of the thesis is based on the case study/analysis of the movie Her, in which the theme of communication between human and computer is presented. In the first part of the thesis I will follows ideas of Lev Manovich, Marshall McLuhan, Pierre Lévy, Paul Virilio, John Searle, Jakub Macek and Mark B. N. Hansen. Keywords Machine, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, new media, computers, internet
Effect of short-term programme in slackline on skills acquisition and ankle strength
Horáková, Petra ; Baláš, Jiří (advisor) ; Brtník, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Effect of short-term programme in slackline on skills acquisition and ankle strength. Objectives: The aim of the work is to assess the short-term programme of specific skills and muscular strength of the ankle joint during mastering the slackline. Methods: Research sample consists of 20 probands without any experience with walking on a slackline. Probands were divided into three groups. The first training group consisted of 4 women and 2 men with mean age/body weight and heigh (24,5 ± 1,3 years / 63,7 ± 9 kg and 167,4 ± 8,3 cm). This group have trained on the slackline 2 times per week (1 training lesson lasted 60 minutes). The second training group consisted of 5 women and 3 men with mean age/body weight and height (24,6 ± 0,69 years / 70,05 ± 9,1 kg and 176,6 ± 7,7 cm). This group have trained on the slackline 1 time per a week. The third control group consisted of 5 women and 1 man with mean age/body weight and height (25,7 ± 3 years, 63,2 ± 7,4 kg and 168,7 ± 5 cm). Training programme lasted 8 weeks. Skill level was measured at the beginning, in the middle and in the end of the training programme. Measurement was carried out in a place on the slackline called "sweet spot". Further, we measured the strenght of dorsal and plantar flexion of the ankle joint. This strength was measured by...
Reason for development of childhood obesity not related with health condition
Horáková, Petra ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Dvořák, Martin (referee)
Title: Reasons for development of childhood obesity not related with health condition. Objectives: This thesis is focused on the subject matter of reasons for development of children's obesity not related with the health condition. I will work with children aged 11 to 15 years from the primary school ZŠ Velké Přílepy and the grammar school Gymnázium Nad Štolou in Prague. The target of this thesis include assessment of life style, movement activities and diet habits of children in an urban and a rural school. Namely such factors or conditions will be covered like lack of movement and sedentary life style, unsuitable diet habits and excessive eating, pressure of the environment, family conditions, social and economic life conditions, etc. Differences between the two mentioned schools will be examined and BMI of all children considered. Methods: The quantitative method - an inquiry - is used to achieve the results. A series of 14 closed questions focused on obtaining information from children of the two different schools. From the closed questions (age, body weight and body height) their BMI will be calculated. Together 160 children submitted the inquiry. The questions are focused on their diet regime and habits, questions related with movement activities and life style of the children. Results:...
Social inclusion of homeless people as a social pedagogical problem
Horáková, Petra ; Poláčková, Věra (advisor) ; Lorenzová, Jitka (referee)
The thesis is divided into the theoretical and the practical part. The theoretical part consists of three chapters, the first is devoted to familiarization with the problems of homelessness. I deal with the social aspects of this phenomenon, such as social exclusion and associated problems of social inclusion in the second chapter. The final chapter discusses the possibilities of assistance directed at homeless people. The practical part includes qualitative research where I try by means of ten case studies to bring the fate of homeless people who seek the services of institutions, where they can find qualified help in solving a wide range of problems that may be the cause of their present situation. By analyzing data, I try to figure out what is behind the possible success or failure of such persons in the pursuit of social inclusion.
Problems of substitute family care in the Czech Republic
Horáková, Petra ; Vítečková, Michaela (advisor) ; Pelikán, Jiří (referee)
Theoretical part of this thesis deals with description of substitutional family care and its types. Importance of family care for child's development is emphasized at the beginning of the thesis. Further legislation of the substitutional family care and also terms of its mediation are described. The theoretical part deals with history of the substitutional family care in our country and also in other countries. Then some weaknesses of the substitutional family care and its system are mentioned. Second part of the thesis contains research with several chosen caseworkers who work in branch of the substitutional family care. Detection of respondents' opinions about education and personality predispositions for good practise of profession is the aim of the research.

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