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Bayesian classification and regression trees
Dvořák, Martin ; Antoch, Jaromír (advisor) ; Maciak, Matúš (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is devoted to classification and regression trees, their con- struction, and interpretation. In the first part, the reader gets acquainted with the structure of decision trees, basic definitions, and methodology. In the second part, more advanced and efficient methods for creating such trees using a Bayesian approach to the whole problem are presented. The last part of the work is focused on a practical task, where knowledge from this work is used. The entire text is accompanied by pictures, explanations, and derivations to make it easier for the reader to understand the whole problem in more depth. The thesis Bayesian classification and regression trees can serve all those interested who want to learn more about the issue of decision trees. 1
Areál pro sportovní a kulturní aktivity v obci Sentice
Dvořák, Martin
The diploma thesis deals with the design of a multipurpose complex on a specific plot in the village of Sentice. The complex includes outdoor sports surfaces for the recreation of citizens and a building with wooden construction. The building serves as a sanitary facility and cultural center. The main structure is composed of massiv wood panels DEKPANEL. In order to find the best solution was created more layout options, while the most suitable variant was elaborated in detail. The proposed building takes into account the requirements of the investor, the ideas of the citizens of the site and the author's own opinion. The result of the thesis is the drawing documentation of the building and a technical description.
Metaphor in work of Vladimír Holan
DVOŘÁK, Martin
This doctoral thesis focuses on metaphors and their usage in literature. On basis of different theoretical approaches, the thesis describes the substitution theory of metaphor, specifically Aristotle's concept presented in his treatises Poetics and Rhetoric, then interaction theory of metaphor, initiated by Ivor Armstrong Richards and developed by Max Black. The concept of cognitive content of metaphors will be particularly analysed. The methodology section of this thesis will then focus on Donald Davidson's essay "What Metaphors Mean", John Searle's theory of speech acts and Richard Rorty's model of contingency of language. The thesis is complemented by three case studies theoretically based on methodology described in previous chapters. The studies analyse the metaphors in poetry of czech poet Vladimír Holan. They are surveying Holan's figurative language in his books from late 20s to late 40s of the 20th century, one of the studies focuses on speech initiations produced by Holan's lyric poetry, which he wrote in 30s, those initiations are tracked in contemporary reviews.
Application of athletic training methods in fire fighter sport
Dvořák, Martin ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Author: Martin Dvořák Title: Application of athletic training methods in fire fighter sport Objectives: The aim of this final thesis is to describe the possible use of athletic training methods for athletes in fire fighter sport, to describe as accurately as possible the development of the most important skills for the performance of fire fighter sport and to describe the basic disciplines of fire fighter sport. Methods: In this work, descriptive-analytical methods resulting from available literature and professional articles on the topic of athletics and fire fighter sport are used. Results: The result of this work is a document that summarizes the description of fire fighter sport and the possible use of athletic training methods in the training process of athletes performing fire fighter sport. Keywords: fire fighter sport, athletics, sports training, training methods
Possibilities, how patients NIDDM can use physical activities
Franěk, Michal ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Dvořák, Martin (referee)
Title: Possibilities, how patients NIDDM can use physical activities Leader: Prof. Ing. Václav Bunc, Csc. Aim: The intend of this work, based on the study of literature, is to explain key words, which are connected with diabetes mellitus and difference between first and second type The main aim is to evaluate influence of physical activities for patients with NIDDM and draw an analogy how a diabetic can improve your heath doing physical exercises Methods: Study of literature and other sources (internet, lectures) on the chosen topic. Method for assessing the effect of exercise and its accuracy, I chose four characteristic points for motion training: a form of exercise, intensity of exercise, type of exercise and duration of exercise, known by the acronym F.I.T.T. These points are evaluated individually due to the patient with the disease diabetes mellitus II. Results: From this work shows that regular physical activity leads to losing some weight, lowering blood glucose and blood pressure, improving well-being and so it reduces the risk of associated diseases. It must be the principles of F.I.T.T., individualized for each patient. Physical activity has an overall positive effect on diabetes of the second type Keywords: Diabetes, physical activity, obesity, lifestyle
The effect of alcohol drinking on the isokinetic knee strength
Vopat, Jan ; Strejcová, Barbora (advisor) ; Dvořák, Martin (referee)
Title: The effect of alcohol drinking on the isokinetic knee strength Objectives: The objective of this thesis is to assess the effect of alcohol on isokinetic knee strength during extension and flexion. Methods: Fifteen volunteers participated in this study. Their age was 23,9 ± 1,9 years, height 179,5 ± 7,2cm and weight 78,5 ± 7,95kg. They were all students from sports faculty. One group of volunteers was given alcohol with juice (0,8g of alcohol to 1kg of fat-free mass), the second group drank only juice. We used the switch design study. We measured isokinetic knee strenght on dynamometer Cybex Humac Norm (Cybex NORM ®, Humac, CA, USA) in three types of angular velocity (6Oř/s, 180ř/s, 240ř/s). The parametrs were peak torque, muscular work, average muscular power and time to peak. Results: We registered statistically significant increase of peak torque, muscular work and average muscular powers when measuring flexion in all the three angular velocities (60ř/s, 180ř/s, 240ř/s). We did not register statistically or effect size significant diference readings of time needed for maximal peak torque when measuring flexion and extension. The only exception was angular speed 240ř/s where we registered a factually significant change in time needed for extensors to reach the maximal peak torque....
Quantal and thermal phase transitions in atomic nuclei
Dvořák, Martin ; Cejnar, Pavel (advisor) ; Knapp, František (referee)
In this bachelor work phase transitions in atomic nuclei are studied. The main attention is paid to quantal phase transitions between nuclear ground states of different symmetry. First, the interacting boson model in its simplest version, IBM-1, is introduced. The correspondence between the IBM and the geometric model of nuclei is indicated and possible shapes of the nucleus in the ground state are introduced. In the next step, critical and degenerated critical points of the potential derived from the IBM-1 are investigated in detail, especially their dependence on parameter values of the potential. Degenerated critical points are classified using the catastrophe theory. The special values of potential parameters are found for which phase transitions of the first and second order occur. Finally, the possibility of substitution of the potential by canonical catastrophic functions in a vicinity of degenerated critical points is discussed.

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